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Thursday, August 31, 2006

HNT and Thursday Brain Teaser

For a true model, anything can be a runway! However, for the vertically challanged of us, it will remain a distant dream! This picture was taken in Germany on a field I used to work on when a bit younger.

Now for our trivia:

His parents divorced when he was 5 and he spent his childhood in various California houses whenever his father remarried. He debuted in a horror movie, before landing a television series where he dressed in drag. Having starred in comedic and dramatic parts, he wrote and directed a film about a make-believe rock band, for which he wrote music. He is one of five actors to win back-to-back Academy Awards.

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and hint at the right answer. That way, you leave clues for fellow competitors but display your unlimited knowledge to me!

Posted by Minka :: 11:49 am :: 54 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 12:39, Blogger Doug said...

That picture will appeal to man and horse.

I'm not sure I know this one. I'll have to wait for a guess.

At 12:40, Blogger ariel said...

I can see you are trying, little girl, three posts on one another, now tell me, do you see the sea already?

I know that he is not Al Pacino.

At 12:45, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I am glad I covered the whole fauna!

ariel, I am really trying, it is just that blogger was saying he couldn't publish the picture, so I hit the re-publish button a million times, only to realize later it had published all along!
And he certainly is no Al Pacino! hardly anyone is ;)

At 12:49, Blogger ariel said...

and that's a nice picture!

At 12:59, Anonymous Joel said...

I believe the subject of today's teaser is a really BIG guy who knows how to throw a mean Bachelor Party.

At 13:12, Blogger ariel said...

I am now interested. :)

At 13:22, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, what sparked your interest? Big or Party? What the heck...put the two together!

At 13:51, Blogger Bjorn said...

I think he may have suffered from amnesia in Washington once (not D.C.)?

At 14:39, Blogger Sar said...

I know - I know - I know!

Okay, a hint. He may appear stranded on a desert island, or running across the country, even in the streets of Philadlephia, and his life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

Too much?

Btw, nice picture, Minka. Is that you?

At 15:01, Blogger Doug said...

Joel, that helped. I wonders why I couldn't get it.

Ariel and Minka, you two are quite the comedy duo this morning. I'm still laughing.

At 15:34, Anonymous Joel said...

Everyone knows he's a Bosom Buddy and that he firmly believes there is "no crying in baseball."

Minka...did I mention that I'm a finalist in Sar's caption contest this week? Just didn't want you to miss the opportunity to vote for me is all.

At 15:38, Blogger cube said...

Achoo! Could you please pass me a hanky ;-)

At 16:51, Blogger brian said...

As a happily married man, there is no hanky-panky on set.

At 17:16, Blogger Mo'a said...

There seems to be a lot of tomfoolery going on here.....
thanks....me :)

At 17:40, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

He is Rita's lover... gotta go for the kink I tell you, THE KINK!

Funkified FO SHO!

At 18:24, Blogger Tryggvi said...

At one point, his best friend was named Hooch.

When Monika talks about him, she puts the word "mister" in front, so its Mister ... .....

At 18:52, Blogger Minka said...

Joel, could be, but I have no clue :)

Björn, I believe that is true. Well done!

Sar, correct on all accounts adn yes that would be me...queenly as ever;)

Doug, you probably donæt get it, because you are the type of person that puts the third ending singular on the first person! And yes, we are a hoot!

Joel, well that all depends on who you voted for last week, doesn't it? Just kidding, I am just getting aorund to blogging now...busy day!

Cube, why...soemthing in your eye?

Brian, I just don't get it. What´s a hanky panky. At one point I really though i could speak this language of yours. Turns out I was wrong!

Móa...that´s it...tomfoolery...Meriam Webster here I come!

Miz B. Rita´s Lover? Ahhhhhh...me sees!

Tryggvi, that is correct in 1989 this was indeed so, only for pretense sake though :)

At 19:14, Blogger Doug said...

Or maybe I was ever-so-cleverly working in the title of the movie you mentioned. *smugly twirls moustache he doesn't wear*

At 19:20, Blogger Minka said...

Douglas, you know how laughter can be contagious? You are not causing an epidemic right now, that´s for sure! ;)

(And she´s back in the game!)

At 19:31, Blogger brian said...

Oh Minka! Hanky panky is nookie. Fooling around, rocking the trailer, you know, sex. :) *sighs* The Bunny and the Penguin do speak with different tongues. So sad. So sad.

At 19:37, Blogger Minka said...

*looks shocked*
I am glad you are happily married, Brian! :)

At 19:47, Blogger brian said...

*looks even more shocked*

You mean being happily married means no hanky-panky? Ever?

At 20:42, Anonymous neva said...

i know he had trouble sleeping in Seattle, and he once got stuck in an airport terminal, but i think he made his *first* big splash in film when he fell in love with a mermaid. oh yeah, he volunteers to help folks in undeveloped countries, but shies away from volcanoes. also, he used to live in the 'burbs, but i'm not sure where. Philadelphia, perhaps?

At 21:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and tongues do speak more than one languages, don't they, Brian?


At 21:13, Blogger brian said...

Yes Ariel, white man speak with forked tongues.

*Sighs* The bunny will keep hopping that some day, all shall speak as one, but until that day...translations are sometimes required.

At 21:37, Blogger Doug said...

And sometimes not.

At 21:43, Blogger Sar said...

Woohoo me! And wow, niiiicely done Neva!

*nods* Joel's demonstration of shameless promotion

At 22:15, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, I wasnæt there when you read your vows to eahc other...and I haven´t been trapped yet, but I always thought of marriage as a one-way ride;)

Neva, all correct and when he was sleepless in Seattle, I so wante dto comfort him :)

Ariel, very nice!

Brian, one of my dreams as a little girl was to learn every language, so I could communicate with everybody.
20 years later...it ain´t gonna happen!

Doug, yeah ... I never bother with the dictioanry when you use fancy words :)

Sar, yeah he is sneaky that way! But he´ll never know. for all he knows I might have voted for the opposite party...oh and Joel...I ahve access to 3 computers;) Just thought I´d mention!

At 22:40, Blogger Mo'a said...

Never mind dear Minka....you speak one of the most difficult languages in Europe....Icelandic..and you do it well from what I can tell.
Now people!!!!....no more tomfoolery or hanky panky...hanks!

Minka: these are archaic words, that were used back when the word fuck made people blush.
Tomfoolery means; foolish behavior; something trivial or foolish; nonsense
I may have been wrong in using this word, since there is no tomfoolery when it comes to this group *snickers* *LOL* *ROFLOL*

At 23:53, Blogger tsduff said...

I liked it when he talked to a flat soccer ball face around the campfire. What's all this bawdy talk around here? It's practically an epidemic of tomfoolery...

At 00:06, Blogger Minka said...

Móa...let´s combine all the words we learned today and I am stuck with "fooling around" :)

Terry, it is contagious! Be careful, you might leave this place and infect others:)

At 00:56, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Impressive photo!

But for the brain teaser, I'm afraid this is a part of my culture that I am ignorant of. :)

At 04:30, Blogger ariel said...

what does back-to-back award mean?

At 05:38, Blogger Logophile said...

He's a lover of volcanoes as I hear it.
And a lovely pic, Minka!
Doug looks quite dashing in his cyber mustache, doesn't he?

At 08:31, Blogger brian said...

Morning Ariel,

Back to back, means two in a row, and it can apply to anything that comes in a sequence.

Hi Minka,

We actually have said our vows *three* times, so by now the one-way street has become a roundabout. ;)

Tsd, there is no bawdy talk around here? That is just your translator being broken.:)

Mo- Got to love those archaic words.

At 09:48, Blogger AP3 said...

Great picture!

I didn't know the answer, until I read some of the clues in the comments. Now I got it. Those were BIG clues.

Rabbit, rabbit! Woo hoo! Lagomania!

At 10:53, Blogger Doug said...

Hase, hase!

At 11:30, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, thank you and don't worry about the teasing. There are more than just;)

ariel, I ahve always taken in to mean...two three awards in a row. Like he was winnign every year something. Brian?

Logophile, yes he does! If he can pretend we can too;)

brian, you know what they say: what goes aorund comes around ;)I love arcaic words, I love words period and I am always delighted to elarn new ones. ok, almost always :)

AP3, RABBIT RABBIT to you as well. Let this be a wonderful month! And those were correct Big Clues!

Douglas, morning and Heaschen, Haeschen to you too!

At 12:00, Blogger brian said...

Morning Minka,

Yes back to back in the reference to the awards, means that the award is given out yearly and winning two in row means back-to-back.

It also applies to baseball as in back-back home runs by consecutive batters.A home run is also referred to as "clearing the bases", "a round tripper", "going yard", "a four bagger", "jacked", "a dinger", "upper deck shot", "moon shot", "cleared the fences","inside the park home run", "circling the bases"..


Love you, have a great day. XO

At 13:17, Blogger ariel said...

nice effort, guys, to get me all confused... I can hardly wait to learn who all this talk is about. :)

At 14:31, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Rabbit Rabbit Penguin!
Great picture of you...we have the same hay rolls here and I've never been able to get on top of one. How the heck did you get up there?

At 15:05, Anonymous neva said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, oh beautiful, wise, and linguistically gifted Penguin!

i meant to tell you how great that picture was, too... but then i got carried away in my hankering to come up with clever clues to this week's brain teaser and those thoughts were cast away from my mind faster than you can delete an e-mail, and/or polish off a box of chocolates. xox

At 15:33, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, thanks I think this will cover my vocabulary need for the next six months :)
Wonderful writing in today´s post on your part. You truly are amazingly gifted!

ariel, the answer will reveal itself as soon as the next post is up!

Kyahgirl, I just took a really long and fast run to it, cramped my fingers into teh hay and lifted myself up. see this stuff I can do, but getting up from a chair, I can break a leg. You think there is somethign wrong with me?

neva, I don't know...I can pretty much finsih a box of choclate in Superman speed. See if you are one of seven kids, you learn to eat really fast, or you don't eat at all ;)

At 16:18, Blogger First Nations said...

there is NO DROOLING in the house.
so stop it with the chocolates!

thats a cool picture, minka!

*somewhat disappointed by the absence of penguinness*

At 16:33, Blogger Minka said...

FN, I masquarade as Human by day:)
People act weird when it comes to penguins in the mall!

At 16:39, Blogger brian said...

Thanks Minka,

Your loving praise spurs me on.:)


At 19:30, Blogger tsduff said...

Well, the F word still makes me blush today... tis a bit bawdy I think.

At 19:49, Blogger snavy said...


At 20:35, Blogger Doug said...

Snavylyn, that was my first guess, too. Turned out I have seen the meathead and he is I.

At 20:36, Blogger Doug said...

Is me. Gloria!!!!

At 21:38, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, I give praise where it is due.

tsduff. I hear you! Now in Iceland I am even more in a predicament. See the word for riding a horse and having ...hmmm...sexual relations is the same.
It always makes me blush when I speak Icelandic and I have to use the word "riða". *gets all red in the face*

Snav...I just don´t get it!

Doug... *looks puzzled* what are you on about? Are you still hinting?

At 22:38, Blogger Doug said...

It's from the TV show "All in the family" in which Rob Reiner ,who Snavylyn and I thought was the answer, played a character named Meathead, whose wife was Gloria.

Before your time, Sprout.

At 13:55, Anonymous neva said...

deleting emails *and* eating chocolates are things done quickly! (trust me, i, too, can polish off a box of chocolates in record time!) those two things were actually meant as "hints" from films associated with your mystery person who is *not* the man who directed This Is Spinal Tap and A Few Good Men, but did have a bit part in a film that took place in Seattle and starred your guy!

Meathead, Doug? really?

At 05:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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