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Thursday, June 01, 2006

HNT, Thursday Brain Teaser and Hase, Hase!

Firstly, I have to say I am quite proud of myself. I sowed 6 drapes and they are each of the same length. That is quite an accomplishment, since picking the same material already posed a challange for me. For a first time with a sowing machine I deserve a clap! *waits in anticipation, I don´t hear anything...!*

Secondly, our Brain Teaser:

"Of any European monarch, he had the longest reign. Under his rule France was established as a military power and was the leading nation in four wars. Most of his time after 1682 was spent at his Versailles palace. A supporter of the arts, he had Notre Dame Cathedral renovated and had Moliere’s plays performed for his court."

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the right answer. Thereby leaving clues for fellow commenters. I will try to guide your quest for knowledge as much as I can. But I have work today and me sitting infront of the computer all evening somehow doesn´t qualify - or so I ´ve been told!

Thirdly, since it is the first of June and everything - uh ... payday!- I wish everybody of you a wonderful month and rabbit, rabbit!

Posted by Minka :: 11:47 am :: 35 Royal Subjects

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At 12:17, Blogger Doug said...

I think he was the 14th. Clovis is the Latin form of his name.

At 12:26, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you first? What a surprise! *shocked to her very core*
And yes he was the 14th and I am not even gonna bother checking a Latin name-register :) You´re trying to kill me or something? It is a dead language!

At 12:26, Blogger Bjorn said...

Armstrong for adolescents (+ th)

At 12:28, Blogger brian said...

What is the sound of one hand sewing? Bravo, Bravo.
Thanks for the comments yesterday.

On to the brain teaser.

Well, the World Cup starts next week. The 18 edition, France is playing, and it takes place every 4 years.

At 12:29, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, like Icelandic isn't!


At 12:34, Blogger Minka said...

Bjössi, very true!

Brian, I just don´t get it! I´ll just substract 4 from 18 and assume that is your hint :)

Douglas! get over here, RIGHT NOW! You can run, but you can´t hide! You´ll pay for that one!

At 12:38, Blogger brian said...

Sorry, too obtuse? Yes, France, 18th-4 years=14

Besides, Latin isn't dead, medicine and science, not to mention the Vatican.

Btw, did you sign up for that DNA study in Iceland?

At 12:38, Blogger brian said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:46, Blogger Minka said...

brain, so I was right! :)
au contrare: the Vatican is so dead-in my humble opinion. Since Ratzinger arrived there, it has lost the little interest I had to begin with!

I am not Icelandic, so I am not sure they want my DNA! :)

At 12:48, Blogger Fred said...

Happy HNT and Rabbit, Rabbit!

Yes, the 14th was probably correct. His nickname had something to do with the sun, too.

At 12:55, Blogger Minka said...

Fred, you must be a good teacher. *Queen hands him an apple* You get a 9.5 for that one! Of course there are Icelandic grades on my blog!

At 13:41, Blogger brian said...

One of my favorite songs by The Beatles.

"Here comes the sun"

Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Little darling
It's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling
It feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, do do do do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Partial lyrics of course.

Don't tell me we can talk of spiritual things too!

At 14:30, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Minka, I don't know how Doug can even run with that big brain of his.

You'll catch him pretty easily I bet. :-)

HHNT and congrats on the sewing accomplishments. Yikes, I have to sew curtains for the trailer yet. Better get on it!

At 14:33, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, we can talk about anything you like and I love that song by the way!

Kyahgirl, let me know if I can help! I´ll juts have to ask mom to pull teh threat to all teh hole,s the rest I can do. What is it with sewing machines and teh threat and the 50 holes it has to go through? Godd luck with it!

At 15:46, Blogger Cowgirl said...

There is a band that shares his name.

HHNT! and Rabbit, Rabbit

At 21:17, Blogger actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Those are cute bunnies.
And congratulations on sewing those curtains--that's a very economical thing to do, since buying curtains costs much more than the fabric does.
These are great hints, everyone!

At 22:17, Blogger snavy said...


I love to sew. I'm about to make a new shower curtain and matching valencey-type-thing.

At 00:42, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Congratulations on your sewing accomplishments. That's neat. No idea on the monarch, though.

At 01:26, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I can sew buttons and hems... that's it!

With Fred, the history teacher, playing this game, you will never be able to stump him. He's like another Doug.

At 02:39, Blogger Sar said...

Rabbit Rabbit, happy payday and *applauding* good for you sewing!

At 04:22, Blogger SquareGirl said...

The worst part? I took five years of Latin and didn't even know Clovis was his name in Latin. Oh darn you those wasted hours during those five years! I could have been learning to sew which is a much more functional skill. Great job with that by the way!!

At 11:25, Blogger Minka said...

cowgirl, yes there are! And tehya re heading for Australia this June, for a couple of shows!

actonbell, the practical side of things! I did it because I love to have things around me that I made! When I have guests I can poin to them and make them congratulate me:)

snav, you can be in my saumaclub! In Iceland ther eis a tradition where girls meet in the evening maybe twice a month, bring somethign to sow, knit, stitch or some cake! Than we chat...it is lovely!

Tim, The congrats on my sewing are so much more important than a proper hint;) Thank you!

Jamie Dawn, I believe I have stumped both Doug and Fred at some point. But it is hard and happens seldom!

Sar, why Thank you. We just got a raise at work, so this pay-day was extra special:)

Sqauregirl, I hear hear you. I had Latin as well. It almost killed me. Not 5 years though! You could have dressed your house in your own designs by now, wouldn´t you have taken Latin!

At 11:26, Blogger brian said...

Gueten Taug,

Happy Friday, 7 days left until the start, that's half a fortnight, which is 14 days. ;)

At 11:32, Blogger brian said...

Just missed! New post up, I'll send you an e-mail this weekend.

At 11:36, Blogger karma said...

hey Minka, i'm impressed, i can't sew for nuts

hase hase!

At 11:45, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, und guten Morgen zu Dir! Ja, sieben Tage und sieben Naechte...und dann...well, i´ll become a couch potato for about a month:)
Post up? I´ll be right over!

Karma, well...I´ll make our cutains and bed cover and you´ll paint our dinning room table. We´ll be fine;)

At 12:06, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, congrats for ruling the sewing machine! they are evil machines! *claps*

he said, he is the state. if I put it in English right.

ROTFL @Khyagirl

At 12:13, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, came here to make up? Well it worked! :)
(Remember the day when you were first at Waking Ambrose, a minute before me?) :)
Good hint and yes, Kyahgirl is hilarious at times and mostly right. Don´t tell her I said that! :)

At 12:42, Blogger brian said...

I exausted my German this morning. Thank you, what have I done to deserve such a wonderful friend as you.

You like Munch too! I wrote a poem which is in post #9,"Shadow Boxing in a Mirror:Redux", which I know you will like.

At 13:19, Blogger Mo'a said...

OK!!!Doug is normally brilliant and we all know that Latin is not a dead language.....when little me....well maybe not so little...uses it almost every day to buy plants, trees, flowers etc. for my garden.
I am glad you got him on that remark about Icelandic.....remember I am here for you.....hear that Doug :)
I used to belong to a Saumaklub we mostly gorged ourselves on cakes, cookies and other goodies....do they sew in those clubs now?

The number 18 and Clovis....good clues.
Clovis and Noth America is another good study.
I love your brain teasers it helps me dust this old brain.

At 13:28, Blogger Minka said...

Brian...just by being you!

Móa...we´ll show him! And I am glad you like them. I do too. It is so much fun and spurrs quite a conversation. I know that Latin is not dead in that way, it is dead in teh way that it doesn´t change anymore...it doesn´t progress...like teh rest of our languages. Icelandic in fact is still changing and as long as we 300.000 speak it-to some extend or other- we´ll show you!

At 13:59, Blogger Doug said...

Mo'a, Minka, you guys don't scare me! Bring Terry over here for back-up!

(Don't tell Sabine I said that)

At 14:16, Blogger Minka said...

Douglas, aren´t you supposed to be at work, or something?! :)

At 14:45, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

back to your mystery...I'll just say 'hi' (and thanks Ariel, I'm glad I could make you laugh)

This is in lieu ee of a real comment heh heh.

At 18:57, Blogger Minka said...

Hi Kyahgirl...nice that you dropped in again. *hands her a slice of cake and a hot steaming cup of coffee*

Now the answer to this Thursday Trivia was



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