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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I volunteered to do a tag from Logo. Sweetnatured as she is, she assigned me the letter Q. Cheers!

"This is how it works:
If you comment on this entry and beg for a letter, I will give you one.
Thou shalt write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.
Of course, if you want to comment but not be assigned a letter, that's an option too.
I'll only design to assign letters to those who specifically ask for them if they pass the credit check and promise to take very good care of the letter."

here it goes:

Queen: Not surprising I would assume. There are many types of Queens. One happens to be a successful British pop group formed in 1971. When I think of them I have to think of Miz B. because the first time I came upon her page, which back then was called Bohemain Rhapsody, a Queen song from 1975. There is also the Queen of England and the Queen of Hearts. Most importantly, here is the Ice Queen, yours truly!

Question: Now why would such a lovely lady as Logo, punish one adorable Queen with the letter "Q". In all fairness, she tried to back out of it and mentioned I could also take "M", but I am not going for those hand-outs, young lady!

Queer: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Nothing quite like it. It reminds me that I am always associated with weird taste when it comes to men. Several friends can attest to that! I love TED in that show and whenever I see him cooking in a kitchen, I just wish I could be there and he would feed me grapes. Sadly, he drives his car on the other side of the road. No, he is not British!

Quilt: I love that sorta stuff. I knit and stitch and sow and one day I´ll make one of those thingies. With mom´s guidance of course!

Quit: Talking about Mom...she quit smoking three days ago and the withdrawl symptoms are kicking in quite frequently now. Momentarily she is a walking volcano on the first day of its period. But I am so proud of her. I love you and I know you can do this.

Quaker: I remember that word mentioned in English classes and I blurted out: Quaker-Shaker. The entire class laughed. It was funny! I forget why now...maybe you had to be there!

Qantas: Just becuase it is the only word with "Q" that I could think of, that wasn´t followed by a "u". I know! Anyways, I used to watch the Australian soap "Neighbours" quite religiously and at the end of each show there was a commercial for this Australian airline.

Q-Tip: Everybody knows I love the show "Friends". I am simple like that! Anyhoo...once Chandler said this joke to Joey who had said something stupid. To this day I don´t get it!
"You have to stop the Q-tip when there´s resistance!"
Besides, why q-tip? This thingy could be called anything from ear-pencil to cotton-rod. But NO!

Quaksalver: I always thought this was the chemical that was used in a thermometer. That silver stuff that my mom said, I shouldn´t put into my mouth. Once I broke a thermometer just to check out and the fluid collected into small silver balls and was moving so quickly that I couldn´t catch it and I had to call Mom for help. I remember a lengthy lecture and a day´s house-arrest for disobedience.
But I digress. This word apparently means a quack doctor or a charlatan. Good to know!

Quadrivium: (revised) Just because I felt I had to open the dictioanry for at least one word. This is it! Anybody? No? Ok then... "In medieval educational theory, the quadrivium consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. These followed the preparatory work of the trivium, made up of grammar, logic (or dialectic) and rhetoric. In turn, the quadrivium was considered preparatory work for the serious study of philosophy and theology." Wikipedia knows its stuff!

And now I´ll move on with the rest of my life!


Posted by Minka :: 4:43 pm :: 41 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 17:28, Blogger Cowgirl said...

I did a letter meme yesterday!

"Q" is appropriate for the Ice Queen.

At 17:52, Blogger Logophile said...

I thought the Q for queen was perfect, but the M for Minka was the back up. You, however, did a beautiful job with Q.
So smart, so beautiful, so talented!
The ability to detect gay men is called gaydar (like radar), and this is a very important skill to avoid crashing cars with those who drive on the wrong side.
Go, mom, go! Excellent on the quitting.
"Stop the Q tip..." he was implying Joey had brain damage.
And the Q was to stand for quality.
Like the list, gal, you do it right!

At 18:03, Blogger ariel said...

Queen was my first thought, too, when I first saw Miz B's blog!

I've never thought of the use of q-tips as intercourse but hey, don't they say all is one?

At 18:17, Blogger brian said...

I quiver with delight and quake in joy when I read your meme.

I am posting my meme on Friday, "J and R, is that a drink?"

Left a note for you on today's post and a saga at Doug's

At 18:17, Blogger Minka said...

cowgirl, I just checked it out! Typical that there was a horse-type word in your list;)

Logo, why-Thank You! I had good instructions and a lousy letter...but I think I mad eteh best of it. Come to think of it-I kinda like "Q" now! And after I did the list many more words popped into my had, like the James Bond character "Q" :)
I actualy got teh joke now...two years, Logo. Two years!

ariel...q-tip for intercourse, that can´t be stimulating:)

At 19:38, Blogger cube said...

Qute ;-)

At 20:16, Blogger brian said...

Just wrote a saga for you at Doug's blog. Have a good evening.

At 20:22, Blogger Doug said...

So good to read this. The Friends joke refers to accidentally reaming out your brain, I think. Or were you messing with us and I fell for it? I wish someone had given me that advice. I remember when my dad quit smoking. I lived 300 miles away from him and still kept a stick under my pillow for safety. It gets better. Hear that, Sabine? If my father's example is like Sabine's there are 2 weeks of lava followed by 6 months of whining and then freedom.

At 22:17, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Why must you be naughty??? You know I cannot, CANNOT resist but to comment on that! *sigh* Here goes... it is not size that matters, but girth does as the 1st third of the vaginal canal is where all the feeling is, the other two thirds have no nerve endings so no, a q-tip would definitely not be stimulating... sex ed moment of the day! PA RAM PAM PAM!

Ok... Q! How appropriate a letter for one as royal as yourself!

My blog was never called Bohemian Rhapsody though, I am afraid to say! It's very first name, back when no one read me, was Miz BoheMia's FuNk and I had a punk chick template... go figure! Then I moved into a wine glass template and by then I was Miz BoheMia's Rhapsody and then eventually tweaked my way into tittyland...

Oooooh! You get Queer Eye for the Straight Guy??? I am soooo jealous!!! How? On satellite or does Icelandic TV show it? I MISS that show!!! It showed me I knew a lot about men's fashion and at the same time nothing and oh the fun I have had with Loverboy with all those tips! I need more!

Loved this post you brainy Queen! (Yes in reference to that last word which brought out a WTF before you explained away!)... and having said that, off I go to bed!


At 22:22, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

PS~ I forgot! Gimme,gimme, gimme a letter! Dammit yes, I will play! Ooooh! Maybe I can challenge myself to turn it into a meme-ish letter rant!

At 22:34, Blogger Minka said...

cube, trying to be smart? :) It made me smile!

Brian, you are showering me with stuff...I think it is only appropriate to swoon right now. *swoons away quite dramatically* I have to check it out...NOW since I am selfish to a high degree;)

Doug, yeah...logo explained it quite well too;) And I told Sabine your sentiments. She sends her regards and prays for a time when her computer will be fixed, so she can rejoin us. I am very possessive when it comes to my computer! yet again, selfish!

Miz B. ah I see what I did there. I took one word from each page you had and joined them together. I am efficient if nothing else :) And thanks for the vagina/q-tip explanation- I think!
And here is your letter *drumrolls* ...I am giving you an F for funky! Off you go!

At 22:46, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Q for the Queen=perfection.

Loved your words with Q.
You are the quintessence of queenliness.

I'll be doing 'B' sometime soon!

and best wishes to my your Mom. Its worth the effort. I can hardly believe I ever had such a stinky rotten habit :-)

At 22:49, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

and I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, you are so very, very pretty! I like that picture a lot.

At 22:56, Blogger Minka said...

kyahgirl, I second everything you said!
It is a lovely picture, but believe you me they are far and few in between:) I like to believe that it is hard to capture my 3 dimensional beauty with a camera!

At 23:17, Blogger Aisha said...

Aw this looks like fun!!! Unfortunately I'm two days behind getting ready for my study abroad so I can't participate. Props on the letter !. couldnt have been easy :)

At 23:23, Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Very nice Q list, Minka! I did the S

At 23:38, Blogger Minka said...

aisha, good luck with it all and be safe.

barefoot mistress, yes I saw! I liked the sandals a lot!

At 23:54, Blogger Janet said...

See I thought the letter

At 23:55, Blogger Janet said...

whoops...take 2:)

I thought the letter q would have been much harder than that, but you went for QUALITY.:)

At 00:09, Blogger Minka said...

Janet, coming for you that means quite something. Do I get an A?

At 00:17, Blogger actonbell said...

Lovely picture:) and you did a fantastic job with Q!
I love Queen. Freddie Mercury is my all-time favorite queen, but I've never seen your Ted.

At 02:04, Blogger karma said...

U R a Q-T :))

ok, so now lets see what you can do with the letter 'X'

At 11:14, Anonymous Björn said...

Quadrivium is four of the seven sciences. The other three were Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, the Trivium, the BA degree. And Trivium is where the word 'trivial' comes from.

But of course, that couldn't last for long, as we the Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric managed to change Quadrivium to BS.

At 12:18, Blogger luvwannabefree25 said...

found you through a thread of blogs starting with Spinsters... I love your site.. I think I could do the letter thing and make it very interesting... puh puh please...
JD ;)

At 12:19, Blogger Minka said...

Bjössi, you are such a teacher´s pet! Some people never change! :)
But you are right! I even typed the word wrong...the Quadrivium comprises only these four subjects and is followed by the Trivium (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric). And so forming the seven liberal arts, which in their turn were prepatory for the study of Philosophy and Theology!
I need some coffee now!

We did change the Trivium to a BS! I am so proud of us. Where are we gonna celebrate?

At 12:21, Blogger Minka said...

luvwannabefree 25, First of all welcome and that was some pretty good begging, so here it comes: Yours will be the "K". I will come over to your side and let you know!

At 12:44, Blogger JerseyTjej said...

I think the Joey joke was to tell him to stop the Q-tip when it meets resistance in HIS ear,
(cause he has obviously gone all the way and hit his brain and damaged it)!

At 12:52, Blogger Minka said...

jerseytjej, one day you have to tell me what that stands for :)
And I have come to understand teh joke now. I shoudl have publishe dit two years ago and saved myself many a headache :)

At 14:45, Blogger Jodes said...

you are stunning Monika!! What a pretty face and your eyes....Great post. I have pics of my brother posted today in all his bald glory.

At 15:41, Blogger Minka said...

cool, I´ll be right over!

At 16:31, Blogger brian said...

Afternoon Ice Queen,

I enjoyed receiving the royal messenger in my humble abode last evening. Perhaps next time, your highness would like chat longer.

Your most devoted friend,
Brian aka hummingbunny

At 16:41, Blogger Jodes said...

of course I am cute...I am the one in the flikr badge with the short blonde hair(some I still have long hair) and if you look at last weeks HNT that is me too, I thought you commented on it...HA HA, maybe not!! Thanks for coming by.

At 16:46, Blogger Minka said...

Jodes, let me go back and check! Gosh, I really need to get my memory chip replaced.

At 19:12, Anonymous shayna said...

Brilliant my dear... just brilliant... who thought one could think of that many Q words... i would have freaked with the letter Q...

At 13:14, Blogger Manchego said...

Hey there, good job with "Q." Cowgirl tagged me the other day and I just posted on the letter "H." See ya!

At 15:35, Blogger snavy said...

Those were awesome and I loved the visuals!!!!

At 18:43, Blogger Minka said...

Shayna, thank you! It was fin to do this list!

Manchego, I sure will check it out. There are a lot of people that took this tag. Very nice!

Snav, I need my visuals. I leanr through seeing, not hearing!

At 23:00, Blogger Tim Rice said...

This is neat. I enjoyed reading it. Especially good job with the "Q"

At 05:06, Blogger tsduff said...

Quissential job with the letter q. A good read :-)

At 12:27, Blogger Minka said...

Tsduff, welcome and Thank you. I believe this is your first time?! So I´ll head on right over and check you out a bit:)

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