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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

I am annoyed...skip the words in between, close your eyes and listen to the wonderful song below.
For those of you who can handle a litle bit of ranting, welcome into my head!

You guys might have heard Puppytoes, Kyahgirl and myself talking about a show that is so absolutely cool that we can't miss an episode and discuss it at length whenever possible.
For those of you not in the know; Wikipedia has a few words to say to you:

Rockstar Supernova is a reality show that"features 15 contestants competing to become the lead vocalist for a newly-formed supergroup featuring Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke. As the show's name implies, the new group will be called Supernova."

Since I got back from Germany, Icelandic peer pressure has made me watch the second episode and since I am hooked. Mostly because an Icelandic Dude called Magni is in there as well and he is amazing.

Anywho...tonight´s bottom three were Icelandic Magni, Australian Toby and American Patrice. It is not that they did badly, they did really well...but the other three (Dilana, Ryan and Lucas were just better!)
You see, I can admit to that...they were better, although I think that Dilana is a self-important bitch, Storm so bloody fake and Ryan...well, he is my Ryan. Georgeous and talented he deserves to win this thing. Don't get me started on Lucas!

Now the band said something today to the three bottom dwellers that went right up my nose. Something about them thinking about why the fans feel those three should fill the pit.
Why? Let´s review, shall we?!

Patrice is the weakest of the girls and I think her being at the bottom is fair!

Toby...from the Land Down Under; population:=20,090,437
Magni...from this here Ice-cube; population:=300.000

the rest of them from the Country of the Free and Home of the Brave; population:295,734,134

do I need to do the math?

Now people...let us create a reality show where the BEST bloke truly wins!

ok...I am over it...I needed to get that out of my system!

Magni minn, you were truly amazing and you have done well and we are so proud of you. So here in your honour:

Posted by Minka :: 1:10 am :: 31 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 01:58, Blogger Fred said...

Is it possible? Me?

At 02:00, Blogger Fred said...

I'm first? I'm speechless. That doesn't happen very often.

At 02:16, Blogger Aisha said...

I think Magni is AWESOME. He's cute and can sing well. I do like the guy who sang the coldplay song to the piano... can't recall his name... BUT that show is surprsingly good isnt it?

At 02:30, Blogger Sar said...

I've heard of but not watched this. I'm familiar with the musicians. In fact, I saw Motley Crue back in the day when Tommy Lee would play drums in the cage suspended in the air over the audience and spin upside down all in just his leopard print speedo. Not so much a fan of the look, but man that was wild.

Hope your foot's recovering well. :)

Oh! And congrats on making the finals in the caption contest this week, Minka.

At 03:04, Anonymous shayna said...

I have to say I have been surprised that I actually like this show... but since I love Tommy Lee (grungy, rocker dude, that has said "big" willie--ohh did I just say that... shame shame shame)... I have missed a few episodes due to life... but try to keep up while I can... so Magnie was kicked off??? ;(

At 03:06, Anonymous Joel said...

You and I are in complete agreement (imagine that!)...vote for the best singer, period. I think Magni is an amazing talent...I think the producers of the show are purposely making Dilana look like a bitch because she has become everybody's odds on favorite. They did something similar with last year's winner J.D. Fortune. I still believe the two top talents are Dilana and Magni.

How's the foot? Congrats on making Sar's caption finals.

At 03:39, Anonymous neva said...

good ... make that GREAT song to feature (since Magni totally killed singing it last week)

so you love Ryan? see, i suspect he may be a bit of a head case (i think he's the one with the big ego) and i think they're trying to make Dilana look like a bitch because she's the run-away favorite. you've done your math well this week, and the numbers add up to the reason for Toby sticking around a bit longer. Storm is SO outta there next week (or there'll be hell to pay. hell i tell you, HELL!!) that said... it will be a total travesty if it doesn't get down to our three (Magni, Dilana, & Ryan) for the finals... winner take all!

i'm listening to the song as i type. i love this song. love it.

feeling better yet, missy? i sure hope so!! i owe you an e-mail, and you shall get one from me sometime tomorrow (our older son just got back from California after a 5 week visit... was i getting things ready for him? no i was sleeping on the couch. now i'm up, but after i kiss him hello, it's off to bed for me!!)

sleep well (i'm hoping you're in bed yourself, by now) see you in the morning!! xox

At 03:52, Blogger Mo'a said...

Hey missy!!!!what are you doing still up??? It is 3:45AM your time...are you hurting? I already ranted about Rockstar Supernova...Magni Skalli is cute I will give him that....since I don't know anything about this music that is all I can give...I am such a looser when it comes to popular culture :( Go to bed get some sleep....goda not vina min.

At 04:37, Blogger ariel said...

*sigh* with my recent speed all I can do is fastly scrolling the page up and down with small moves and enjoy how the picture inside the frame of the video window cannot follow fast enough...

At 07:26, Blogger brian said...

*clears throat*

Hi Minka,

I must admit that I have never heard of this show. Our tv is on to watch the weather....and some weekend sports. Despite reports to the contrary from a certain Feline, the bunny is not a coach potato.

Hope you have a great day, and keep getting better and better.

At 07:57, Blogger consise10 said...

Minka ..the reality television circuit can get addictive..I think Id love to watch a program like that one down here.We are currently in our 4th season of Australian Idol,which followed the massive Big Brother Australia extravaganza! I find im always hooked on such 'crap tv' as BB.

At 08:10, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, that is frustrating. I think it's great there's an Icelander there, though. To see it from an American perspective, I think it's been a while since we had a successful invasion and it really means a lot that we're finally be welcomed as liberators. I hope you understand.

Brian, can't you watch the weather from an open window?

At 08:27, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, I almost forgot to be a jackass.

He is said to have said, "I love kids. Especially broiled." In one of his movies he chased a bottle of whiskey out of an airplane and landed in a girl's nest.

At 10:45, Blogger actonbell said...

It's good to rant! I've never heard of this show, but I believe that reality shows can be frustrating.

At 11:27, Blogger brian said...

Very funny Doug. Ha Ha. Are you sure you are not from Vermont? Doncha know, you can't get there from here. If it's wet, it's a rainin', ifin it's dry it's not.

At 12:19, Blogger David Amulet said...

May the best singer win. Whish somehow never happens on these shows. What gives?

-- david

At 12:57, Blogger Minka said...

*deep breath*

Morning you guys!

Fred, I am as stunned as you are. Morning greeting to Temper Bay!

aisha, yes it is...that is why it is frustating me that the good ones end in the bottom due to teh simple fatc of numbers and nationalism. having said that, I did vote for Magni...although I thought Ryan was better :)

sar, I am exploiting my nomination as we speak;)

shayna, Jason Newstead does it for me. He is so foxy! Literally and metaphorically...yummy!

Joel, so you know whom to vote for right? The foot is better and I am so glad we are in agreement. If Magni goes before that Storm person, I am gonna quit the show!

neva, right behind Joel, ey?
And we so totally agree. Ryan, Dilana and Magni....they just stand out. That Patrice left was fair and about time too:)
And neva, I lovelovelove this song too:)

sorry, auntie. I knew I should have been in bed. It was just that teh show was on and then I had to blog about it and the time just went to quick. Please donæt tell mommy!?

ariel, that made me laugh. I am sorry you can't see the video...maybe anotehr browser?

brian, I already suggested to Diane that a second TV might come in handy. I am somewhat fearful of that you have the I-am-the-boss-of-the-remote-control syndrome :)
Diane should be able to watch hot rockers ripping their shirts...it is only fair, after all you get to play with Dewy;)

concise 10, I am not particualr fond of relaity shows, although I am known to have watched teh odd Survivour show :) This is different, this is music and fun!

Douglas, youa re such a smart**s. Ok...your Thirsday Brian teaser is: name the band and the song displayed in teh video. And be quick about it!

Actonbell, yeah somehow. Because sitting on you chair and watching it a sudden sense of justice swoops over you, and we all know you can't find that in relaity!

Brian...I bet he meant well though:)

DA, you are back...I am honoured! It sucks doesn't it?

At 13:34, Blogger ariel said...

the problem is with my ISP that got my speed down to 64 kbit/sec. :(

we used to have an Idol show here in Hungary, too, 3 series, and 2 times out of 3 the best ones made it into the final three, it was good to see. we had a real good jury that really cared, I think.

At 13:34, Blogger DewyKnickers said...

Hi Minka,

Did someone mention my name? In connection with hot bods and ripping shirts? I am all in baby. Voted for you also, we sexy chicas have to stick together. ;)

DK xo

At 14:39, Blogger Minka said...

Ariel, Idol made it to Iceland and Germnay as well. Canæt say the same better one made it in either ocuntry;)

Dewy, why thank you. That is so sweet of you! And yes, we hottie shave to stick together, metaphorically so;)

At 14:44, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Man, the things you miss out on not having tv. Even the weather ... ;-).

Perhaps these "reality (cough, gasp, wheeze, hack ... 'scuse me, I gotta lie down for a moment [wipes eyes, blows nose]" shows need a Senate. One voter for each country represented. Might help the vote padding phenomenon you mentioned. And maybe persuade a few of these people to vote for the real people (we hope) representing them in Congress instead of these photon fantasies on cathode ray tube and liquid crystal displays.

OK, that's my rant for the morning.


At 14:53, Blogger Minka said...

Oc...*hands him a bag to hyperventialte*
I am not that much of a "reality show" freak. But i like this show, ´cause i liek the music, or at least some of it!
I guess reality shows are more real than I used to think; what with injustice, bad voting and fake drama :)

At 15:25, Blogger Doug said...

Radiohead, Creep.

It's on the video, Penguin!

At 15:41, Blogger Minka said...

yeah I know! So?
Given your capacity, I thought that would function as a challenge and you took almost three hours with it!:)

At 16:00, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Great rant Penguin.
Just to clear one thing up, in the interest of geography, Lukas is from Toronto. That's in Canada, population, 32,500,000.

However, I do think two things go against our Magni, one is the size of Iceland and the point you made out a bias towards American contenders. The other is, his image. I think he has the greatest vocal variety, talent and professionalism of the conentenders but do wonder about his long term fit with a band of Supernova's ilk.

I think Patrice, Storm and Toby were the weakest of the existing crew so wasn't surprised to see Patrice go. I agree to some extent with Joel and Neva on the game the producers are playing with Dilana's image. However, no one should reach the place she's at without having a big more savvy about gossip, name calling and public putdowns. Come on.
She is very talented though. (What the hell is it with those spikes coming out of her chin though?, But then I don't get the nipple piercing thing either that Dave Navarre has going on.) Chacun pour soi.

The amazing thing about this for me is that I almost never watch TV. Its just one of the things that got turfed when I started trying to squeeze all the priorities into my life. However, this show is fun and interesting and I have enjoyed it immensely in the month since my wicked husband got me hooked on it.

The big bright spot is I finally have something media oriented I can talk about with you and Neva



At 02:14, Blogger G said...

Hey, I don't watch this show or most of them, actually none of them, but he was good. Bring him back, I'd vote for him. Of course, I'm a little partial to Radiohead's version, but for an amateur.

Okay congrats on a good first day of shamelessness. Have a good night's rest :)

At 15:15, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Finally someone is ranting on this show. Surprisingly, I almost agree with all u say Monika. Go figure! Its good to have a show that one loves to hate. I passionately hate the Navarro freak, (I mean, put on a t-shirt for christ sake) although people have mentioned to me that it is probably just because he can get Carmen Electra and I can't. In my humble opinion, that Dilana has failed at the important things. Here lyrics and (laglína) were utter crap that one time and now she just really showed here stupidity by crapping all over everybody in the interviews. Not too bright that one. The Hobbit I hate with passion, even though he is not American but Canadian. Full of himself and very jelous of Ryan. Magni is by far the best siger there, with Ryan a distant second. However, the thing that strikes me the most Monika, is that we almost agree here. Now how about that?

At 02:26, Blogger windowtomymind said...

TV is in another zone I haven't visited over the last two years. May all the contestents win something.

At 11:04, Blogger Minka said...

kyah, Lucas is from Canada...I send all my condolences. I am not saying he is not very talented :) On the contrary, I am just worried he is an overdoze waitign to happen :)

g...you are not doing so bad yourself. Bothers me that Centrl Snark has two or three ladies going there in teh competition...we can not exploit each othe :)

tryggvi, would this show have only started a year ago :) W´d actually would agree about something:)
But on the bright side, we are both logical thinkers, didnæt come down with the last shower and have a point of view. Not surprising we see it the same way...since it is the RIGHT way :)

Ben, that is surprisingly fair of you! Did a bullet hit your head or soemthing?

At 01:13, Blogger David Amulet said...

Honored? Wow, I am honored that you said that. (Yes, this could go on forever.)

Let me see about your more recent posts ...

-- david

At 01:33, Blogger Minka said...

David, pull up a chair and make yourself right at home! Coffee?


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