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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This and That

Yesterday I bought myself some underwear. Don´t worry, I´ll keep this site child-friendly! I am proud to announce they are from Clavin Klein and cost quite a beautiful sum-each! I went home, put them on and they were just perfect. Nice cut, nice material and very sexy! I was pleased. Out of curiosity I looked at the label. Wondered if I payed to much and it had "made in Taiwan" on it or something. Nonono... I purchased quality but the manufacturers must think the buyers of their products are imbasils. It says on the label, along with washing instructions, "KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE!" I mean seriously, what´s up with that? Granted, these pants cover quite a hot area but other than that, I just don´t get it. Do people imagine we purchase something and then test its durability by exposing it to all natural disasters imaginable? I have half a mind to return these with the sentence:"I am sorry but there is just too much open fire in my apartment to house these underpants", weren´t they so darn compfy!

Another thing that bothered me today! While me and Prince Otto Dumbledore the First were driving peacefully along the slippery roads of Reykjavik, at least 4 cars passed me by with those fluffy white Dice-thingies hanging from there rear-view mirror. I just don´t get it. I mean when driving in Iceland you do put your life in the hands of Fate and Chance, but I am not sure that is the point these drivers are trying make. Anyone, feel free to enlighten me on the subject! Otto was a little jeallous though, because he has nothing hanging from his mirror, so I bought him a little wooden tree that smeels like pine forrest...a fairly unusual smell in Iceland;)

On a totally different note: I have the honour to go tomorrow to a musical event from the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. The piece in question is Mozart´s Requiem. Those of you who haven´t had the pleasure to hear that piece, I advise it strongly. I saw it performed in Germany once and it blew me away (sorry that I am using this term-which usually annoys me-right along with awesome-, but on this occasion it fits the bill!) This time however, it will be different. ´Cause I know a girl in that choir and she has been practicing all winter-and you know how long the winters are in Iceland!-and I´ll be there for moral support or something like that. Needless to say, I´ll be sitting in the audiences making faces in the intermission, to losen her up a bit :)

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At 22:39, Anonymous pia said...

Can you take pictures of yourself making faces at the girl in the choir while in your new underwear?

Underwear showing of course

At 23:11, Blogger Doug said...

I would like to hear you tell the underwear peddler about your open fire problem. Too funny,

I had a '76 Chevy Nova with fuzzy dice. It came that way. I have no idea. A pine tree sounds like a grand alternative.

At your command, Ice Queen, I'm listening to Requiem as we speak.

At 23:54, Blogger Minka said...

Pia, there is always "Half nekkid Thursday" ;)

Doug, I love how you answered with one comment for each section. And...I am listening to it as well. That is so nice. You and me on different sides of well... two different oceans, listening to the same piece of music. I like the idea!

At 04:57, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Have fun making faces!

The fuzzy dice were all the rage many years ago. I think pimps had them in all their cars.

I guess hot butts cause a fire hazard, thus the warning.

At 05:28, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I dunno about the whole keeping panties away from fire, but I can't help but think it has something to do with the fact that my mama alway told me to wear clean underwear in case there was a fire and I had to be rushed to the hospital or whatever...and so while I love my mom and don't blame her for most of my issues, I am certain it is my mom's obsession with clean underwear that I own nearly 200 pair...seriously.

Pine trees trump fuzzy dice.

At 14:20, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I do not understand why but classical music gives me horrible, head-thumping, eye-poking migraines! I like it too but cannot listen to it! When I was preggers with the babies the hubby wanted to play them classical music but it made me sick so that was a total no no!

I know, I am a self-confessed weirdo but hey, I am a bohemian after all!

Fuzzy dice? No go! I recommend a prism hanging on red string... good Feng Shui says Loverboy and yep, he did his research too!

He ain't a bohemian's hubby for nothing! ;-P

At 14:39, Blogger Aisha said...

"Granted, these pants cover quite a hot area but other than that, I just don´t get it" LOL. Just proof that you are one of the best humorous writers on the web! lol

At 17:10, Blogger karma said...

liar, liar, pants on fire!

At 17:45, Blogger Sar said...

Fuzzy dice - tacky! Mozart's Requiem - marvelous. Enjoy!

Sorry to hear you won't be able to achieve toasty buns in your new undies.

At 22:58, Blogger Janet said...

So you're telling me you have a hot ass?:)

At 23:05, Blogger Minka said...

Jamie Dawn, oh believe you me I had. before teh concert we had dinner together and I told her the worst that could happen is she´d be tripping on her long white dress on her way to the where the choir was to stand. They walk up in a single line and well, she wasn´t amused and put on flat shoes :)

Squaregirl, i guess there are worse things tahn to always be in clean uderwear;) But i remember my grnadma telling my mom that she should always be in clean underwear. God knows what could happen and she´d end in a hospital and teh doctors would notcie her dirty underwear. Strange obsessions people have.

Miz B. Feng Shui is teh hottest thing in Germany now. All my old school friends are having people come over when decorating and measuring energy fields and decide where to put tehir beds and stuff. I am told there are numbers invoilved as well...

aisha, thank you for such a generous compliment.

karma, I did smell smoke before!

Sar, it was! And seeing it performed life was even more amazing. Now I have seen/heard it twice. On my wya home I listened to the Magic Flute for relaxation...

Janet, yes that was the focal point of my entire post ;)

At 00:15, Blogger Fred said...

So, where's the audio? Where's the pictures? Huh? Huh?

Have fun making funny faces; it sounds like fun!

At 00:21, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Ah, Minka, your post caused me a few smiles. Can always use that. And I think hanging that little wooden tree that smells like a pine forest will be a treat much appreciated by Prince Otto. And I think it's great that you will be going to hear Mozart's Requiem so much the more so because you know a girl that's in it. I'm sure she'll appreciate your support. Stay well.

At 06:25, Anonymous Logo said...

Mr Logo had a dancing hula girl on his dashboard for a while, they went out of fashion around the same time as fuzzy dice, but he wanted one so he had one, till the Things attempted to "fix" it for him. They are so helpful.
The concert sounds AAAAAAWESOME
And the pine scent is probably better tha fuzzy dice anyway. Although I think we should all take turns sending you heinously ugly things to hang from your mirror and you can post pictures for us!

At 07:30, Blogger Minka said...

FRED: The audio of Mozart´s requiem would probably be all over the net. A pic f me making faces would have not been well approve dby the rets of the audience ;) Flash while they are trying to concentrate on the next allegro movement? i tell you, donæt get in the way of Vikings when theya re trying to be civilized and Fred! welcome back to the blogsphere:)

TIM, yes and it was amazing. In hindsight as well. Wonderful evening I had. But I also had to drive MOm at 5 this morning to the airport and now I am at 7.20 at work blogging :) I need some sleep when I get home!

Logo, I am sure there is a line of taste -with things you can hang from your mirror- one could break, but I ma sure that line is hard to find. Send the packages!

At 15:05, Blogger AP3 said...

Look out -- hot pants!

At 15:37, Blogger Mo'a said...

In order for Pince Otto Dumbledore the First to qualify for Fuzzy Dice he must have a great big woofer and a device that will rock his front end up and down at all stop lights.....me thinks he is to elegant for that even though he is a prince.
The Requiem by Mozart is one of my all time favorite....brings tears to my eyes.
So!!!, Miss Should Not Get Panties Near Open Flame...that is all for today from AuntieMo'a

At 16:07, Blogger cube said...

Lovely. I'm glad to hear your musical tastes are so cultured. Some people's idea of culture is a bacterial colony in a petrie dish.

At 16:51, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

for a more thourough explanation of fuzzy dice, listen to the song Race Car YaYas by Cake.

Another odd label I saw on my plastic shower curtian, Do Not Iron!

At 20:52, Blogger Logophile said...

Idiot~ did you try it anyway, just to see what would happen?

At 22:41, Blogger Minka said...

Ap3, yes look out!

Móa, I think Otto is far to sophistcated to pick up on a trent that indactes that you are not in control of your own life, but rather late Fate and Chance take over. Otto is the kinda car that goes a month earlier to his yearly inspection just to be on the safe side!

Cube, yes I do surprise people sometimes. I love classical music, ask my car :) i also paly a little piano! Nothing to be poud of, but nonetheless. I have to admit that I conciously had to work at my music appreciation. I was born tone deaf and beat-less :) But it always amazed me that people could listen, hear soemthing adn enjoy it thoroughly. So I just put my mind to it. I´ll never be a master musician, but -by God- i can appreciate other people being musical!!!

TVI, but how do you get them cutains so straight otherwise? I think you should give it a go. I am 100 % behind that experiment! Logo wants to know too!

At 15:37, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

The other day I saw a teenager with fuzzy breasts hanging from his rear view mirror! I was going to stop beside him and clue him in to why the girls might not go for that but I figured 'nah-we want to keep him out of the gene pool as long as possible'

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