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Monday, September 04, 2006

I can´t believe this...

Steve Irwin. Australian khaki clad dare-devil died at the age of 44 today. You all must have seen him somehwere on TV. Jay Leno, National Geography and Animal Planet. Everywhere.
I used to scedule my classes around his show. I even looked at snakes when he was holding them up and explaining how beautiful they are. He was killed when a stingray barb punctured his chest while he was filming an underwater documentary on the Barrier Reef.
I remember screaming at the television "Steve, will you put down that King Cobra right now, I know it is beautiful and all...but it is an accident waiting to happen!"
His life is so inspiring, he did exactly what he loved, from an early age on. He did it well too. He knew his field so well and with it probably its dangers too..."

Still, I just can´t belive it. There are no words.

"Apparently with no surprise
To any happy Flower
The Frost beheads it at its play -
In accidental power -
The blond Assassin passes on -
The Sun proceeds unmoved
To Measure off another Day
For an Approving God."
-Emily Dickinson-

Posted by Minka :: 3:11 pm :: 23 Royal Subjects

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At 15:37, Blogger Doug said...

I heard John Major this morning talking about him and he couldn't stop using the word "character" to describe Irwin. He was absolutely that and brave. He should have listened to you, Minka.

At 16:13, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Loverboy and I are actually distraught over it... the news has thrown us off badly... we jokingly imitated his accent and mannerisms but always with love because he was a man to be admired. If anyone lived life to the absolute fullest and just relished every second it was him... and to speak of him in the past sense kills me.

My thoughts go out to his wife and kids... this is awful.

I am glad you wrote about him. He was a beautiful being indeed!

At 16:21, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I wish he had too:)

Miz B. I am so glad you understand what I am trying to transmit. I mean most people that know me know my love for that man. Mom just walked in and I ran to her and told her about it and she looked at me and said: "Oh my God, are you ok?". people keep calling me to tell me about this incident and I keep yelling into teh phone..."I know already...damn it all!" I just can´t believe it!

At 16:24, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I definitely do... I wish I was there to give you a big hug because I know what the loss of this man means to us viewers fascinated and in love with him! So, how are you?

And hermano, ain't it John Howard? Maybe I'm wrong...

At 16:29, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. Just knowing that you can understand what this might mean to soem of us is enough. Don't feel too stupid and whiny knowing that.

At 17:00, Blogger Doug said...

Miz B, yes. Wrong decade and hemisphere. Other than that I was close.

At 18:07, Blogger ariel said...

I could hardly believe, too...

At 18:19, Anonymous neva said...

i agree with you... i just adored this fascinating and exuberant man, and i don't care who knows it. talk about someone deserving of praise and admiration. not to mention *gratitude*.

this is a terrible loss on so many levels for his was a passion for life that was exuded in absolutely everything he did. truly he was a man who tried to teach us how to love everything about our planet, including all those things we thought we should fear. it's almost fitting that he would go in the way he did. i can't see him wanting it to be any other way.

this was a beautiful tribute, Monika. thank you. xox

At 18:33, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I was so sad to hear about his death. He faced a lot of danger with his job, but he loved what he did.
I feel so sorry for his wife and kids. What a terrible loss for them!
He lived life on the edge, and with dangerous animals, there's always an element of uncertainty, a part that cannot be controlled even by the best professionals.
He will be missed by many people worldwide.
His smile will most certainly be remembered.
What a GREAT smile he had!!

At 23:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother & I used to watch his show together until he went to Australia when the lucky bastard actually got to see him LIVE!! Last night when I saw this on the news my heart clenched. Crikey...he was awesome. Crazy (snakes...spiders...crocs...shudder) but awesome.

At 01:32, Blogger Minka said...

Jenna, Crikey...yeah that was his word I guess. Good choice. And I am irght with you on teh shudder part, but yet you were drawn in by his amazing zest for life and the energy and passion he dispalyed.

At 06:15, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I have always loved Steve Irwin... I absolutely admired his passion for life and wildlife...I can only wish his family love, and peace during this time and say thank you to Steve for reminding the world to love, respect and continue to be respectful and in awe of nature and ALL life...everywhere.

Peace and love...SG

At 10:18, Blogger Minka said...

SG, I couldn´t have said it better. I guess that could be his legacy, apart from his documentaries and children.

At 17:13, Blogger Tim Rice said...

He will be missed by many. Many of the blogs I visit are mourning his loss.

At 19:32, Blogger tsduff said...

Death is difficult in and of itself. When it strikes someone we know, it becomes personal. Steve Irwin was such a likable chap with his boyish smile, always excitable and funny... I think we all admired his bent for adventure. His loss has saddened many people all over the world.

At 19:52, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

I will miss his "By Crikee!" Truly a gifted man. And his family with a new baby and all. They must be devastated. His knowledge, talent and humor will be missed. D

At 21:46, Blogger Aisha said...

I found it shocking as well. sigh.

At 23:55, Blogger actonbell said...

Sad and shocking. Sorry for his family!

At 00:04, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, yes he left a whole in many places.

terry, he just had a certain energy and passion aout him...that kinda ability to see beauty in a scorpion is rare :)

FF, yeah my first thoughts went to his family as well...two very young kids and his wife Terry...dontæ even wanna try to understand.

aisha, amazing how many people from all over this planet feel jsut liek you and I.

actonbell, devastating for them!

At 00:34, Blogger snavy said...

I am very sad about this - I really liked him.

At 01:47, Anonymous cj said...

The final picture you have posted here speaks volumes. I am not a lizard or repitle lover at all... but I appreciate and envy his passion and love for all animals.

At 02:21, Blogger Minka said...

Snav, join teh club...seems like the world is a little sadder since yesterday.

cj...yeah I just love that picture of him.

At 21:23, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

I've watched "The Crocodile Hunter" several times with the kids. I was truly saddened to hear of his death. Such a loss.


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