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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good news....

My sister (in Germnay)is PREGNANT. She is in her fourth month and had no clue until yesterday. Might I add she is a mother of three already! Maybe it really gets more easy with each additional child?

I am so very happy for her. Here is why!
When we were young the two of us would play a game. I usually made her! We would pretend to travel in a train with all our belongings. Our two beds represented the carriages. While mine had books and clothes, my sisters bed was stuffed with her favourite dolls and all sorts of paper she pretended where diapers and stuff. We had to switch the train many times. So, in a hurry, I had to take all my stuff and move it to her bed and she had to move her "kids" to my bed, before the train left the station. It was a very fun game, I forget why now...and for some odd reason we never seemed to reach a final point. Our journeys were usually interrupted with a "Dinner´s ready!"

I guess our paths have been outlined in our DNA pretty dominantly. Even when grown-ups asked us what we wanted to be it was very clear-cut.
Monika: I want to travel, meet people and speak many languages that regardless of where I go I will be able to communicate.
Steffi: I want to be a mommy!glitter graphics

My sister and I had a rather tough childhood and I think it made me stronger and her even more soft. All the love we missed growing up she somewhere found and is able to give to her daughters and husband. In abundance. Whenever I look at her she makes me smile, there is a passion and sparkle in her eyes that embraces you. She looks at me and knows evrything I am scared to say. I am so awfully proud of her...words can´t possibly contain my feelings towards her.
As I am writing this I become aware that I´ll be seeing her in a couple of days. She will pick me up from the train station and she will hug me, maybe even cry a little. I´ll play cool and say something like: "You have heard of contraceptives, right?" and she will smile at me, look me in my eyes and find all my emotions right there. Her embrace will bring me to the destination I was always looking for: home!

What a lucky baby-after all it´s gonna have an aunt like me!

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At 00:31, Blogger Tim Rice said...

That's fantastic. Congratulations as a once again aunt. It's so fun to have nieces and nephews. It sounds like you have a sister to be proud of.

At 01:21, Blogger Fred said...

Congrats to the soon-to-be mom and the soon-to-be aunt.

What a great bond you two have. And, yes, it is a lucky baby indeed.

At 02:18, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats to Steffi and to you, Auntie!
Enjoy your visit with your dear sister.
Your love for each other is strong. I'm glad you have each other to lean on. You've both become who you wanted to be. That's wonderful!

At 03:33, Blogger Aisha said...

awww that's fantastic. Four kids huh? I can't fathom having one. That's wonderful that despite a tough childhood you guys have managed to be successful and loving towards one another and the important people in your lives!

At 04:32, Blogger Doug said...

Man, that's a wonderful story. Frohlich reisen, mädchen.

My (our) father would say "Maybe you should explain to her what causes it."

At 05:35, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Steffi is expecting a fourth! And you are the lucky one.

At 08:42, Blogger Keith said...

Glückwünsche! (Ist das korrekt?) Ich denke, daß Sie eine gute Tante sind.

At 10:20, Blogger Minka said...

TIM, oh yes. She does well. She said to me one time when I asked her about motherhood "Monika, I know how not to do it! That gives me a 50% chance of doing it right. More than most people start out with!"

Fred, yes indeed. We do have an amzing bond that has stayed with us through everything...I think many siblings have a unique bond or at leats they should have: it is such an amazing feeling that there is somebody else in teh world that will love you for who you are, despite all your flaws, because there is a stronge rbond linking you. And becuase we didn´t get the mother-child bond...we made our sister-bond even stronger!

Jamie Dawn, yes we have. Although I have done my thing now. I have read many a book and traveled to quite a few places:) I am ready to do what she is doing now-just not to such a high degree:)-I asked her if I could have a her baby, she said no! Well I ´d hate to have missed out, just because I didn´t dare to ask :)

aisha, well if love is soemthign you always desired and never got and you are equipped with a sense of survival-you´ll find it somewhere, get it and never let go!

Doug, dankeschön! I will have a lovely Journey I think. Do you think I should start with the flowers and the bees?

Ben, oh I know. I get to spoil them all rotten and leave a tough job for their parents to rectify :)

Keith, perfect! It is a long time that somebody adressed me in teh polite form of the German language. You are more than welcome to adress me with "DU". "Sie" makes me sound old ;)

At 10:34, Blogger actonbell said...

Aw, you brought tears to my eyes, too.

That game you played was pretty creative, even though I would imagine that it would be a nightmare, in real life. Your sister may someday have to herd four young ones on and off trains...

Well, this new baby sounds pretty lucky:)

At 10:47, Blogger Minka said...

Actonbell, I think the game was inspired by our childhood. We were three kids and my birth-mom used to travel with us by train to visit granny. It was always so exciting and one of my favourite things to do as a child.

At 10:51, Blogger Doug said...

Minka, did my bad German come out? Yeah, I meant journey. By the way, Strider, Sar's brother blogged about Sigur Ros. I bet you know where they live and whether the singer is vegetarian.

At 11:57, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Congrats to your sister and to you! Wow... my 2 have me frazzled enough as is I cannot imagine 4! How long will you be in Germany for? Many kisses coming your way! I am sooo excited for you! As long as it ain't me having more babies it is thrilling!


At 12:15, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, as a matter of fact...I do quite a bit about them. See them on occasion and it wouldnt be a problem to find out in which street they live, their license plate and a phonecall should settle if they are vegetarian indeed. You have to know that I am not Icelandic and therefore take little interest in knowing personal stuff about its people. But i am sure teh rest of Iceland can tell you exactly where they live, what profession their parents had, in which part of iceland they lived at the age of 5-6 and a half...it is almost ridiculous. However, it Sigurros is an amazing band and they declined an offer to be guest at Jay Leno, becuase they donæt want to cut their 5 minutes songs short... That is Style if ever I saw ...

Miz Bohemia, well you do yoga, you have a business...my sis is just mom :) She doesn´t even blog! *tststs*

At 13:56, Anonymous pia said...

Congrats. It's great that you and your sister have a wonderful relationship despite...and I love the pictures--'50's meets Anime somewhere

At 14:07, Anonymous Joel said...

Congrats! Have a great trip.

At 14:20, Blogger birdwoman said...

I don't think it gets easier each time. It goes to show how brave your sister is that, after having three and the scares and responsibilities they bring, she's having a fourth.

congratulations, Auntie!


At 15:09, Blogger Logophile said...

Ah, Minka, so great to have a sister who is a friend. I am happy for you and Steffi, and the little one.
I also have only two and often think THAT many is a bit much!

At 15:33, Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Hi Minka-thought I'd better drop in here and see what you're about. I'm glad I did. What a beautiful post. You're so lucky to have a sister you can call friend.

Congrats on the newest baby coming.

At 16:04, Blogger snavy said...

I love that!!! Sisters are so cool!!

Congrats on the new baby!! He or she is lucky to have an auntie as cool as you!!!

At 16:35, Blogger The Village Idiot said...

lucky kids..to have her for a mother and you for an Aunt..every child needs a cool auntie!

At 18:24, Blogger ariel said...

what wonderful news, happiness and health to your sis and family! it's strange, though, three kids + one to come and she does not give you any...

your game sounds fun!

At 19:01, Blogger Minka said...

Pia, yeah I love teh pic too. There were os many to choose from!

Joel, thank you! I am pretty sure I will.

birdwoman, I was just joking. It was just so suprising, that after having 3 children, she didn´t realize she was pregnant until the 4th month!

Logo, I think it is only good. See my birth-mom had seven children. Of those children none has children except my sister. Somebody has to hold teh balance for the rest;)

kyahgirl, thanks for stopping by and kudos on your guest-post today. I am so glad Doug introduced us.

Snav, I wholeheartely agree. I´ll be "Fun Aunt Monika!". That is a lovely spot to occupy!

TVI, oh yes. I had one and I loved her to bits. She always had cookies. That is a huge plus when you are young!

ariel, what happened to your profile pic? I am squinting at it and I can´t make it out!

At 20:38, Blogger ariel said...

cropped the old pic and deleted the previous one. in fact, what annoys me the most is that I cannot make out what's written on that sign, either. :-)

you were born in the socialist block so I thought you'd appreciate this music video. it made me speechless. I SWEAR they are not Hungarians!!!


At 21:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you and Steffi... so many babies, so few Easter eggs!! ;-)

At 22:04, Blogger Minka said...

ariel, I´ll watch the recording when I get home. Still busy at work! Glad your pic is back though. We know about Minka and habits!

not so anonymous :) Thank you and I know you are! I did tell you that I have a total of 5 eggs now? I wonder what they are gonna say at security in the morning.

At 00:03, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Sweety, that was a fantastic blog entry. Have a nice trip to Germany and all the best to Steffi and the family.

At 00:28, Blogger Mo'a said...

Great Post.
Have a wonderful trip and a good time with your sister and her family. Look forward to hearing about your trip when you return.


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