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Monday, August 28, 2006

My weekend....

Mom decided to take me to the countryside. Sometimes she has good ideas, that one. I just needed to get out of my room and breathe some fresh air.
When I came to the countryside, my little best friend Smari (5) was waiting impatiently for me. He had a surprise. Those of you not familiar with Smari, there are a couple of posts about him throughout this fine blog here. But the gist of the thing is that the two of us have been very tight friends since his birth. Anywho, he got his first horse last week and the surprise was that he named her Monika, after yours truly!
So may I introduce:

This horse is four winters old. We just brought her in and are training her up, so it will be safe for little Smari. And while I am very honoured that he named his horse after me, it just doesn't fit. The name is not right for her! In Iceland the horses get a name according to their lineage. Let´s say the mother-horse (I really have to extend my vocabulary!) is called something with P, the little horse gets a name that starts with P as well. I didn't want to hurt his feelings or step on his extraordinary love for me, so I had to go smoothe about it. I went through a list of names with P, to each he shaked his head in a very decisive manner. It is hard to top Monika in his mind!

Until...I got him excited about another name. Wait for it...
Now I think, this horse, can pull of that name.
I think Smari likes it too and he is giving it some thought.
He is just that adorable.

But I also did indoorsy stuff. I baked. Yes, me! Now this is a cake that is called Hjonabandssaela in Icelandic and means something like Happy Marriage! Neva and Joel, I had you in mind while I got my fingers all buttery.
Now teh countryside has limited access to the internet. It drops in and out afer its own fancy...so i have some catching up to do now:

Happy Monday to all of you!

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At 13:54, Blogger brian said...

Morning Pocahontas,

What a lovely thoughtful child Smari is. It sounds like you two are truly best friends.

What's in the cake? Looks yummy.

At 14:18, Blogger David Amulet said...

That is a very nice looking pie.

-- david

At 14:30, Blogger FelineFrisky said...

Ooo! Cake! Yum! Yours is the only kind of cake allowed on my diet - long distance sniffing! lol Pocahontas fits, very good name. Smart is really a lovely boy to name his horse for you. :) D

At 15:24, Blogger Doug said...

Appropriately, the horse is beautiful and gray like a melted penguin. (If that comment seems weird, go look at O Ceallaigh's comment on my site.)

I'm still laughing at "Neva and Joel, I had you in mind while I got my fingers all buttery." Let it never be said a diva is always without subtlety.

At 15:49, Blogger Mo'a said...

What a beautiful horse she looks like she could handle both names. Smari sounds like such a lovely little boy and surely admires and loves you a lot. Another P name I like is Perla (Pearl) that is the name of one of my favorite Icelandic horses.
Hjonabandssaela is on of my favorite cakes to make and to eat (with whipped cream). Did you use Rabarbarasulta?

At 15:58, Blogger ariel said...

what a lovely young mare! I love her colours too. and the cake looks fine, too. you must have made a lot of recover that weekend. :)

At 16:41, Blogger ~ good girl ~ said...

What a lovely thing to do!! That Smari is very clued in ;-) I love the Pocahontas idea, Penguin. I think it suits the horse with all the adventures that lie ahead of her.

Your pie looks wonderful and definitely turned out better than the muffins I tried to bake. It will be a logn while before I try again, that's for sure :-) Maybe quiche or savories. But dessert-ish stuff?? I envy your buttery finger skills!

GG x

At 16:43, Anonymous neva said...

bugger Blogger! i wrote out a perfectly nice comment but between the "click" and the "post" it was chewed up and spit out and is now floating around in the blogosphere.

lemme see if i can recap:

LOVELY horse! and what a lovely gesture! personally i think the name suits her, but if the name *had* to start with a P, why not "Teh Penguin"? (or the "melted Penguin as per O'C's comment?) still, you can't go wrong being named after a beautiful Native American Princess, now, can you?

as for that cake?? YUM!! i think once we manage to secure that boat, you should make another, and we'll sit out on the deck and dig in! and thank you for thinking of us! an pay no nevermind to Doug. he's just jealous because you didn't think of *him* when you were knuckle deep in butter.

glad to know you continue to be on the mend, sweet Monika! (and so *glad* you finally got around to posting the picture of your namesake, the curiosity was killing me!) xoxo

At 17:29, Blogger Minka said...

Everybody, just got back from the doc...My feet is healing faster than though and I am almost fit as a fiddle, although I still have to step lightly. I always knew, my body was slightly ahead of Western medicine :)

Brian, you are first, my man! If you want I cna find some posts that describe Smari, to show what an unbelievable bond teh two of us have!

david, you call an Icelandic hjonabandssaela pie one more time, and I will be so fast over there...no just kidding. I guess it qualifies as pie...it also qualifies as abundance of calories :) Yummy!

Felinefrisky...smari is the boy that all my kids will have to live up to :)

Doug, you´re weird and if you compare yourself to OC you have completely lost teh plot now :)

Móa, but of course we did it with rababarasulta...there is no other way of doing it properly *hands her warm piece fresh from teh oven, with a lot of whipped cream*

ariel, I did...two crutches and a broken foot do not keep me from living! I am waiting for mom, ´cause she took some interesting pics of me as well.

GG, nothign to it really. But I do love getting my hands all buttered up and molding some dough that will turn into something so delicious!

neva, blogger can be a pain!
Smari knows little of my Penguin side;)
That pie will be mad ewhen I get over there. Although it will take us some time to get all teh ingredients.
And I hardly hear what Doug sarcastically announces. he mumbles a lot :)

At 17:34, Blogger Doug said...

I've never been called weird before.

At 18:36, Blogger Solace Cai said...

Wow, that horse is gorgeous! I want one (actually I want a Gypsy Vanner).
It's so sweet that he wants to name it after you though. There was a little girl I used to babysit that named a kitten after me, it's so cute when kids want to do that.
That pie looks delicious! I wasn't hungry until I saw that picture. Ah well, I better get something to eat.

At 18:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a nummy looking cake/pie/piece of deeelicious dessert. And Smari's just too cute for words.

At 18:51, Anonymous Joel said...

What's this? Monika got the post up she promised many days ago? Huh, how about that?

But seriously, glad to hear you're healing faster than expected...great story about Smari and the little horse. He sounds like a special little boy, although someday you will have to reveal the "Penguin" element to your personality...it could be a shock. Thank you for thinking of Neva and me while baking the "cake" (which looks suspiciously like a pie, but tasty nonetheless I am sure).

At 18:52, Blogger Doug said...


At 19:03, Anonymous Dewy Knickers said...

Hi Minka,

Glad to hear that the flipper is healing ahead of schedule. Must be all that fresh country air and clean living, couch nonwithstanding.:)

And Doug. You need to be more assertive, speak up! What was that Minka...he's gagged???

DK xo

At 19:50, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, what was that you said...The Earth is flat?

solace cai, yes he is one of the most important things in my life. he started school today, kids grow up so fast!

Jenna, and I am cute too, right? :)

Joel...you and me, outside, right now!

Doug, ghabdaiyfajnfa.

Dewy, I am getting scared. Is he in my basement? Was I sleep walking again?

At 20:51, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I love hearing about sweet little Smari! I often imagine him having a great time with Lil' BoheMia... he seems quite sensitive as is she and they are the same age! And as they play we could sit and talk abd catch up... yes, things that go through this bohemian's mind! *sigh* We like to dream you know!

I am so happy to hear you are having a great time! Live it up and yes, do not forget us for what is the blogosphere without the Ice Queen I ask, WHAT????

Boho besos coming your way! Funkified!

At 22:18, Blogger tsduff said...

Looks like a lovely pie to me... What is the filling? I love your lattice dough work... Iceland "takes the cake" with their fabulous desserts! Did you have rhubarb with it? Yum. I'd never fit through the door if I lived there... all those cakes and coffee get-togethers would do me in.

Smari's horse looks happy and sturdy, like most of the Icelandic horses I've seen. Fun!

At 22:19, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, you mistyped gahdba iyfjanfa.

At 23:06, Blogger Tim Rice said...

That's neat about Smari and his horse that he wanted to name after you. Loved those pictures; made me want to live on a farm again. :)

The cake looks great. Is the recipe an Icelandic secret or can you share it?

At 23:23, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. dreams are there to turn them into reality. Smari just starte dschool today and now I am considering him grown enough to go with me on holiday;)

tsduff, and lots of rhubarb at that :)

Doug, go mumble somewhere else!

Tim Rice, I am glad you like it. This particular one is a family recipe. I am sure grams would not notice if I shared it here, but I have to take teh fifth on it. But you can find the recipe all ove rthe net;)

At 00:59, Blogger Mo'a said...

I Loooove your Hjonabandssaela and your rabarbarasulta is perfect obviously home made :) And the cream is whipped to perfection on top of that this is the most beautiful Hjonabandssaela I have ever seen.
People: This is a cake....it may look like a pie....but it is a cake. OK!!! that out of the way perhaps it is kind of, sort of like a pie......but in Iceland it is considered a cake :)And their most popular cake.

At 02:36, Blogger G said...

What a beautiful horse! Is Smari the little boy that you had mentioned in comment at my place one time? I'll have to read up on him when I return. For now I am off to the "seaside" and will see you upon return.

On second thought (carrying over from the Snark), if I *do* win - what good will it do me in Montauk? Go have some fun with it! Of course, I won't be around to shamelessly campaign so things are looking good for you anyway.

Take care of that flipper.

At 04:23, Anonymous shayna said...

Wow... what an honor to have horse named after you... only if it is for a little while...

OOOOOHHHH.... Yummy! You are cooking? You Go Girl!!

At 10:42, Blogger Minka said...

Móa, I am glad somebody does understand :) It is NOT a pie, although it might look like one, from a distance of ocurse!

G, you have a wonderful time, breathe fresh air and relax with those kids of yours. Maybe a smile toward steh husband wouldn´t be totally inappropriate :)

Shayna, it is an honour. Although it is still called Monika, he hasnæt made the decisiion of switching yet. Apparently it requires careful thought. It is his horse!

At 17:56, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Welches schönes Pferd. Hoffnung haben Sie mit ihr/ihm in Verbindung gestanden?

What a beautiful horse. Hope you have connected with her/him?

At 22:19, Blogger actonbell said...

How delightful everything is! Smari, the horse, the pie and the countryside:)

At 01:43, Blogger First Nations said...

have you ever heard of something called - and my spelling is going to be bad, here - 'vinartorte'?
it's a cake with fig filling in between lots of flat thin layers like a fig newton cookie? i have two friends here that swear it's icelandic. its good, wherever it comes from.
i like your story about Smari naming his horse after you. thats cool!
beautiful pie cake thingie!

At 02:30, Blogger Minka said...

Ben, well it is not me that needs to connect to her. But she took myfancy a little I have to admit!

Actonbell, that is why I am there every chance I get!

First nation...it is. At least as far as I know. My Sunday ritual Vinarbraud :)
Glad to hear you know about it and welcome:)

At 04:43, Blogger snavy said...

What a beautiful horse!! What an honor about the name but I understand what you mean.

At 06:27, Blogger Logophile said...

Gorgeous horse, glad you were able to talk him out of Monika, I love your substitute!
That pie is gorgeous, you are quite the talent, indoors and out!

At 10:17, Blogger Minka said...

Snav, Yeah I know. I was really flattered...but Monika juts somehow didn´t feel right.

Logo, yes I am. Maybe I hsould put that in my job applications? ;)

At 17:03, Anonymous Joel said...

Let's see Minka...this post went up on Monday and today is, hmmm, could it really be Wednesday already? An oversight perhaps? (just remember...you started it).

At 17:48, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, oh I have tasted my own medicine and it is bitter :)

At 22:00, Blogger Doug said...

Not to fear, Joel. In another 2 hours and 7 minutes I'm going to start leaving hints for trivia questions Minka hasn't asked.

Oh! 2:06 now.

At 22:18, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Neat post. So is Smari going to call his mare pocahontas?

At 22:56, Blogger Fred said...

I could've sworn I responded. Dang. Well, have a great week!

At 00:08, Blogger Doug said...

He coined the phrase "the love that dare not speak it's name" because he dared not speak it's name either.

At 04:58, Blogger ariel said...

I am realizing life is easy with answers. these are the questions that screw things up.

At 11:33, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, there will come a day when you have to look me right in the face and answer for yourself! be prepared!

TLP...we have settled this issue and on paper this horse is now called "Pocahontas" .

Fred, dang right back at you! Hope youhave a lovely week too!

Doug, *makes a list*

ariel, what? Is it cryptic Thursday again?

At 13:59, Anonymous Deana said...

Just visiting via Bobo this morning, as he referenced your site, very nice place here. And your new horse. Very beautiful indeed.

Iceland....the internet is an amazing thing....it seems so far away.

At 14:22, Blogger Minka said...

deana, welcome! It is not that far actually. It is closer than New York to San Franzisco ;)
But you are right, we are very global :)

At 15:40, Blogger cube said...

She is a beauty!


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