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Thursday, April 27, 2006

HNT and Thursday Brain Teaser

Today I went and changed my winter tires for my summer tires. Spring might take a hint I thought and gave it a shot. My car looked pretty naked when I took this picture, so I thought it would qualify for this week´s HNT :)

I also saw this lovely bike. What is it about chics and bikes...my knees shake whenever I see one! I think it is a Yamaha, but that is all I know.

Thursday Brain Teaser!
In 1480 this portugese-a nationality which he would later renounce- explorer was born into a noble family. He is most famous for circumnavigating the globe and cross the Pacific Ocean. He died today, 485 years ago and there is a passage to the Pacific Ocean named after him.
A quote by him:
“The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.”

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the answer. Thereby displaying your knowledge to me, but leaving clues along the way for fellow guessers! Don´t wanna spoil the fun, do you?! I will check in from time to time, to guide you along your quest for knowledge.
I dare ye :)

Posted by Minka :: 8:09 pm :: 39 Royal Subjects

Link to this Royal Decree!


At 21:19, Blogger Doug said...

I love that Prince Otto Cumbledore is half-naked. You're too funny.

Same first name as a famous bull in children's literature and the passage you refer to separates the Tierra Del Fuego from Patagonia.

BUT! He did not circumnavigate the globe, he died of injuries suffered in battle in the Philipines. 12 members of his original crew completed the journey. Sir Francis Drake was the first captain to circumnavigate the globe.

I did a report in fourth grade. I knew it would be important some day.

At 21:27, Blogger Minka said...

Douglas, he did nontheless, circle the entire globe, since on a previous journey he already went westwards boyond the Philipines. Taken together he DID circumnavigate the world!
But very well done and yes, I am funny! :)

At 21:27, Anonymous Snavylyn said...

Yeah... what he said!

At 21:30, Blogger Minka said...

I did not say that he circumnavigated the world in ONE trip but he did combined..."Although he did not live to make the journey home he did circumnavigate the globe by passing the easternmost point he had visited on an earlier voyage."
How do you like them apples?

At 22:15, Blogger Tim Rice said...

When I eat gelatin, I could think of his name. ;)

At 23:52, Blogger still life said...

Hi! I am just stopping by to say Hello and that I'm sorry that I missed you when you came by my place.

I agree with you about bikes reducing to knee shaking HOWEVER I think that girls driving the bikes rule!

I love the quote, and figured it out w/ Doug's "bull" hint. 4th grade!!!...the rest of us had no chance, at least me anyway.

At 23:54, Anonymous logo™ said...

Minka!! That is the V Star I want!!
Love it, the one I have my eye on is a little different, but same model. Ooooooh, you have good taste!
Nekkid car, you racy thing!
tee hee
And I know I know!!

There is a statue of him in Chile.

At 00:40, Blogger actonbell said...

If Prince Otto Cumbledore could blush, I bet he would:)

Wow, Doug actually remembers his fourth grade reports. This was a great question!

At 01:09, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, I guess so :) although only if your mouth is filled with chewing gum:)

Still Life, welcome here. Glad to see you along these cold shores. Hope you brought a jacket!

Logo, I always knew you were a cold chick. Since I am single-and ready to mingle- :) I checked out the guy who owned this wonderful bike...but alas, he did not qualify by a long shot :(

If there is another person calling my car Prince Otto Cumbledore, I am gonna curse in Icelandic!!!
Prince Otto Dumbledore (the Harry Potter wizzard!)likes his name and deems any changes unnecessary :)
And yes, it did surprise me that Doug remembered something he wrote in the fourth grade. That must be a century or something since. Good usage of the storage in his memory!

At 01:48, Blogger karma said...

the thought of sitting on a bike makes my knees flop.

that was definitely not Bush

At 02:58, Blogger Minka said...

Karma, I think Bush couldn´t show you the Pacific Ocean on a map. And he would only ask: Does it have oil and if it features pretzles...well, I can´t have any!

At 04:13, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, I didn't know that about the Westward trip. You must have done your report in the fifth grade.

At 05:11, Blogger Minka said...

:) No, I read a little about him in an Icelandic newspaper today. I can´t remember ever hearing his name in school. But my geography teacher did mumble a lot when I wasn´t paying attention;)
I get an extra bone for knowing who circled the world in one trip though, and a mighty big bone that is! Come here*pad,pad*

At 05:32, Blogger ariel said...

you know, after saying things like that I'm not surprised he needed to leave the country.

At 05:37, Blogger Minka said...

Ariel, I think he didnæt have to leave. It is just that the King of Portugal at that time, didn´t want to support his trip financially...so he kinda went to Spain, where the Spanish King finaced it. I am not entirely sure, but i think I am close :) What are you doing up so late?

At 07:31, Blogger finnegan said...

Came here by way of Karma who hails from Bollywood, Mumbai. I live in Zürich, but was born Hollywood, CA. So I go to Iceland by way of India and find an ice queen while eating ice cream (no joke!) and I decide to blog "Minka" and end up finding a porn queen with globes bigger than her head.

I mean is the Internet not the best?

At 14:27, Blogger Minka said...

finnegan, yes...some people ar ejust lucky I guess;) Welcome!

At 14:36, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Hi Minka :-)

Your car is hot!

why don't people name their kids Ferdinand any more?

and that Doug, he's scary eh? Who remember their fourth grade reports?

At 14:37, Blogger Minka said...

Oh my God, I just googled Minka...and after a ocuple of innocent furniture, a bust lady greated me beyond believe! *I am shocked!*
Doug, what have you done?

At 15:08, Blogger Sar said...

Doug is such a know it all.

Okay, how about this for a hint. There's a 2 named music group; their first name is Franz and the second is the first name of this week's brain teaser inspiration.

At 16:09, Blogger Minka said...

Kyahgirl, maybe it´s teh only paper he has written?! and that is why he remembers it so well :)
Yes Sar. I am surrounded by teacher´s pets it feels. No, i am glad you all know this :)
Well played indeed.

At 16:30, Blogger MyUtopia said...

Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521):) There is a website called the round earth society: http://roundearth.org/quotes.html

At 16:53, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm late. But I totally knew the answer, but not the details.

Doug is such a whiz.

At 20:24, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, you beat me to my line. It was the only school paper I turned in. And I Googled Minka, too, but just right now. I promise I had no idea.

No, really. What's everyone looking at me for?

At 20:47, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

Hi voyage discovered Tierra Del Fuego

I also worked on a spacecraft named after him. The Spacecraft circumnavigated the globe of venus and mapped the entire surface of the planet with SAR ..no not our Sar the Shoe, SAR the synthetic apeture radar.

At 21:16, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Your car is a hussy!
Blogs are NO place for car porn!!

Have you seen that commercial for Dr. Schol's Gel Shoe Inserts? Well, the question they say on it is:

Are you gellin'? I'm gellin'.

At 22:18, Blogger ariel said...

and that's not even the scariest picture of the branch.

I know the guy, not that I know his biography but the passage has his name helped, but knowing almost nothing of him, I cannot make hints. geez...

At 22:20, Blogger ariel said...

yeah, Monika, tomorrow morning I'll SWEAR I go to bed in a proper time that night again.

At 00:35, Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Half nekkid cars, what will they think of next! HHNT

At 04:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee...my grade 4 report was on pomeranian dogs and baby seals.

And I don't do teasers. I may tease but I don't do teasers.

That bike is freakin' sexy. Sex-eeeeee. I seriously hope that wasn't the driver in the background. I'd be devastated if it was.

At 10:41, Blogger Minka said...

Myutopia, you ar eso new...so I let it slide but next time: HINT at the right answer. Do not give it! :) So everybody has a chance to guess:) But you are correct and therefore receive full points:)

TLP, better late than never;) and I knew you´d know the answer:)

Doug, I actually believe you. You wouldn´t want your little sister to be associated with such obvious delights:)

TVI, I am not surprised that you knew the answer. And I have to say, i am very impressed with all your schooling and the fatc that you still remember what it was you scribbled 20 years ago.*applause*

Jamie Dawn, well hinted indeed! And my car is very much the sexiest thing sriving the streets of Reykjavik. No, I am not partial :)

Ariel, don´t worry you are welcome here with or without hint and I didn´t dare to look at more of teh pictures...the first one scared the living daylights out of me!

barefoot_mistress, That was a one timer. I had to promise my car not to ever show him as nakkid as this, again! I thought it would be funny to have a HNT car pic:) and welcome!

Jenna, no, that was not the guy. That guy is one of the unattractive mechanics at that place :)

At 13:58, Blogger Dan said...

oh, that's too easy... there's a company that makes gps units named after him.

At 18:14, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! You just missed the annual biker convention here. Bikers everywhere!

Oh no! What happened to Otto Dumbledore? Here's to much healing to your automotive baby! Have a great weekend my dear!

At 19:43, Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Hi again Minka, yes, I do know Logo, and Lime and Idiot and Snavs and Lily too! :D See you around blogland baby!

At 04:16, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I hope that by now you have put tires on that half-naked vehicle of yours!

At 19:12, Blogger Fred said...

I've never been on a motorcycle. Maybe that's one thing I need to do before I check out.

At 20:01, Blogger Minka said...

dan, I guess it was easy, but see how happy everybody is that they got it;) Cant crush them eahc week;)

Miz B. don´t you worry...he is rolling again. I didnæt think it through though...I guess in Spain and many other countries you don´t have to change your tires twice a year, right?! becuas eteh climate isnt all that different from teh seasons. I mean less snow and stuff! Here we change them twice in mai and October and it costs an arm and an earlobe:)

barefoot mistress...no matter where you come from, i am glad you are here:)

Jamie Dawn, he is decent again:)

Fred... never had an Easy Rider moment? Put it on top of your list;)

At 03:46, Blogger Johnboy said...

I had to google Minka to see all the fuss. WoW Minka you are a well rounded person and obviously in name too. You go girl. Your gonna melt the local ice all by yourself! :)

At 20:50, Blogger Minka said...

Johnboy...Thank you. But I start way beneath the surface of those balloons!


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