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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Monika 201

I did this kind of quiz once before and saw it at Jamie Dawn´s a couple of days ago. Since my readership has grown extensively and I have gained quite a few family members over the last months, here is a quiz to

a) test you -obviously, hence the name Quiz!
b) tell you something about me you don´t know yet
c) make you really mad when you answer wrong, knowing the other option was more likely :)

Now off you go and have fun!

Posted by Minka :: 11:01 am :: 25 Royal Subjects

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At 13:09, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Hey, I only got 8 out of 10! I was VERY surprised to see ur biggest fear, I really thought I had that down..

At 14:53, Blogger cube said...

I didn't do very well. I haven't been coming here long enough. I didn't even know that Minka was you. For a minute, I thought I had 2 Icelanders posting on my blog!

At 15:30, Blogger Minka said...

Tryggvi, yes I bet you went for teh snake part! But I know enough about them that I won´t panic anymore. The other thing freaks me out just seeing it on TV.

Cube, Monika and Minka are the same. Minka is a nick I have gotten here while blogging. Doug, is at the source of that. You should check out his blog http://www.bitterbierce.blogspot.com
You might like it very much. Just make sure he doesn´t nick you as well ;)

At 15:44, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Now u have taken the snake thing out of the running! Makes it easier for the rest. Should I lose this contest I will have to write u a strongly worded letter of complaint over this matter.

At 15:54, Anonymous logo said...

Oh boy,
I got a 30, and while I don't feel bad since I tied with the clever and charming Cube, I did engage in plenty of option three, getting mad at myself when I chose the wrong answers remembering I DID know, sheesh.

At 19:00, Blogger Minka said...

Tryggvi, well I guess they have a 25% chance of guessing that one question better! 10 questions, that makes 0.25%-I think you should be able to handle that since you have been living with me for 3 years! I´ll let Derrick open the letter if you send it! :)

Logo, that is fine. I bet you learned some things along the way and the stress fatcor always has an impact on tests;)

At 23:16, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Well, I made 50%. But at least one question was totally a lucky guess. It was fun.

At 03:32, Blogger Doug said...

I should have guessed Russian. I'm going to cut myself.

At 03:34, Blogger AP3 said...

That was fun, though I should've done better! I'm with Doug... I should've guessed Russian! Duh!

At 03:51, Blogger AP3 said...

Ha! It sure is easier a second time!!!

And I learned a lot about you.


At 11:27, Blogger Biene said...

upps, I got only 8 too. I thought you loved brad pitt. And how dare you change your fearfullest fear in mid life??? So, I should stop locking you into the closet?
Mom (work is calling)

At 11:29, Blogger actonbell said...

Russian!! That just seems so impressive. You didn't fool me with the daughter question, heh.

That was fun--and I just love those sound effects:)

At 11:50, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, which question was a lucky guess?

Doug, yes you should have guessed Russian. You are one of the people that have been here longest. We made fun together about my East-Germaness Shame on you! :) *shakes her head in disbelief*

AP3, so might I assume that, Guess who? would be you?:) This test was mostly there to learn about something about me, adn if you did...than its purpose has been fullfilled.

Mom, I never liked Brad Pitt! I have seen him in some movies, but I don´t go "ahhhh...what a huge piece of eye-candy" when I see him. When Colin take steh stage there is nothing but him catching my attention!
And you should know that my fear for snakes (running away from the TV set when one was to be seen on screen to watching many documentaries about them) has turned more into curiousity. But I still chose my holiday resort in reagrds to the quantity of poisonous snakes. And it was the pitfall I built into this quiz, becuase I knew that people-who think they know me ever so well- would fall into;) I am cheeky like that!
And yes, STOP locking me into teh closet-it isn´t funny anymore! ;)

actonbell, Russian seems impressive. But i am losing it more and more since I don´t use it at all. Once upon a time I was pretty impressive speaking it though. I still could survive in Russia I think...but I wouldn´t wanna put it to the test :)
Those noises sure are a blast. Especially the one when you got an answer wrong-real nice!

At 12:10, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. I see you are the leading Lady. I am just curious as to which two answers you got wrong!

At 18:41, Blogger Biene said...

Yae, yah... and where is my sweet little wooden snake??

At 19:54, Blogger Sar said...

Dammit, I know you better than that, I demand a recount! And no fair putting posinious snakes in a question about your greatest fears when it's not the answer. *Hrmph*

I need better luck. Do you? My place, tomorrow!

At 21:04, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...




Just wanted to feel like a frat boy... maybe I am riled up from all the brawlin' Sar!

I don't remember which two I got wrong Monika! Eeeek! I did it with screaming kids around me so I am a blank right now!

See? I AM your sister after all! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

One more time.... I RULE!

At 22:07, Blogger ariel said...

score 60, yay! (Monika, I was kidding with the Petri dish!)

At 23:22, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Minka, the one that was a lucky guess for me I think was the same one that had Brad Pit as one of the choices. I forget already what exactly the question was. Uh oh.

At 01:43, Blogger Minka said...

Mom, the wodden snake would be in the drawer in the outdoor room. I put it under a sheet of paper. Sorry!

Sar, it is quite alright. Moniak 301 you´ll pass with flying colour!

Miz B. I am sorry to announce that the first place goes to Guess Who? with 90%. I talked to her today and it was not AP3 as I had assumed. I am assured that she would have gotten a 100% but her finger slipped on one question. BUt you get silver, which has always been my favourite jewelry! :) And you did very well!

Ariel, score 60 is very impressive! You know me better than I know myself :)

Tim Rice, what is it with people thinking that Brad Pitt would be the kinda guy that´d appeal to me?! Even my own mom!

At 03:18, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Oh Minka, I think you misunderstood my writing. I didn't mean that I chose Brad Pitt. In fact, I think I chose somebody else who I can't remember. The only reason I mentioned Brad Pitt was to identify the question to which I got the correct answer just by luck. Remember you asked me what question I answered correctly just by luck. You see, I don't remember the question; but I remembered that one of the multiple choice options to choose from was Brad Pitt.

At 03:32, Blogger Minka said...

Ah, I see!
Well then you must have said Hugh Grant/Colin Firth :)
Gosh, what fine examplars of the male species!

At 04:48, Blogger SquareGirl said...

Aha! A 60...I say not bad for the amount of time I've been reading your site...A few (or a lot) were guesses, but intuitive...like I had a strong feeling about the Hugh Grant/Colin Firth question...excellent choices, by the way, I suspected you were a gilr with good taste.

At 18:35, Blogger Minka said...

Squargirl, you did just well. 60 is great and you haven´t been here all that long...so I can only say: Kudos!

At 04:37, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

I did a hitonious job on this quiz!!!!!!!


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