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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Brain Teaser!

This one is slightly different than our usual ones, but since I am doing nothing but watch soccer all day, well this Quiz will have something to do with it. Don´t get scared though...only remotely!
I am going to show you a German advert for the World Cup 2006. It features 6 of the biggest celebs in Germany.

Now, how many do you know? Can you hint at one or even all 6 of them? Go, give it a shot!

Posted by Minka :: 1:22 am :: 61 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 02:13, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Darnit! I got this: "This website makes use of Macromedia Flash software. You have an OLD version of Macromedia Flash Player that cannot create the content we created."

Let me see if I can figure this out. But I'm missing out on tow posts now!

At 02:20, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Yay! I can see it now! I think I recognized the designer (Is he a fashion designer?) and the blonde is a supermodel...is that a hint or was it obvious that she's a model?

At 06:38, Blogger ariel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 06:40, Blogger ariel said...

Monika I apologize! I deleted it in 10 seconds. I dunno where my brain is but sure not inside my head. sorry again!

At 09:29, Blogger Bjorn said...

The first one seems familiar, but I'm not sure (this is not a hint ;))

The second has a Russian first name.

The third has the German equivalent of a Romanian communist dictator's second name.

The fourth is like a field of beers, yum yum.

The fifth's a skipper.

And the last one, rude, evil, er...

Did Björn do well? ;)

At 11:55, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Well, lets see.

The first one is one of two men that have won the world cup both as players and coaches.

The second one dominated his sport in the early ninties.

The third one plays dirty and is born a winner.

The forth one I dont know.

The fifth one either is or was involved with a famous magician.

The last one is was a striker when he played, not much talent but all heart.

I might suck at this hinting game, let the queeny decide.

At 12:05, Blogger brian said...

I see you are in fine form at Doug's place.LOL


At 12:11, Blogger Minka said...

squaregirl, you get two points for designer and model. And a third because youa re just that darn cute!

ariel, what did you delete?! Anyways, you get full points for all our soccer conversations in the past days.

Bjössi, did very well. He gets 5 points and a scholarship to Monika´s school for teacher´s pets :) And a milkshake and a draumur and some coke. Becuase you always seem to buy coke, whenever I meet you!

Tryggvi, 5 out of 6. Why did I knew that you´d be good at this? :) You´ll hit your had when I reveal the guy you don´t know! And you hinted very well. I think the one with the magician might help others along;)

At 12:12, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, we cross-commented ! Morning to you too! Glad you liked it!

At 12:12, Blogger brian said...

Only know the 2nd person, he loved playing with grass.

And the 3rd is the highest paid runner up champ.;) Ole, Ole.

At 13:03, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Now I know I've been in Germany too long. I recognized all but one of them (the guy in red), so there's still a shred of hope, I suppose.

I was just fascinated by this story (in German) that someone told me, as the reason why he doesn't watch soccer anymore.

In the 1982 World Cup Germany and Austria played a game in which the result had to come up 1:0 for both teams to enter the next round. After ten minutes Germany scored that point, and they spent the rest of the game kicking the ball around in a circle. It was quite a scandal. Algeria was furious, because they were cut out, while what should have happened is that Germany and Austria were disqualified. But the ruling bodies decided to uphold the result.

At 14:00, Blogger Fred said...

3-6. I failed.

At 15:28, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Give me a break penguin-I have no clue.

At 15:55, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, you don't have the comments emailed to you? I posted some names. but deleted it immediately! but even then without Google I can hint on only one: the first one shows up in the Adidas ad below. :)

At 15:56, Blogger ariel said...

what does "get full points" mean?

At 18:09, Blogger Doug said...

Okay, I'm only kind of sure of one but the tennis player has initials the same as a round projectile (as opposed to a fuzzy one.)

Would I be wrong in thinking the guy in shades was once the subject of Bizarre Album Saturday In Pezland?

At 18:16, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, and if I were from Trinidad, I'd be in a hurry to get home too.

At 18:50, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

some formula one dude but he doesnt drive german cars, he drives Italian Iron

Some Sports Illustrated Floosie or something

Boris someone

Thats all I got

At 19:07, Blogger Minka said...

brian...so that give syou 2 points?
And the third has so often been Wold Champion that a runner -up last year is just fine with my country!

indy, I was 5! Well, soccer has a bit of that I guess. Sometimes the referee plays teh entire game...it is still one of the best sports I know. Fairness however is very important and I want the best team to win. Well, the best team or Germany :)

Fred, I am the teacher here and I remember you brought me an apple once, so you just made it!

kyahgirl, ok you take a break! Next Thursday I expect high quality from you, you four legged, tail wagging creature!

ariel, all points! You won the game :) Simply because I make up the rules :)

Doug...I kinda think you get half a point. Becuase I donæt wanna destroy you totally today. But you get an A for effort!

VI, that is the first time you played and that means you passed :) I´ll give the answers later today!

At 19:22, Blogger Doug said...

Really, that wasn't the singer of Liebe Mütter and other classics drawing on the ball?

I kinda think I get one point, though. I'm pretty sure about the tennis player. Maybe the hint was bad.

Thanks for the "A" though.

At 19:27, Blogger Minka said...

Nope, honey-pie, I knew you were thinking about Heino! But it isn´t him. This guy in the advert is huge and you all have heard of him, you just never realized he was German!
Ok, I give you an entire point for the B-one! I just thought it was soooo easy :)

At 19:41, Blogger Doug said...

He's not an actor, is he? I thought that guy was dead.

At 19:48, Blogger Doug said...

OK, I just realized that was a lame hint even if it was right which I'm pretty sure it isn't. I was thinking of the of the guy who played Aguirre and Fitzcarraldo.

At 19:49, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Boris Becker

Karl Lagerfeld

Claudia Schiffer

I couldn't see the first guy well but he looked like Larry David (though I know it's not him!)

I RULE!!!!

At 19:50, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oh no! HINT? DAMMIT! First time I play and I screw up!


I don't rule then?

At 20:13, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B: it is ok...A couple had a chance to play before you came a long! You get three points. How about the other three?

At 20:32, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

ahh so the metro looking guy
is that lagerfeld designer dude...who knew!!!!!!

At 20:49, Blogger ariel said...

that is full point! YAAAY!

At 21:04, Anonymous Heike said...

I know all of them but it's also too easy for me as German. So I won't say anything.

Was looking the match yesterday evening outside with 15.000 people around me. Cannot describe what happened when the Germany scored the goal. The crowd (including me) freaked out! Incredible, really incredible, but cool :-)

At 21:04, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, bummer. Now I get the field of beer comment. I've never heard of him, though.

At 21:15, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Hello, Minka.
You keep watching all that soccer and make up for all the soccer that I DON'T watch. :)
Enjoy it! I hope your favorite team wins!!

At 21:17, Blogger Minka said...

VI, you see I knew you guys would know him once his name would fall!

ariel, it is great to win, isn´t it?

Heike, I am so jeallous: BUt I will be there in two weeks. Incidently where will you be in JULY?????

Doug, so there is no fashion addict in you?! Shocking! :)
Yeah, Bjössi´s "field of beer" was a greta clue! He is a linguist after all. I am proud to announce i once took a course with him! Not that he would remember...

At 21:29, Blogger brian said...

Have a good evening,

Lots of poems over at central snark also one at Doug's. See you tomorrow at the hutch!

At 01:11, Blogger Tim Rice said...

I'm afraid I'm rather ignorant on this one.

At 02:14, Blogger Sar said...

I've not looked at the comments above yet. I watched the ad and I recognized Borris Becker, Karl Laggerfeld (sp?), and Claudia Schiffer.

Now I'll look above and see how I fared. :)

At 02:15, Blogger Sar said...

Oh dammit! I forgot to hint. Sorry my sistah. :(

At 03:23, Blogger snavy said...

Um - no - lol!!

Hey - no worries - ice cream is one of the only things I cannot give up.

And potatoes and red wine ....

At 03:41, Anonymous shayna said...

I know one... the blonde model... but that was it!

At 04:32, Blogger ariel said...

yes it is! I just talk them out of the field in THEIR native language. :-P

At 13:20, Blogger brian said...


Argentina, Argentina!

At 13:38, Blogger brian said...

BTW, did I mention that Argentina is going to win the cup.


I do believe that is 2-Nil

At 13:48, Blogger brian said...

Goal, Goal, Goal.

3-0 zip baby!

At 14:51, Blogger Jodes said...

the guy with the white hair ponytail is a designer...cannot remember his name and the girl - blonde with blk dress is Claudia Schiffer.

At 19:40, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, that´s right. I just came back from work and have now time to commence the blogging!

Tim Rice, That is just fine. It is also just ok, to swing by and say Hi!

Sar, see you and Miz B. both :) Must be in the genes :)

snav, and if we start to think about it there will be many more ;)

shayna...yes you know her, but I bet you have heard of teh other names, once they are revealed :)

brian, could you be more enthused?! :) Mornign to you too, although it is evening here now :) And yes, I believe you did mention. I am not convinced they will though :)

Jodes, two points! And well earned they were!

Now: let me reveal the mystery! All though between us I think we got all six names:
1) Franz Beckenbauer (soccer)
2) Boris Becker (tennis)
3) Michael Schumacher (Formel 1)
4) Karl Lagerfeld (designer)
5) Claudia Schiffer (model)
6) Rudi Völler (soccer)

yep...thise a fmaous Germna names and I believe Ariel won this round! :)

At 19:41, Blogger Logophile said...

late to the game, and a fun variation of it,
I knew the designer, the tennis player and the model.

I wrote the 55 you requested btw, take a look bewtween matches

At 19:44, Anonymous joel said...

I should have played...would have gotten Becker and Schiffer...on second thought, probably good that I didn't. Would have embarrassed myself.

At 21:15, Blogger brian said...

Monika, I have suffered w/o the penguin today.

Alas, I leave for home,
Monday next will I roam,
come visit the hutch,
you always learn much.

Have a great weekend.

At 06:42, Blogger ariel said...

Rudi Völler! the name of that guy was on the tip of my toungue but couldn't recall, it was driving me crazy.

At 14:19, Blogger cube said...

I do believe this is the first time I've been stumped by your brain teaser.

At 15:01, Blogger Doug said...

Happy Independence Day!

Curse a Norwegian for me.

At 15:15, Blogger ariel said...

Portugal - Iran: could have been better. every time I'm soo looking forward to Portugal but they keep being a disappointment. it's amazing though that the referee didn't see when Kaebin'd kicked Figo in the head...

At 16:04, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, the 2th part from metacafe.


At 16:57, Blogger ariel said...

Czech Republic - Ghana: 0:1 at half time. what could I say, they only deserve it. Ghana is GOOD.

At 17:17, Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Didnt even look. The closest I get to soccer without a TV here, is to wait til my daughter plays in August.....

Hey Minka, you asked about my tattoos....i linked all my HNTS...and you can see two of the three...on the links....the other one.... :P

Have a good weekend Minka!

At 17:59, Blogger ariel said...

Czech Republic - Ghana: 0:2. who would have ever guessed? yay it was a great game.

At 19:55, Blogger ariel said...

wow, Americans are a lot better than in their previous game! two players are sent off so far, 1-1 on both sides, if the referee sends off further 6-6, I'll be able to follow the game, hehe...

At 21:04, Blogger Doug said...

OK, so now help a poor gringo. If the US beats Ghana by 2-0, what happens to us? Will it hurt?

At 21:12, Blogger ariel said...

1:1. wasn't bad.

At 21:45, Blogger Minka said...

Logo, I did take a look and I loved it. It might surprise many, but I hadn´t had the chance of watching a single game in the last two days. I am keeping track of teh scores of course...but no couch potatoe for two days!

Joel, to play or not to play...will always remain teh question.

Brian, hope my e-mail and explanation reached you!

Ariel, well I am glad I brought peace to your mind!

Cube, we´ll just gloss over it and you will be a star next Thursday!

Douglas, Why should I curse them? We love Norwegians...we are a breed from their loins. It is the Danish that have a tough time today!

Ariel, thanx for teh second half:) I have never seen it before.

barefoot mistress, I´ll check them out in a little while. So...I can almost imagie the location of number three :)

ariel, I didnæt see teh game...I might watch it tonight. Independence day and stuff got in teh way.

Doug...donæt worry..it´s never gonna happen :)

Ariel, yeah I just checke dteh scores when I came home and it si 1:1. Usa against Italy...pretty good. *applauds and sings "Oh say can´t you see..."

At 19:35, Blogger Bjorn said...

What? Only one course? Surely not, seems like so many more.. ;)

At 10:54, Blogger Minka said...

what courses ar eyou talking about? I am sure I can whip out some more, just let me know ;)


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