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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Brain-Teaser

"When she was committed to an insane asylum, she got her big break. Her mental illness was faked to gain admission so that she could write about the horrible conditions. Her efforts made her a top-notch journalist and she was the only female correspondent to make reports from the World War I front. She made a round the world trip in 72 days. Her pen name came from a Stephen Foster song."

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the right answer. Thereby displaying your knowledge to me, but leaving clues for those that are still guessing.

As always, extensive googling should be avoided. If you don´t know the answer straight away, a visit later on might be a good idea, someone will have left a comment that will aid you to a better understanding.

Now, just go nuts!(pun fully intended!)

FIRST HINT: since things seem to be moving a little slow this time!

"When challenged to try to beat the Jules Verne character Phineas Fogg's fictional record of circumnavigating the globe in 80 days, she was up to it. She beat the record by almost eight days, coming in at seventy two days, six hours and eleven minutes, sending back stories of her exploits from points all around the world. Accolades came from every angle as she was honored with a line of clothing in her name, songs written about her, dances named for her, and even parades held in her honor."

SECOND HINT: since things are only evolving like glacial movements.
Lyrics of the Stephen Foster song! I replaced her name with 3 dots, because that would be just hitting you on the head with it!


...!...! Bring de broom along,
We'll sweep the kitchen clean, my dear, and hab a little song.

Poke de wood, my lady lub, And make de fire burn,
And while I take de banjo down, Just gib de mush a turn.

Heigh ...! Ho ...! Listen, lub, to me,
I'll sing for you and play for you a dulcem melody.

... hab a voice like de turtle dove,
I hear it in de meadow and I hear it in de grove.

... hab a heart warm as it can be,
And bigger dan de sweet potato down in Tennessee.

Heigh ...! Ho ...! Listen, lub, to me,
I'll sing for you and play for you a dulcem melody.

...! ...! Nebber, nebber sigh,
And nebber bring de tear drop to de corner ob your eye.

For pie is made ob punkins and de mush is made ob corn,
And der's corn and punkins plenty, lub, a lyin in de barn.

Heigh ...! Ho ...! Listen, lub, to me,
I'll sing for you and play for you a dulcem melody."

Posted by Minka :: 12:36 pm :: 38 Royal Subjects

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At 12:23, Blogger Doug said...

I have no idea, but she sounds interesting. I'll have to think about this.

At 14:50, Blogger Mo'a said...

*Blush* 30 on the quiz *Blush* I need to go back and read all your posts to get to know you better. I just did not take you for a Hught Grant/Colin Firt(sp)fan....although ladies of my age love the movies they are in.....sort of old lady, chick flicks ;*)
I believe her first name starts with J......way ahead of her time she was. Then again I may be wrong after all I got the lowest score on your quiz *Blush* again.

At 18:40, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, You don´t know? I am shocked to my very core!

Auntie, sadly, nope! neither of her two names-she has a birthname and a pen-name- start with J!

At 20:12, Blogger Sar said...

Starts with J? I'm stumped. Can I Google?

In the meantime, pleeeeeeze come to my bash! I'll start the chante, "Minka, Minka, Minka..."

At 20:15, Blogger Minka said...

Sar, it doesn´t start with J!!!!

At 21:05, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Hmmm...she sounds like a very interesting person and I'm curious, but need more hints, so hopefully someone will know to help us all out.

By the way, my boyfriend gave me 100 years of solitude and it took me four years to it since I could hardly make it past the first page, but when I did, I found it to be simply breath-taking.

At 21:10, Blogger Minka said...

Sqauregirl, i was thinking only recently that I would like to give that book a second shot and sinc eyou recommend it...I just might!

At 21:11, Blogger Minka said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 21:12, Blogger SquareGirl said...

okay, now that I've thought about it I have only one person that comes even remotely to mind...was she a third wife of a well known writer? If so, I recently read an amazing article about her (don't remember the asylum part, but the WWI correspondence I remember)

At 21:14, Blogger Minka said...

I have to check that. Give me a minute. aniother Hint from me:

Her nickname was PINK and she was born in Pennsylvania!

At 21:20, Blogger Minka said...

Squaregirl, I think she was only married once, and due to her journalism career, she married also very late. So I think you must have gotten another fantabulous woman.

At 22:49, Anonymous logo said...

I know, I know!!
I had a book about her as a kid.
Ran around the world willy-nilly and was quite amazing, or should I spell that willie-nillie.

At 23:34, Blogger Minka said...

LOgo, yes you know! Well done! You get added 20 points to your last Quiz performance :)

At 00:25, Blogger Keith said...

I'm thick! I haven't a clue.

At 02:11, Blogger Johnboy said...

Willie-Nillie? Or was that Millie Vanillie that famous lip sink group?
Ya this one has Google written all over it! 2 points for my Queen. :)

At 02:35, Blogger snavy said...

Very cool concept for a post but no idea...

At 04:19, Blogger Sar said...

Okay, just so I could play and keep up with the smart people, I Googled. But just a wee tiny bit!

Would this feminist have been married to a Seaman?

At 04:34, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Since it doesn't start with a "J" than her name most certainly is not Jamie Dawn.

She does sound fascinating.

You stumped Doug. Well done!!

At 06:54, Blogger Minka said...

Keith, I doubt you are thick, just slightly puzzled!

Johnboy, you are right. It seems to have google written all over it! I will have to drop more hints.

snav...I have been doing it for quite a while now. Usually people were better at guessing then, or the person in question less obscure :)

Jamie Dawn, yeah that does not happen a lot. I remember when I did my first Thursday brain teaser and Doug told me off for it being to easy. Serves him right! :) he is cute though!

At 11:20, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Me no know! Me just want to say hello...


At 12:44, Blogger Biene said...

I would not know the name, but i REMEMBER A LADY CRASHING HER PLANE AT SOME OBSURE PLACE (SORRY) and being lost for a long time (dead too). Was it her?

At 12:58, Blogger Doug said...

Biene, I think you're thinking of Amelia E, who I remember as an aviator not a journalist, but I'll stick with the last initial just in case. I'm still stumped and the only Foster song I've been able to think of since Thursday is "Camptown Ladies." On Wednesday I probably knew 20. Was it Camptown Lady?

At 15:06, Blogger actonbell said...

I peeked in earlier and hadn't a clue, and now I thank you for educating me--it's just wrong that I didn't know about her! Thank you, Logo for the clue. Glad to hear there's a children's book about her, too.

At 15:54, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B, a hello from you is worth more than any hint ;)

yeah Mom, I think you are thinking of Amelia Earhart as well.

Doug, No not Campton Lady! But I am sure you´ll get there in time. I will be dropping more clues!

Actonbell, yeah I agree. i read about her by coincidence and wondered why i wasn´t familiar with her name, yet her being such an extraordinary person. So, I decided I make her the focal point of this Thursday´s trivia and it seems more people than me aren´t that familiar with her name or achievements!

At 20:14, Blogger Manchego said...

Hey there, sorry to be soooooo late to this party, but I've been sick with the flu for a week...which reminds me...

my hint...she died of pneumonia.

At 20:55, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, I know! Her great-great uncle was a little known violinist!

At 22:04, Blogger Minka said...

Manchego, glad to have you arrive. And yes, I think she died of pneumonia.

Doug, there you go and I knew you´d come around!

At 03:27, Blogger Tim Rice said...

First I admit that I have now googled but that I would have never guessed who this lady was without doing so. Anyway, I waited to see what others would come up with. So hopefully, I'm okay.?

But anyway this lady went to Europe to get away from the financial problems of her deceased husband's company and in the process became a war time reporter in Europe.

At 05:27, Blogger Minka said...

Yes, absolutely correct, Tim!
And since it is Sunday today and it seems this was a tough nut to crack, googling is fine:)

At 05:45, Blogger Hale McKay said...

Even after reading all the comments this dumb one hasn't a clue! I refuse to google. I'll be back to see the answer when it is made known.

At 14:27, Blogger Minka said...

Ok...the answer is NELLY BLY!
born Elisabeth Jane Cocheran...now everybody google and learn a little about this amazing pioneer. "10 Days in a Madhouse" is an excellent read!

At 17:53, Blogger Aisha said...

Ahhh I had guessed it but you aleady gave the answer :)

At 18:05, Blogger Minka said...

Aisha, then you were one of few. The quiz has been up since Thursday :) So I thought it was about time to unveil, befor eheads are exploding from all teh guessing :)

At 01:42, Blogger Fred said...

Nothing like checking in on the Thursday brain teaser on Sunday.

I wouldn't have guessed the answer.

At 05:32, Blogger Doug said...

I had no idea, but this sure was fun! Thanks, Minka!

At 06:49, Blogger Johnboy said...

I racked my brain but never Googled! I'm glad you finally gave the answer. Now I feel a little smarter my teacher.

At 11:36, Blogger Minka said...

Fred, then you saved yourself quite a bit of headache ove rthis one ;)

Doug, I had fun too and even I learned a bit along the way. Thanks for playing along!

Johnboy, you restrained from finding the answer the easy way. Good for you! In the end this might be good for something. You could bring it up in the during teh next coffee conversation and look really smart :)

At 21:11, Blogger birdwoman said...

I have no idea who she is/was.

what's sad is that I'm not getting the energy to go out and jducate myself.



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