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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy HNT and Thursday Brain Teaser!

A friend of mine came ot visit a few days ago and saw my bed. She looked at it in shock. I had made it and everything. Apparently she was thrown off by the books on the other half of the bed and looked at me with that "What kinda German are you?!"-look. I explained that it is a huge bed and nobody is using the other half, so why can´t it be occupied by stuff? But I couldn´t recover, her good opinion once lost is lost forever :) I let you be the judge!

This brian teaser is inspired by my trip to London a few years back. I sat in that square for an entire day and fed the pigeons, bathed my feet in the foutnains, did some people-watching and met a bunch of folks from all over. A wonderful place.

"At the age of 12, he went to sea the first time. During his career in the British navy, he battled Napoleon’s army in Egypt and fought the Danish in Copenhagen. Even after he lost both his right arm and the sight in his right eye, he still went on to fight the Spanish and French forces at Trafalgar where he died in 1805. A monument to him stands in London’s Trafalgar Square."

If you think you got it...go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the right answer. Your clues might be able to help others along their quest for trivia and the bible says it is good to help! There you go...ok, you know what to do!

Posted by Minka :: 11:10 am :: 24 Royal Subjects

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At 11:55, Blogger Doug said...

No judgement on the books, but you should finish your water, though. Friends can be tough.

OK, here are two clues: His last name is the first name of a smart-aleck child in The Simpsons, and:

He appears as a character in the film Lloyds of London.

At 12:00, Blogger Minka said...

Well done! See I knew you would find the rigth clue, third time is a charm, isn´t it? *smiles*

At 13:10, Blogger brian said...

Good morning (here) Monika,

And how are you this morning?

Wasn't your brain teaser named after a wrestling move? ;)

At 13:28, Blogger Minka said...

Brian, I had to research that, but it seems like his last name is indeed teh same as some moves in that weird sport! And you know what, regardless of how hard I´ll try, I ´ll never be able to forget that hint!

At 13:33, Blogger Fred said...

Isn't his last name the same as a pop singer and TV child actor that lost his life in a plane crash?

At 13:49, Blogger brian said...

Just trying to do my job here. ;) BTW, since you are laid up, how about an e-mail?

We've had record lows here the last two mornings, about 18 C, but the highs are up around 37 C.

At 13:54, Blogger cube said...

It's your bed & you can do what you want with it.

First name: Hamlet's best buddy

Last name: The same as the Admiral of the Seaview submarine on TV's
"Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea".

At 14:27, Blogger Doug said...

Wow, Cube. I didn't know he even had a first name. I'm so used to his military rank followed by his peer rank and then the last name. Well done.

At 16:14, Blogger Logophile said...

I didn't realize his connection with Naples till I lived there, he definitely had a racy side!

I like the bed just like that, perfect.

At 17:05, Blogger omar said...

hæ monika :D

ég var að velta því fyrir mér hvenær þú kæmir austur í sveitinna til okkar.. ?? ......veistu núna á ég tvær bloggsíður og ein veit ég pazzwordið á en hin ekki :( !

At 18:33, Blogger Minka said...

Fred, I seriously wouldn´t know. maybe someone else can help us with your hint, or you could elaborate. I donæt wnat to fail you just becuase I don´t get your point ;)

Brian, teaisng me with the wqeather like that! Shame on you :)
I´d be dancing in my garden if my thermometer would show 18 C :) heat is just wasted on the spoiled :)

Cube, your first hint is the one I was waiting for, you second...*applause* I had to check though, juts to make sure :)

Doug, of course YOU would know! One of these days I will wip out a quiz you can´t answer :)

logo, I am glad you like it. I do too. And since I have no intention of inviting her into it...I think I am good! :)

Omar, hver var að skrifa þetta fyrir þig? :)
Af hverju bjóstu til aðra siðu? Þegar ég kem, kik ég á Þetta!

At 19:51, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, you already did, sage of Reykjavik!

At 20:00, Blogger brian said...

Spoiled! Why I oughta come over and....

Actually, if you like it hot.....

See you tomorrow, I'm posting a 11Am your time, the way blogger is going, taking no chances.

At 20:58, Blogger ariel said...

once thing I know, that is NOT Sir Francis Drake.

I love big beds, too. book and stuff, good thing.

At 02:36, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Nothing wrong with that bed, looks good to me!

For some reason I'm thinking of that big rooster from Bugs Bunny, Horatio Hornblower! :-)

At 04:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with your bed?" asks the girl with a collection of books on the other half of her bed.

Twins separated by years and location!

At 04:32, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Gosh! At least you made your bed. I don't see anything wrong with that picture at all. That person is way toooo picky.

At 07:23, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Men kick and snore... books are lovingly there, ready to serve our intellect, minds and fantasies when we wish them to!

Nope, this bohemian still loves you! Though I hate blogger, I HATE IT I SAY!!!!

At 11:16, Blogger brian said...

Good Friday morning,

Leaving a comment while the blogging is good.

At 12:23, Blogger Fred said...

Blogger works, so I thought I'd get in a quick hi while I can. Gotta go...

At 16:46, Blogger Mo'a said...

I went to college in London and by the column in the center of Trefalgar Square was a good place to meet.....one can't miss it.I don't know how to give a clue.

Your bed looks wonderful I like your quilt, books, your koddi, bear, bunny.....and books, books, books.....what more does a girl need. Oh yes!!!! Perhaps a Lord to put on a pedestal.....bad clue :(

At 17:22, Blogger tsduff said...

I spent a long time trying to comment yesterday, and left thinking I had been successful :-(

My clue won't help anyone else, but the last name is the same name as my cousin :-) And, Monika, you have done an "ADMIRABLE" job on this brain tease.

I've been learning about this square in London, since adding it to my itinerary for a day during our Iceland journey. I shall think of you all when I'm there :-)

Your bed looks wonderful and inviting :-)

At 18:50, Blogger Minka said...


brian, come on over! I dare ye! :)

ariel, you are quite right: it is not! :)

Kyahgirl, Mr. Hornblower you say? Very well done!

Jenna, isn´t it just grand to have so much knowledge, warmth and sensitivity right next to you ?! :)

Jamie, I know. I am not sure she is ever gonna see my bed again :)

Miz B. I hear you...almost everybody hates blogger at the moment. It is so not fun to re-write a commetn twenty times and it still doesn´t publish...

Brian, it still works and now I´ll be off trying to comment on other blogs. After all the important game for today is over :)

Fred, hi to you too.

Móa, it is a fine clue :)

terry, you´ll love it i am sure. The weather needs to be good though. And give the pigeons some bred from me, if you ahve time :)

The answer to this brain teaser is:


I hope we all learned something!

At 19:32, Anonymous puppytoes said...

i cheated and came in a day late (and a dollar short?) still... i did learn something!! and i am a better woman for it! : D


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