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Monday, May 01, 2006

It is May...

and with it comes "Rabbit, Rabbit" to all my blogger buddies and Eurovision to Iceland. Yes, Iceland is in Europe...although it is never included in the European weather-forecast on BBC!

I feel Eurovision is something that needs to be explained to my American readers. Ariel, your assitance might be required and what do you think of Hungary´s entrance?
Eurovision is a song-competition. No, no talent or taste is required. I think Finland is wearing monster masks this year! Miz B...what about the Spanish one? Each country in Europe, and let´s not forget Israel, send a singer/singress, band or whatever musical excuse to this competition. They all perform and than each country votes on the others. There are 1 to 12 points each country can award and the country with the most points wins the competition and Eurovision is held the next year in the winning country. I am not sure this makes sense to you. Let it suffice to say that this is a major event on this side of the Atlantic ocean.

Last year, Greece won. Athens is gonna be the location this year and Iceland can´t wait. See we are unhealthily optimistic. Each year we think we´ll win. And it is almost a national tragedy when we don´t. We have never won, and I am gonna bite my head off if we do this year. Well, that is gonna be hard, since my mouth is placed in my head, but I am definately gonna ... jump from off the edge of my carpet!

Oh, please feel free to listen to Iceland´s entrance for Eurovision 2006!
This! is teh Icelandic version, which I thought you might find interesting to hear.

Here! is the English version! And a video of a star that could be featured in Vegas!

BUT you know what? It is that catchy...it might just do the trick. If we gonna win, I see no place where we can possibly hold the next year´s contest. I told my daddy so and he said:
"Well, we´ll just build something. We have a year! Or we rent some ships and let people sleep there!"
That is how Eurovision-crazy Iceland is!
Can´t wait...

Posted by Minka :: 8:20 pm :: 34 Royal Subjects

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At 12:25, Blogger Doug said...

It is catchy. Don't break your ankle jumping off the carpet.

At 13:20, Blogger consise10 said...

I love eurovision,and jumped out of my seat last year when Greece won,although I didn't really like the song much.Turkey the year before(I think) had a much better song and win In my opinion.It's just a pity that on the other side of the hemisphere where I am we have no access to vote. I wish Iceland all the best with that entry!

At 13:33, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, not to worry. easterbunny brought me a lovely ankle-bracelet and in case I break it, I´ll sure turn many eyes in teh hospital :)

concise 10, wasn´t it Ruslana for teh Ukraine that won the year before last? she was good, a one-timer though!

At 14:41, Blogger Mo'a said...

So that is the singress.....by the way I could not find this word in the American Heritage dictionary...I must check my Oxford dictionary.....great word singress ;p I digress, so where was I....Oh! Yes!!! One thing she has going for her is that she is not wearing the whole Swan only the feathers dyed turquoise....LOL
She does have a good sense of humor and is rather lovable that way....good luck Iceland !!!!!

At 15:20, Blogger finnegan said...

Go Iceland! The song will win without a problem. Eurovision need to chill-out, and Iceland is the place!

At 16:35, Blogger Minka said...

Móa, very well written:9 I made singress up...thought it would be funny since I couldn´t find the word singer in a female form, and let´s face it that is just playing with fire! And good hinting at Björk and her Oscar´s dress...hint taken and well appreciated!

finnegan, that almost made me spit my coffee out. Very funny. We chill here all the time, except july 28th when we have summer!

At 16:41, Blogger Aisha said...

That is fascinating! I wonder when the US will copycat!

At 16:54, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

Sounds like American Idol on acid. The competition that is, good luck and if you win, lets start a boat building company

At 17:11, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

That really is a catchy tune! We listened to it several times and love it!

At 18:40, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, the Easter Bunny's getting awfully familiar.

At 19:09, Blogger Cowgirl said...

Your joke this morning at Doug's was priceless. I called my mom and read it to her, and she started busting up laughing!

At 20:21, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

oh my, that singress is something eh? I'm amazed she can even open her eyes with those long lashes glued on there!

good luck Iceland :-)

At 20:34, Blogger ariel said...

"no talent or taste is required" LOL, that's about it all. of course we should win.

At 21:42, Blogger finnegan said...

Here's something I found on Reykjavik you might like.

At 00:21, Blogger Tim Rice said...

I wish you and Iceland luck with Eurovision. It sounds like a lot of fun. I listened to the Icelandic song version. It sounds great!

At 02:19, Anonymous shayna said...

Oh... I want to be on the show/ or whatever it is... do you think my band and I could move in with you so we can qualify? Talent or Taste... well we have that... so we are sure to win... right? :)

At 04:57, Blogger Logophile said...

I had a mom who never recovered from her adoration of ABBA in the 70s, they got their start on Eurovision with Waterloo, so I knew about it from then, but my time living in Europe let me see close up how much it is enjoyed there.
Good luck to Iceland!

At 06:51, Blogger consise10 said...

yea,you are correct.I remembered being at my Latvijan friends house watching it being broadcast from the Ukraine. Don't recall the song, It must have been just ho..hum boring.I do vividly recall the Turkish song winner as an English version was also produced by Holly Valance down here.There was also a very similar one in Greek. Do you know the one minka?

At 13:00, Blogger Minka said...

aisha, that´ll be the day. Could be actually interesting, since there are so many musical traditions in different parts of teh US...hmmm, I might pitch the idea to our embassy and get filthy rich.

TVI, the day they announce the winner and iceland´s name gets called, i´ll send you teh draft for our own personal yacht overlooking all the other ships...very good enterprising sense you are having!

Tom&Icy, I bet your tail wagged a little:) So cute, good doggy! :)

Doug, do I sense brotherly protectiveness? The bunny wa sgood though, he placed it in the nest and I put it on my ankle. Although, believe you me, that is not how he wanted to seal the deal;)

cowgirl, yeah I noticed that a lot of people liked that joke. I should bring more in. There is plenty where that came from. Bugger...what wa staht darn page again?! :)

kyahgirl, she is quite a miracle, it has to be said. Surprisingly though, i haven´t met her in person yet!

ariel, I have to look at the hungarian entry now. I´ll let you know what I think of it befor ethe competition starts!

finnegan, that was so great. I saw it for the first time, although I wnated to kill the blond old woman with that accent. We really donæt mispronounce your language like that. I might add it as a link to my sidebar, so people can watch it too. Thank you!

At 13:04, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, i´ll be sur eto pass it on to my nation;)

shayna, you and your band are welcome to stay here whenever you want. To get a gig in iceland is really not that hard;) You are so out of Eurovision´s league;)

logo, I wish you guys all had a vote, I´d make you call in and give Iceland 12 points!

concise 10, I recall the song I think. Turkey always has soem really good entries. But there are some pages I can check...good to have a fellow addict;)

At 13:41, Blogger cube said...

Thanks. I learned something new about the world today.

At 14:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger is being a bugger,
this is Logo but I don't have a box to imput my ID.
Anyway, I wanted to come back and say that silly song has been stuck in my head, THANKS!

At 15:25, Blogger MyUtopia said...

That sounds pretty interesting.

At 15:28, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I used to LOVE Eurovision when I was a kid but that is as far as it got! Which explains the talent one is bound to find there which you so brilliantly explained!

I have no clue wat is going on in Spain! Aaaaahhhh but true! We watch a satellite channel that picks up American programming free from... Arab countries and they LOVE Oprah, a feminist in a repress-women-society! Who knew?

I should pay attention and see who is up for Eurovision!

At 17:03, Anonymous Joel said...

Very cool...liked the song too.

At 17:25, Blogger snavy said...

Wow!! Interesting to say the least!!

I'm pretty such she's chewing gum in parts of the video...

At 18:43, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

How exciting! I hope Iceland wins!!!!
Carpet jumping for everyone!!

At 21:23, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I have no talent and no taste. I could do this.

At 21:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I, um, have no words for that.

Although the two grown men in marching band uniforms...hot. So hot. And when they wore the little jackets, guts hanging over their tight pants. Wow. Just...wow. I'm speechless from lust.

At 23:22, Blogger Mo'a said...

I cannot stop looking at the singress, Silvia Nott....day and night that sound is in my head....thanks, Minka ;) Mo'a Dagur is coming....you lucky people.....in August to either help celebrate or whipe tears.
Again good luck Iceland.

At 23:28, Blogger Minka said...

Cube, that is teh essenc eof my being...teaching you somethign every day :)

Logo, youa r emore than welcome. It is stuck in my head and why should I be the only one to suffer?!

Myutopia...it really is. Especially when all teh voting starts and all teh countries phone in and teh phone companies make big bucks!!!

Miz B. well Spain has never done excitingly well. They either have a ballad nobody comprehends or some slick Julio singing about the eternity of love!

Joel...America should be allowed to vote. Youa pparently like iceland´s choice. We could use your kind of thinking in Europe!

Snav, it is one of her signitures the chewing gum part. and she says constantly "skiliru?" the Icelandic version of teh Bronx equivalent "You know what I mean?"

Jamie Dawn, optimism well appreciated, but you should see the other nations. ther eis tough competition!

TLP...I think many of us could pull of tasteless song and dancing :) I´d lead of course, being born without rhythm!

Jenna, I knew the neame sof teh two guys ones...can´t now. I am sure I could get phone numbers if you ar emore serious;)

At 23:29, Blogger Minka said...

móa, we published at the same time :)
Glad I could prepare you for iceland before you get here. You might find things much changed:)

At 13:26, Blogger Mo'a said...

Yes indeed, three years in this day and age make a big difference. Thank you my dear Minka :)

At 12:18, Blogger JerseyTjej said...

My family loves the Eurovision contest! Although we know that Sweden will lose ( my God, WHO sent Las Vegas, last year!?),
We always someone from the Nordic north to win!


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