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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Five Questions for Minka from LOGO!

1. You have two weeks to travel to anywhere in the world, expense is no object, tell us your itinerary?

Tell me what itinerary means, and I´ll get going! Just kidding, I know how to google. Would you have asked me a month ago, I would have answered...Barcelona, Venice and Ljubljana. But since you waited patiently until now, it has to be the USA. I went once to THE BIG APPLE with a guy...hated almost every minute of it. But in hindsight, I believe it was the guy´s fault more than New York´s. But lately I have a craving to go travel the USA...there is so much stuff I wanna see there, and some people too. But I would need more time than two weeks. So my answer is: Barcelona, Venice and Ljubljana :)

2. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about living in Iceland?

Favourite: The Space of it all!
Least favourite: It takes ages to get somewhere :)

3. What parts of using English do you like and dislike?

parts of English? Well, I have always felt that the negation-blocking, when raising adverbs to sentence final position, is somewhat of a downer. Other than that I love the English language. I speak it daily -I do speak it better than I type it- and often find myself thinking in English rather than say, German. However, I was born in Germany and have to concentrate when saying words that involve such horrible sounds as "th". I mean what other than spitting can be the result of such a sound?!

4. How many hours have you clocked watching the World Cup?

I don´t clock on principle. I find that keeping track of time, makes the future seem less far off.

But to give you an idea: This conversation happened at some point this week.

Minka-Dad and Minka have been watching football all day. Minka-Mom walks in:

Mom (looks furiously at two lying figures on the lazy-boys in the living room)
Dad (proudly) "We did clean the entire kitchen during half-times!"
Minka (even prouder) "Mom, we´ve been watching all three games today!"
Mom: "Congratulations, that is quite a waste of time!"

You know what the best part is? It has just started! In 5 days I´ll be in Germany and in the middle of all that crazy soccer addiction. I can´t wait to go all hooligan :) If you watch the news and the camera should point...I´ll wave! I am the thing in the black/red/gold colours...laughing hysterically screaming things the world better never hears.

5. How long IS a piece of string?

Well, I am glad you asked! A piece of string, defined by... What´s the matter with you?!
In case you are trying to knit something though and are really just hanging on by a thread... "double the length from one side to the middle!".


Posted by Minka :: 10:49 am :: 71 Royal Subjects

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At 13:59, Blogger Doug said...

"I have always felt that the negation-blocking, when raising adverbs to sentence final position, is somewhat of a downer" is one of the funniest sentence ever written, truly.

I expected telic clauses to be your favorite part of speaking English, only to find I was wrong.

Glad to hear the USA has risen on your itinerary.

Oh, and, FIRST!

At 14:23, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Hey, puppy, after me you first!

[bows to the Queen]

Would enjoy seeing you in Yankeeville. If Our Beloved Administration would let you in during your grandchildrens' lifetime. That horned hat will certainly set off some kind of red alert in the greenlighted dungeons of Homeland Security.

words that involve such horrible sounds as "th".

OK, this explains what happened to words like Thiele, then. You ever read Mark Twain's "The Awful German Language"? I once asked a guy to pronounce his surname properly. Knoblauch. Fifteen minutes of frantic rubbing later, I finally managed to massage out the cramps in my lips, tongue and throat. And decided that if I was going to break somebody else's language from now on, I'd better stick with French.

If you get the chance, say hi to Herr Beckenbauer for me. I remember watching World Cup matches when he was playing, standing like a statue at sweeper and then getting to balls by magic.

At 14:59, Blogger Fred said...

You'll be in Germany? Cool.

Now, be careful. Just yesterday, some of those English hooligans threw chairs at some Germans who were singing. The cops who arrested them looked like Darth Vader clones.

Maybe if you sing in English, you'll be okay?

At 15:04, Blogger Minka said...

Doug...I am glad when you approve, makes me feel so validated :)

OC...that was an awesome link. I had never read it before, and I think I have never laughed as hard about an essay written by a writer. Thank you for that!

Fred, I usually keep away from the English soccer fans. They are infamous for their temper. They are fun to hang out with when their team wins though. And I´ll never be alone, there are a couple of guys I´ll be soccer-hanging with. I am a tiny little lady after all :)

At 15:12, Blogger ariel said...

they cleand the entire kitchen in half times of three matches, WHAT's wrong with Minka-Mom?! just kidding. I have to go back to the television.

At 15:24, Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

Darth Vader clones

You mean like our troops in Iraq, Fred? Just sayin ...

At 16:02, Blogger Aisha said...

LOL @ #4's answer. I find world cup obsession OK because its once every four years. However my husband is obssesed with US football, tennis, basketball, hockey, etc etc etc. THAT is a waste of precious life.

At 16:59, Anonymous neva said...

you let us know when you *are* coming to the states, and i'll clean up the guestroom! (in other words, you have a place to stay in the northeast... or is that the southwest from where you sit? phooey... now *i'm* confused!) anyway... you're welcome to stay with us when you *do* decide to come to nyc for a proper visit!

one of my all-time favorite quotes/sentiments is: "Life is a journey, not a destination." for you, dear Minka, in this moment in time, it means have a GREAT trip to Germany... and may you have many MANY more wonderful travels to look forward to in the near future!

p.s. doug's right... your "negation-blocking" line was prize-winning! (don't ask me what the prize is...i'm sure doug will think of something appropriate, since that's his bailiwick!) xox

At 17:10, Blogger Logophile said...

Minka, my darling,
gorgeous, just gorgeous!
I LOVED your answers!

I can totally see how that negation-blocking might get you down.

I was wondering what you were going to do with that last question, as always beautifully and humorously handled and in that inimitable Minka style we love so well.

Have a great time in Germany!

At 21:11, Blogger ariel said...

Portugal-Netherland: 1:0, should I say this was the most exciting match of the World Cup? I'm full of adrenalin. 16 or 17 yellow cards and 4 red cards. many very good football and some kick ball and some wrestling. a good Russian referee that got the more paniced as things were getting out of his hands. one all the time screaming Portuguese coach and a face of stone Deutch one. van Nistelrooy DID NOT play tonight, and we say good-bye to Hollandia, so he's not gonna have more chances. I'm still full of adrenalin. I'm very happy that Portugal made it.

At 21:14, Blogger ariel said...

Monika, I hope you're gonna see as exciting games, I wish I could be there with you! I'll wave you anyway.

At 23:46, Blogger consise10 said...

Well teh English language is teh culmination of teh mixed spit of the world.

You are hilarious Minka!

At 00:01, Blogger Minka said...

Ariel, she is just trying to bug us extra hard, but by cleanign the kitchen we left her with little amunition. We are smart like that!

OC, that is right...I remember thinking that once when I saw a special about the war in Iraque.

aisha, I used to be with a guy that loved the soccer more than anything in teh world. The emphasis is on "used to be".

neva, thank you for thos ekind words. And I might just take you up on this offer. I have an idea of blogging fo ranother year and hope by that time I have made a connection with an American in almost every state:) Make stravelling os much easier.
Now you have signed up for NYC, that is one down and 47 to go...No point in going to Alaska for me and somehow Hawaii has never caught my interest.
Am I sharing teh guestroom with one of your dogs? 'cause that would be fine. And no bacon and eggs for breakfast, I liek to be able to move over teh day :)

Logo, well I am not entirely gone yet;) And I am gla dyou like dwhat I did with it. I usually sign up for memes I liek and can turn around in a funny way. Besides your questions were good, in particualr the last one.

Ariel, I am glad Portugal made it. For the one and only reason that I know a guy there who is just everything you could ever want. He also is married, but we´ll gloss over it for the sake of this argument. Not sad about Mistletoe (That what I like to call Nistelroy!) And teh two of us would have such a blast watching those games together. A friend just send me a couple of pictures from Germany. She saw Germnay vs. Sweden on teh townsquare with other like-minded people and had the time of her life. Of course it helps when your team is winning :)
I am gonna arrive on friday in Germany and have already found a huge public plac ethat is gonna broadcastthe game on a huge screen in Mönchengladbach...that is where I will be to see Germany play Argentina. It´s gonna be a tough game...

concise 10, glad to see you back. And I am even more glad to see finally somebody with appropriate spelling for this blog!

At 02:15, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Mom (looks furiously at two lying figures on the lazy-boys in the living room)
Dad (proudly) "We did clean the entire kitchen during half-times!"
Minka (even prouder) "Mom, we´ve been watching all three games today!"
Mom: "Congratulations, that is quite a waste of time!"

That was too funny!

And yeah for wanting to visit USA! Maybe you should try the other coast next time :)

At 02:19, Anonymous shayna said...


I love the questions and specially the answers!!! :) Love the string answer!!!

At 04:24, Blogger Minka said...

Squaregirl, I am gla dyou liked it and was that an offer for country number two?

Shayna, glad we made you laugh. Questions by Logo-you can always expect soemthing fun right there. And answers a la me. Although you can see the string answer in quotes "double the length from one side to the middle!". "double the length from one side to the middle!", indicating that I am not behind it entirely alone ;)

At 04:27, Blogger ariel said...

Mistletoe is funny. is it for nice or mean?

At 04:28, Blogger ariel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 04:30, Blogger Sar said...

Minka your wicked humor is in fine form, my sistah.

47 Alert! Minka said 47 states to go! You'd better incorporate a visit to see me on your American itinerary. :)

At 04:43, Blogger snavy said...

These were great answers. #5 cracked me up - Logo's ..um ... original.

At 04:43, Blogger snavy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 04:46, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Hmmm. The US of A. I haven't been home in a while. Would you really go there?

At 13:39, Blogger brian said...

Morning Monika.

At 13:46, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Hmph! Glad to see I was on your itinerary!

No, bohemians are not good at sarcasm so I shall swith straight to heartbreak, HEARTBREAK I TELL YOU! *bohemian flings herself oh-so-sexily unto her hippily draped bed, assumes the correct divaa-in-distress position, and sobs, SOBS I SAY!!!*

At 16:19, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

Have fun in Germany Minka, now I have to watch the games to see some crazy gal screaming things the world should never hear.

And to start another thread...any predictions on the Tour de France winner this year?

My current pick, Iban Basso

At 17:05, Blogger ariel said...

Italy-Australia: 1:0, this game was a misery. normally when one team stays with 10 people against the other team with 11 people, the 11 people team corners the 10 people team in front of their own goal, and the 10 people team is fighting for its life. Australia was not able to corner the 10 people Italy team, but Italy didn't dare do much, either, they are not the ones to risk much, you can take it for sure, and the game was a misery. then the stupid referee gave Italy a penalty, as unjust as sending Materazzi off, and now Italy is in the 8. they deserve it, not for this game but for their being miles better than Australia. phew.

At 17:11, Blogger Doug said...

OK, I guess I'm the one willing to look stupid. Where's Ljubljana?

At 17:55, Blogger Minka said...

Ariel, Mistletoes is for: "Come here you hunk of a man and kiss me under this greenery!"

Sar, 46 it is....You don´t live in California or NYC, right?!

snav, to say the least!

ben, I will go there! It has been decided. The question is when, but at some point next year!

Morning Brian! You alrigth?

Miz B. what happened? What made your heart brake? Was it me...I take it alll back..I really do!

TVI, there are a bunch of crazy german girls screaming at the moment, but this one-once attratced the camera-will go the whole nine yeards ;) Tour de France? My bet is on the fasted cycler!

ariel, I didn´t watch it. I hate teh Italian football team...all that whining and excellent falling techniques drive me nuts. I am sorry to hear they made it, but it was to be expected.

Doug, you are kidding me right? GOOGLE my man, google away! *winkwink*

At 18:33, Blogger Doug said...

I think you are the first person I've ever seen put Slovenia on a fantasy itinerary. Still, it looks beautiful.

At 18:35, Blogger ariel said...

yeah, that's what I hate in modern soccer, dramatic art became part of it, and violene became part of it, too. too bad. and you're right, Italian players are artists of both: kick them in the ankle from behind, then lie down and scream like your mother did in the labour room. which is even more irritating becasuse technically they are on the top.

At 18:37, Blogger ariel said...

Slovenia IS beautiful. on this side of the ocean we keep having plans to there.

At 18:46, Blogger brian said...


Not really.

VI- My Tour take is as follows.

Zabriskie wins opening time trial, followed by Leiphiemer, Ullrich, Landis, Hincapie then Basso.

CSC gives up yellow as soon as possible. Next time trial is won by Ullrich with Leiphiemer as close second. Into first mountain stages,CSC does what Discovery used to do, Sastre leads Basso in tempo climb and only Leipheimer stays with him. Leipheimer takes yellow and holds it all the way to Paris. Basso holds on to second, and third goes Valverde who attacks in last mountain stage and gains enough time to hold off Ullrich in forth. Hincapie finishes fifth, Landis sixth.

At 20:50, Blogger Sar said...

MizB - I feel your pain sistah. *sniff* our sistah, she...*sniff*...said...*sniff sniff*....46...waaaaaaaaaa!

At 21:40, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Oh Monika, you always make me smile.

But this : "I have always felt that the negation-blocking, when raising adverbs to sentence final position, is somewhat of a downer" , this just worried me. I've been speaking English all my life and didn't know what the hell you were talking about. What have I been missing all these years.

On visiting the USA. I hope you realize that if you plan to visit all the mainland states you might as well pop in here. I mean, I'm due north of Montana, I'll meet you half way. :-)

At 22:20, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I am somewhat strange, I thought that wouldn´t come as a surprise.

Ariel, thanks for backing me up on Ljubljana. I saw a documentary and pictures and I just knew I had to go there at some point.

Brian, I am so sorry to hear it. Hugs coming your way...watch out!

Sar, I am sorry I said 46 states. I know there are 50 states. I just think going to Alaska wouldn´t be that much of a climate change and I´d look stupid in coconut shells, hence Hawaii is out of the picture:)

Why is MIz B. crying? Somebody please tell me. You know that if i were to get to go to barcelona that would also mean a trip down south form there to your lovely home, right?! I´d never go to Spain without laying eyes on you! Sweety, you alright? *hands her a queenly embroidered tissue*

At 16:07, Blogger MyUtopia said...

Cool, thanks for sharing!

At 17:15, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Neat post. Should you ever come to the USA around my area, I'll give you a neat tour of the sights. America has a lot to see; but I always dream of someday touring Europe and parts of Asia.

At 18:53, Blogger ariel said...

Brasil-Ghana: 3:0, no surprise. but it was real odd that when the teams left after the first half at 2:0, the couch of Ghana didn't come back to the second half... and Ghana did lose the fire they came out with for the first half. but it was a good game, interesting.

At 18:54, Blogger ariel said...

Spain or France...

At 19:02, Blogger Sar said...

I stopped by to affix this here yellow ribbon in support of my sistah Minka who was apparently abducted from WA this morning. My sistah who seems to have forgotten this sistah's love for "47" and doesn't feel the pain I share with our other sistah MizB because somehow we didn't top Minka's list of potential travel destinations.

*eyelashes that normally bat flirtatiously are now blinking back tears*

At 20:56, Blogger ariel said...

France :-/

At 21:19, Blogger Minka said...

Ariel: This is it...what an amzing Worl Final!

Friday: Germany/Argentina

Saturday: Italy/Ukraine

7 of teh teams I predicted. I´d like to have seen Croatia instead of Ukraine, but I guess I donæt get to decide this.
What glorious days are ahead of us!

Sar, this Icelandic sitah is ever so upset she hurt you. I thought you lived in the USA?! Hence I assumed -by blood-relation- that I would be able to stay at your place. Nothing else will do! And I need a whole trip just for Miz B, I ´ll never see Spain without seeing her. I love you both!

At 21:33, Blogger brian said...

Well love, Argentina! For you though I will forgo my winnings and root for Germany.

I like England, only because Portugal has too amny guys out with cards.

Italy in a walk over Ukraine.

Brazil over France.

I'll send you an e-mail when I get home, leaving work now.

At 21:48, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Well, it was your not mentioning souther Spain, SOUTHERN SPAIN, cause I am waiting for you!

But now damn Spain lost! LOST!

Although hey, at least they are sticklers to tradition... start off strong and die a horrid and embarassing death! DAMN YOU SPAIN!!!! (@&(#&(&#&(#*&!(&( AAHHHHH!!!!

At 22:32, Blogger Minka said...

Germany is gonna take Agentina 2:1
Portugal is so gonna beat England 3:1

Italy I sincerely hope will lose like there is no tomorrow!

Brazil is gonna take France! 3:0

Those are my predictions!

Miz B. those were some harsh words you uttered there. Let me add to it by saying: Þ+'((9=<&%$#. I felt it was necessary at this point!

At 22:33, Blogger Minka said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 00:29, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

does this mean you don't want to come to Canada?

At 00:42, Blogger Minka said...

Logo...I blame you for thsi question. It has gotten me into nothing but trouble!!!

Kyahgirl...actually now that you mention it, I always sorta wante dto go to Canada in the autumn. People have told me repeatedly that I needed to see the colours there. So Canada is definately on my to-do list!

At 04:27, Blogger Doug said...

Haha, Minka, I think your only hope for peace is to spend three months in the U.S. seeing all of us. And a week in SOUTHERN Spain. Do they have a lottery in Iceland?

I would have pointed out to Miz B that when she did her guest appearance on Waking Ambrose she did nothing but run down the South. Then I would have said, I wanted to bring you out of all that meat-eating yoga-despising bad parent-teacher conferencing hell and bring you to beautiful Barcelona with me. Feel free to delete this email and use it in your own defense.

At 04:31, Blogger ariel said...

the Ukraine maffia maybe. but the Ukraine football team...? :)

At 04:51, Blogger Smurf said...

lol... great answers! You are very clever... some of those were really hard questions.

At 06:05, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

*sigh* And there you go Minka, big brother (oh my! YOU are big brother?) to the rescue! Although I said SOUTHERN SPAIN because I am stuck here, STUCK!!!!! But yes, an invite to Barcelona would have been considerate now that I think about it! Hmmmm....




See Monika? All was well between us and then our brother had to mess with us! Ay!

At 10:06, Blogger Minka said...

Doug...Huh? I just woke up and no comprendo! Since I know you a bit, I´ll assume you meant well :)

Ariel, I really wnat the Ukraine to beat Italy. I will be in germnay at that point. There must be something I can do!

smurf, I believe that is your first visit over here. Welcome and compliments are always well received ;)

Miz B. see I think it is his job to annoy us a bit from time to time. He never had teh chance to pull at our pony tails, hide our dolls or mess with us in any other way when we were little. He just has to let it out sometimes :) I find, that aiming water at him and make his fur all wet, is a good payback.

At 11:00, Blogger Doug said...

I meant well. Honest. Minka, I'm just glad you didn't have the water blessed first.

At 11:48, Blogger brian said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:56, Blogger Sar said...

Okay that settles it. We need a sistahs get away - where to ladies? We could go virtually anywhere! :D

At 23:01, Blogger actonbell said...

I'm embarrassed that I didn't know where Ljubljana was.

Your answers are so interesting! Since English is all I speak, it's taken for granted. Yes, we do have two of those th sounds, which is surprisingly rare in the world.

I want to see Germany!

At 00:33, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, I don´t wanna force Christianity onto you! besides, I think teh holy water would u-turn before hitting your fur.

Sar...well I think teh three of us would do really well, somewhere with a tequila in our hand :)

Actonbell, and imagine...I studied the two languages taht both have two of those darn sounds. I mean of all the languages one can chose, I settle for Icelandic!

At 00:51, Blogger Jodes said...

i found time to stop by, i so miss daily visits....i am too busy...good post and 58 comments, you rock.

At 01:13, Blogger Minka said...

Jodes, glad you could make it and at leats 10 of those comments are mine;)
But, yes...I am a very lcuky blogger!

At 01:40, Blogger Fred said...

Minka: How embarrassing! I'll have to add my answer to your question on my next dummy post.

The HTML tag is to put carrots around the word "strike" to start the line, then carrots around "/strike" to close the line. (The comment box won't allow that code, so just relpace the quotation marks with the sideway carrots.)

Did I totally confuse you? I'm going to crawl back into my hole now...

At 03:26, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Oh and yes, that was an offer for state number two. I have a guest room here for you. Of course it's being rennovated at the moment, but it'll be ready for you by the time you've gotten the rest of your states covered!

At 13:13, Blogger dddragon said...

Have a wonderful time at the games! I'll be waving back at you.

And if you make it to New York, I'll make the trip to meet you! We were just there, and the World Cup was on every TV in the restaurants and bars and hotels.

At 13:47, Blogger ariel said...

have a great time! maybe your sister will let you watch the games outside if you ask her REAL REAL nice? does she like Icelandic chocolate? ;)

At 14:15, Blogger brian said...

Have a great trip!

At 15:36, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Wow! You'll be at one of the games? Very cool. We'll look for you on tv when we watch the next Germany game. Have a great trip and time!

At 15:36, Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Wow! You'll be at one of the games? Very cool. We'll look for you on tv when we watch the next Germany game. Have a great trip and time!

At 17:49, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Have a wonderful vacation! We'll be missing having you around!

At 18:08, Blogger Doug said...

His first name is the same as my dog's and his last means "burning"

At 18:10, Blogger Doug said...

Her first is the same as St. Augustine's mother and she's about to prove that penguins aren't so flightless after all.

At 15:35, Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Doesnt Logo have the best qs?

I had a French man tell me once that if I could pronounce frog and spoon in French properly, then I could pronounce any French word.

Cuillierre ~ cooo eeee yaairrrr hh(spoon)
Grenouille ~ ghhhhrenn nooo eeeeee hhhh

I loved your answers, and yeah negation blocking...I hate that too!


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