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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

20 dead...

in Icelandic traffic so far this year. This might not sound like a big number to you, but it is here. Various projects are underway to raise conciousness. This one has always been the most effective for me: driving the South Route of Iceland, before you hit the town of "Hot Springs" this will greet you on your way...

It says: "19 dead, fastened you seat-belt yet?!

I know this sounds gender-biased. But I am in total support of raising the age for boys to drive for at least 2 years. It is 18 in Iceland...It so easily should be 20 or even more. I know this sounds harsh, but every research shows that boys from the age of 18-25 cause the most traffic violations and accidents.
It is not because they are inexperienced, girls at that age drive too. It is the testosterone they can´t handle appropriately. Of course there are exceptions to this rule...
also: I don´t know what they did, but I am inclined to blame garden gnomes as well! :)

But we have beautiful sights, too. Just a couple of hundred meters away I took these two pictures I quite like.

Posted by Minka :: 12:22 pm :: 30 Royal Subjects

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At 13:05, Blogger Doug said...

Beautiful pictures of the countryside. I think I'd crash just looking at the steam vents. Maybe Iceland should only let the blind drive.

At 13:24, Blogger Swampwitch said...

At one of our railroad crossings here, about every 3 months, a car that's been hit by a train is sitting a the intersection. Sombering. I wonder how long people take their eyes off the road looking at these? Makes me think, though. I hadn't thought about raising the age of the boys, but can't help think that it is probably a good idea. The pics of the countryside are breathtaking.

At 13:29, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, that is why we won´t let you drive here. A driver of your choice -used to the scenery- will drive you around, holding lengthy lectures about any mountain or hot sring you show interest in. There will be a quiz at the end though :)

swampwitch, yeah I probably won´t get the bill to pass through the government this way...unless I raise the age for both genders. Yet again, we girls have to take a hit for the immaturities of the other gender :) But a 5 year old died in the car crashes this year...and I just can´t look the other way!

At 13:35, Blogger snavy said...

I think they should up the age too here. That's such a good idea.

Ya know, garden gnomes do cause a lot of problems. Hhhmmm....

At 14:05, Anonymous neva said...

wow! these are gorgeous pictures!

i completely agree with your thoughts on raising the legal driving age for boys/young men. we were lucky, because neither of our sons wanted to drive until they were in their 20's (did i say lucky? at the time i was the one chauffeuring them to school/work/wherever... which was *no* fun. on the other hand, our auto insurance rates were extrememly low, so that was a nice trade off!)

i think that roadside billboard/example is brilliant, by the way. too bad the only reminder that comes close around here is the "real" thing. xox

At 15:33, Blogger Sar said...

That reminds me of the hall where I had my senior prom in NJ. It has a totalled and charred car in front of it to raise awareness, and it can be seen from the highway.

I love the pictures of the hot springs, btw.

At 16:24, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Can agree with the beauty of the pictures. Must be something living in the kind of place that, everywhere else in the world, you'd have to dive to the bottom of the ocean to see.

Can't agree with the driving age thing. Especially where, like in most of America, there are no other workable transportation systems.

There are, I think, already so many legal and social condemnations of young males, at least here in the US, that I see an increasingly large number of them dropping out, either passively (like the ones who never leave their dorm rooms in college) or rebelliously. Hell, if you're going to be called a beast, you may as well be one.

Far more effective, I think, to keep the driving age where it is, but make the tests for getting licenses more rigorous (I don't mind age and gender distinctions in such cases, when they're based on hard evidence like accident and violation rates) and the penalties for violations more telling.

At 17:04, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 17:04, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Lovely photos Minka! D :)

At 17:19, Blogger ariel said...

what a beautiful landscape!!! you should post more pictures of it!

I totally agree with you on the driving thing. as much as I love speed I think cars shouldn't be able to go faster than a horse can. even that is too much sometimes.

At 18:53, Blogger Minka said...

snav, I know! There is somethign disturbing baout them :)

neva, glad to hea ryou agree. I thought that the mothers that actually have boys would disagree and defend them :)

Sar, me too. I was driving 90km/hour and took this picture only to realize that is probably not teh best way to insure safer traffic. I am glad to announce I just stopped the car at the side of teh road and then took a better one. These springs are all natural and just pop up. In this picture I like how some clouds look like springs in the end. Very deceptive.

Oc, I respectfully disagree. Driving accidents are not caused by inability to drive correctly or slower reactions. It happens becuase of immaturity and stupid show-off behaviour. (Most cases amongst youngsters!) Having a tougher drivers test? They don´t go drunk to a driver´s test or have all their buddies in teh back seat during such occasions. They drive nicely, pass the test and the rest...well, we know!
It is not a question of inability, it is a quetsion of maturity. And I am sorry to be an advocate that teenagers at 18 have not reached teh maturiy level to judge in a greater prospective, where othe rlives but their own are involved!

FF, glad you like them!

ariel, I have posted soem on and off..but you are right. There is unlimited supply:)

At 21:15, Blogger Good Guy said...

Good stuff.

Best Regards, Testosterone Friend

At 22:46, Anonymous shayna said...

I can see why there are so "many" crashes... the scenery is beautiful! :)

At 22:48, Blogger tsduff said...

Monika - I remember seeing that display of smashed cars on the way "home" to Hafnarfjordur after a day trip. It was very horrific - and a good reminder to drive responsibly and safely. I love your pictures (imagine that) and look forward to more.

At 23:28, Blogger Doug said...

Do you think Magni wants to audition for driver?

At 23:36, Blogger actonbell said...

One problem that's been highlighted in our newspapers is that a teenager's chance of having an accident go up with the number of passengers in the car. Young people socialize more than they watch the road, so I think there should be a limit on how many passengers a young person can have in the car, and also a curfew--which we have here to some degree. I'm glad to hear that people are taking this seriously.

Those are wonderful Iceland pictures!

At 23:37, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

teenagers at 18 have not reached the maturiy level to judge in a greater prospective

maybe not now. in an earlier era, they were. or an older man [sic) would beat the tar out of them. a century ago, 18 was, as often as not, leaving college, not entering it.

I remember such discipline. I also remember being labelled "repressed" because I had been under such discipline. I daresay most young folks would drive directly to their nearest lawyer if such "repression" (= discipline) were ever to surface today. The divorce of freedom from responsibility has borne its fruit, in those who consider it a sacred duty to be irresponsible. And those who would use that irresponsibility for their own ends.

I have no sons. I'm not sure I would have wanted to bring any into today's world.

At 00:14, Blogger Minka said...

good guy, hrupckjch!

shayna, as icelanders we are used to it though, and it doesn´t take our breath away every time we drive out ;)

terry, it is very effective. It stands where nothing else is and immediately catches the eyes.

Doug, I can ask his cousin, who can pass on teh job offer to him :)

actonbell, I heartily agree. But it would be very hard for police to follow up on how many passengers are in a car any given minute...it is difficult to find a solution in this problem, but there needs to be one. Innocent people get killed.

OC, if I got you-which i am not always sure I do (you have to forgive me, for mine is a simple mind!) I actually agree with you. Punishment and inforcing of discipline is associated with a direct violation of freedom. As a teacher I have come in many situations where I just have thrown the odd teenager out of teh classroom for inappropriate behaviour. Only to be consulted by the principal that I am not allowed to do so anymore, since every student has a right to learn. WTF?!
But again, I might have misunderstood your point *looks worried*

At 01:18, Blogger Swampwitch said...

Thanks for visting today. Have been busy trying to add pictures to my front page....AARRGH..coming along slowly. Someday I might have something as exquisite as what you have here.

At 05:23, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Can I just say the scenery is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! But of course I very much for blaming a Garden Gnome for anything going awry...DOWN with the garden gnomes!!! for a little while I mean...Garden Gnomes are pretty charmong in reality...

At 05:36, Blogger cheesemeister said...

My son is one of those exceptions. He's a better kid than I deserve considering what a hellraiser I was!

At 13:37, Blogger Doug said...

Although Persian, he is called Messiah by Isaiah.

At 14:13, Blogger brian said...

Afternoon Minka,

In hope your work day today was better than yesterday. :)

I can't wait to see Iceland for myself. The airport doesn't count. In New Hampshire, there is a road that is called by the state, "The Highway of Death" and it has crosses the entire length.

I don't men or women are worse drivers, I have seen plenty of both.

At 16:47, Blogger Minka said...

swampwitch, 3 years of blogging and some really good blogger buddies have mad ethis site into what it is now;)

square, we donæt want to get me started on garden gnomes...trust me on this...but there is a hell of a lot that can be blamed on them!

cheesemeister, I believe this to be your first visit?! Welcome and I am glad that "liek fatehr like son" is more of an idiom than an actual truth :)

Doug, talk to the hand!

Brian, I just got home...and have the entire evening for myself, It is lovely. I have a feelign candles, some classic music and bath are in teh programme. Tomorrow will be a double shift of 16 hours. Lucky me!

At 17:39, Blogger Semina said...

It is amusing that in many places in the States, the driving age is 16 and drinking age 21 ~~ where is the logic in that?

Beautiful scenes of Iceland.

Semina :}

At 18:05, Blogger Minka said...

SEMINA, welcome...new gust number two on this post. Where do you guys come from. I just love your display picture!

At 19:25, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Believe it or not, kids in AR can get their drivers' permit at age 14!!!
Boys just have a natural tendency to drive FAST. My daughter recently got stopped for speeding though, so maybe it's not just the boys who have a heavy gas pedal foot.
I like that last photo. I like pics that have water in them.
I'm fond of water and trees. Just give me water and trees please.

At 21:12, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie, I am with teh water too. My sign is cancer, so it didnæt come as a greta shock!
I hand out a lot close to waterfalls around this down. i can sit for hours and watch water cascade down. Sometimes, I take my socks off and play with the ice cold water :)

At 00:59, Blogger Tim Rice said...

I love the two pictures at the end of your post. Awesome!

At 06:48, Blogger cheesemeister said...

In my case it would be "like mother like son!" Though thankfully not 'cause then there would be one more bipolar lunatic with delusions of literary ability in the world! ;-)


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