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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sestina Poem!

Yeah, by now you say one word and you immediately hear another. Poem goes with Brian.
Last week he asked-for those who wanted to play-to give him 6 words that are very important to us. He would use those words and make a sestina poem about us. What is a sestina poem, you might ask...you do have google right?! Besides, I think it will become apparent quite quickly.
The six words that have a lot of meaning for me are:
Butterfly, Gentle, Nature, Silver, Love and Family. When I noted those words down I had no clue how personal Brian would get with them. It amazes me how he, that has only known me for a month now, can write a poem about me that goes so deep. I am so honoured and here, without further ado, is BRIAN´s sestina written with yours truly in mind!

"Saga:Finding Love"

riding my pony I saw a butterfly
touching its wings oh so gentle
being outside one with nature
the harness is inlaid with silver
in my life I've had some love
took some time to find a family.

lived alone without a family
felt cocooned like a butterfly
spent many years denying love
nothing about life could be gentle
fog covered me in a haze of silver
thought that was just my nature.

bruised battered by human nature
finally left my hurtful family
took a job for some silver
flew to land of ice like a butterfly
found people there were so gentle
gave to me unconditional love.

was so hard to trust that love
that kindness was somone's nature
treated with respect hugs were gentle
took me in offered me a family
I fluttered for awhile poor butterfly
my mind still balked in mirrored silver.

everyday collected more silver
but had found a land to love
so freeing to stay garden butterfly
delighted in discovery of all the nature
when realized they were my family
shed tears of joy held in hands gentle.

found my home settled in so gentle
the rocks and snow painted silver
new parents and brother in my family
opened my heart to their love
trusting in soul is now my nature
I am free to soar a new butterfly.

I've found a gentle soul and him have grown to love.
gaze in silver glass looking back is not my nature.
chose my family reborn like a beautiful butterfly.

-Brian- http://hummingbunny.blogspot.com

I tried my own little Sestina poem, but one simply doesn´t follow an act like this!

Posted by Minka :: 11:50 am :: 55 Royal Subjects

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At 12:26, Blogger brian said...

You are an easy person to write poems for. I feel your spirit and joy in the words you say to me. One month is an eternity when learning to love someone as I love you. I hope that someday we can meet in person.

At 12:47, Anonymous neva said...

that was lovely... as are you, dear Minka! hope you have a happy weekend! xox

At 13:43, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Nice work Brian. Almost makes me want to let Her Majesty catch up with me. Even if it is at risk of getting a black eye.


At 14:14, Blogger G said...

Ahh Minka - that is beautiful. Ooh Brian, of course directed to you, but your writing at once both personal and insightful draws you to the subject of your beautiful prose. The mark of a true poet.
Minka, I believe you are a Cancerian - something about Cancerians and silver - I love things silver too (if that is the silver to which you refer).
My daughter who often flutters around me like a butterfly if I should read the blogs while the kids are still up, saw your page and was enchanted! When she read the name she said, "She IS an Ice Queen"!

At 14:29, Blogger Minka said...

Brian...I hope that doesn´t mean I am simple and easy to see through :)

neva, you too and I´ll catch up with you at Central snark, sometime this weekend.

Oc, ah...you just looked back and turned to stone. Such a pitty really...

g, welcome back and with such warm words as well. Thank you. Brian is amazing and I am starting to think he has a peep-hole soemwhere in teh fabrics of time as well :)
yes, I am a cancer and I don´t like gold. But love Silver. Glad to know there are more of us :)

At 14:29, Blogger SquareGirl said...

oh what a lovely poem you wrote brian! And Minka is quite a lovely muse!

At 14:34, Blogger brian said...

Oh Minka, you are a very complex and deep person. My poems and my words sometimes are very scary. Yes I do see things, but please know I will never hurt you.

At 14:39, Blogger Minka said...

Sqauregirl...I am a muse! *starts to dance in a very enticing way*

Brian, I know that!

At 14:45, Blogger G said...

I can second that and Brian if I may share, well I'm going to anyway. Brian and I sometimes chat in e-mail and he sent me an email regarding his impressions of me which I don't know that anyone has ever put quite as succinctly.

It's a true gift and Brian, I think all know your intentions are nothing but good.

At 14:53, Blogger Doug said...

Just wow.

At 14:54, Blogger brian said...

GQ- I wasn't going to mention that fact because unless you did first. I think you both being Cancerians has a lot to do with it. BTW-I love gold.

At 14:57, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Well, Minka, just plant the statue in the garden and give the pigeons someplace to rest their .... and the neighbors something to gossip about.

(Every time. Every single cotton-pickin' time. Sheesh.)


At 15:17, Blogger Minka said...

G- that is exactly what I mean. he somehow senses your fears and passions and puts them into words that seem so right, but which you would have never chosen for yourself in teh first place.

Doug, good isn´t it?

Brian, of course you would :) you would still outshine the sparkle of any gold!

OC, in my garden? It is actually a beautiful place. There ar eeven trees! And there are always a bunch of birds around... how would you feel about becoming a bird, nesting-feeding statue? And most importantly, can I use grafitti-spray on you? Some lovely images come to mind;)

At 16:00, Blogger Doug said...

You bet. I think I'll go be a smartass somewhere else for awhile.

At 16:13, Blogger MyUtopia said...

Sweet! Have a great weekend!

At 16:38, Blogger ariel said...

what a sallon your starting to have here, Lady Monika, with writers, story tellers, poets, journalists and so on! lovely, and so is the poem!

At 17:21, Blogger G said...

Just dropped back again and saw the picture! It's so perfect with the poem. You should print them out to make a little book about yourself. Dreamy.

At 18:31, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you can always be smart with me, there never is a danger of overdoign it ;)

my utopia, and likewise. I hope many a games will be played :)

Ariel, yes I agree...there are some really good regulars here. I am very fortunate in my readers and commenters.

g- I love this pic. Someone once sent it to me when I had live dhere for quite a while. He said that this picture reminded him of me, becuase despite all the snow and coldness I am still able to see the colours and beauty of things. I thought it was a very fitting picture. Thank you for noticing it!

At 19:19, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, I know it, Minka. Somehow I think today's post deserves sincerity and appreciation. I'll be a jackass again on your next post.

At 19:23, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I am not sure you got the offense in my last comment, go back and think about it! :)

At 19:30, Anonymous Joel said...

Wow. Impressive stuff!!! On another subject...I did notice the USA got smoked and sent packing from the World Cup. That's it...just noticed...wanted you to see I'm trying to be soccer literate.

At 19:46, Blogger Minka said...

Joel...you are doing just fine. And as I have said many a times now, the uSA has shown improvement, which was noticed all over Europe. So that is always a good thing! :) Now you can freely root for Germany!

At 19:48, Blogger Doug said...

Hey, Brian, can you write her one with smartass, misspelling, frosty, impatient, dagger and bilious?

At 19:48, Blogger brian said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that I have other sestinas in the carnival. Come visit when you have the time.

At 19:59, Blogger Doug said...

It figures you'd insult my intelligence and I wouldn't get it.

At 20:19, Blogger ariel said...

the insult or the intelligence?

At 20:32, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Great poem and beautiful photo. Both are neat.

At 20:46, Blogger BarnGoddess said...

very lovely, great poem.

At 22:21, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Minka - call it "painting" if you please. It will preserve at least a few molecules of my dignity. Oh that's right, you said you don't do molecules ...

I understand that the classic statues were in fact painted, though the paint had all fallen off by the time the Renaissance sculptors rediscovered the figures.

I also gather they got not only paint but graffiti, if the ruins of Pompeii are any indication. So your lovely garden gnome, me, would fit right in with the legacy of ancient Greece and Rome.

The things I do for a blonde in an inflatable Viking hat ...

At 22:42, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, don´t give him any ideas! I am rather fond of the image he has of me...

Brian...I read four I think. One I couldnæt find...Mango madness :(

Doug, it was only to be expected. teh wink wink in the end should have made you reconsider the afore-mentioned statement, but even symbols are lost on you!

ariel, both?

Tim Rice, since I know that you uknow the beauty of words and images...I´ll take it as a compliment on my and Brian´s behalf!

barngoddess, thanx I wish I would have written it :)

OC...Did you just call me blonde?! Rest assured, that now, other material than paint is gonna connect with my garden gnome!

At 23:10, Blogger Cowgirl said...

An ode to Minka. Beautiful.

At 23:44, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

That's not your picture with Eeyore then? Maybe it's the color balance on my screen. My hair's that color (most of it still has color), and that's what I got labelled. My protests did not avail either. Brown, I said. Brown. Which you should not apply to the gnome. The neighbors would complain. I wouldn't be too happy about it either.


At 23:59, Blogger Minka said...

cowgirl, howdy there!

OC...that is dark brown I´ll have you know! Discussion over! Blond *ts*
here are a couple of posts where i had pictures of me: check and get back to me on that whole colour question!
January 15th
February 4th
April 24th
May 17th

That took me sometime to find those, but I sure hope this is sorted. A letter with apology will be expected by no later than Tomorrow evening, 20 o´clock my time!

At 00:11, Blogger Doug said...

O Ceallaigh, the woman lives in Iceland. Catherine Deneuve is probably considered brunette.

At 00:16, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Allrightallrightallright already! Brown it is! Leggo my wrist! Sheesh. Must be my day, this is about no. 4 in the apology writing department. Argh. The things I have to go through to actually get to see what somebody looks like.

Actually your hair color is quite close to mine. But when I was younger and working outside in the sun a lot, it would bleach in the summer. Yours do that? Of course, this does require sun ...


At 00:44, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, on whose side are you?!

OC, my hair actually does get lighter the more the sun shines. As a matter of fact, the usn in Iceland is particularly strong. There is no smog or other dirty-I dread to say it- molecules in the air, so the rays are pretty strong!!! Thought i´d mention. It is not always about Quantity, but rather Quality. :)

At 00:59, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Makes me think they have some really serious "blonde" issues over there, eh, Doug? Did they film the Legally Blonde movies on location in Rejkjavik?

Blonde ... and molecules? I wonder about all this talk against "molecules". The oxygen - a molecule - might take offense. Of course, the molecule would probably be labelled "clean" to keep its union from getting its nose out of joint and going on strike.

Actually, Australia and New Zealand also have "strong sun" for their latitude. People get facial wrinkles at 15 if they're not careful, and skin cancers are a big problem. The Australians might have "invented" sunblocks - they certainly created a big early market for them. I can't imagine the Icelandic sun is that strong. Though this time of year it's certainly around for a long time.

At 03:08, Blogger karma said...

Brian is a great poet!

At 10:28, Anonymous Heike said...

A very profound and beautiful poem! Wow!

Just wanna say "Hello" and tell you that I will be on holidays in Barcelona. Really looking forward to the sun and my spanish course.

Anyway we can phone when I'm back and see if you will maybe do a "Germany-Rundreise" and pass by. I will send you my phone number by email.

At 11:57, Blogger Doug said...

I'm on the side of truth, Minka. The side of truth!

O Ceallaigh, I suspect it's no place to save money or cross the street slowly.

At 13:36, Blogger Fred said...

I have my students write poems when I teach about the Renaissance. Then, I have their peers review them, with a little guidance from me. Other than that, I wouldn't know a good one if it hit me in the face.

At 15:12, Blogger actonbell said...

Wow,that's beautiful:)

At 17:05, Blogger ariel said...

congrats Germany for the VERY VERY good game! it was a very exciting game. I wish it'd been a little less exciting, though, I didn't agree with that red card at all... and that grin on the referee's face, that was just disgusting. Isaksson played like ten evils, and Mellberg was beautiful. ok, he played good, too. good-bye, Sweden, I enjoyed your being here!

At 18:03, Anonymous joel said...

Minka...Germany to the quarterfinals ousting Sweden...that's good, right?

At 18:04, Blogger Doug said...

Deutschland zwei-nichts! Hiepidipip hora!

At 19:08, Blogger Minka said...

Where did my comment to your comments go off to?

It doesn´t matter...Germnay palyed a great game and we are through to the next round. *mini-wave in celebration of my team*

Joel, Ariel and Douglas...all three of you get ten points for following this with such enthusiasm.

At 20:01, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! This is bad, BAD! Sweden out? Germany in? WHAT is the world coming to?!?!?!?

I love you but hey, I am Scandinavian!


Well, Spain's doing ok so far. I am holding my breath. It seems to be working... problem is that... I... Need... AIR!


*bohemian floats away... POOFETTY POOF!*

Germany made it... WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!

At 20:22, Anonymous Joel said...

Thinking maybe a few bonus points are in order because I respectfully chose not to mention the riot that ensued following the match...not pretty with the chair and bottle throwing...tsk, tsk, tsk. Such passion!!

At 22:44, Blogger ariel said...

Argentina-Mexico: WHAT A GAME IT WAS!!! nobody expected Mexico to make it that hard for Argentina!!! viva la Mexico!!! and good-bye too...

At 00:19, Blogger snavy said...

That is beautiful and amazing!

Butterfly is on my list too. Well, butterflies - I have 3.

At 10:30, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. I am so sorry Sweden lost *chuckles* In all honesty, theya re a very good team and very well looking young men, but it wasn´t enough and only to be expected. Germany is one of teh big football nations, right behind Brazil...that have won the Worl Cup most often. And the whole thing is in Germany and they will fight to the bitter end, not becuase they are the best...but becuase they´d be facing people like me on the street if they were to drop out quickly!

At 06:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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