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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thanks from Mom...

The (58) candels have burnt down (nothing but candlelight), the food (prepared with love and my own hands) has been eaten and the last guests (I thought they would never leave :) have left my house. The day of birth is now yesterday and has left me one year older, once again.
I put the sparkeling crown Sar presented me with on my head, bow japanese like and thank all of you for your sweet birthday whishes and hugs. I am sure that my next year will be a huge success

Sa(biene), also called Mom

Posted by Minka :: 11:00 pm :: 24 Royal Subjects

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At 00:09, Blogger Minka said...

Hey, I was the last guest to leave! I left about an hour ago, which is the day later at around 23.00, didn´t know I was outsaying my welcome;)

At 00:26, Blogger Doug said...

Sounds like a grand party. Did you save me some rotten shark?

At 02:04, Blogger windowtomymind said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 02:07, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Tell me, were the candles scented? Was the food tasty? I am disgusted already of Namibian food. The meat and vegies come with a porridge like mixture called mahango. Yuck, it's a monkey intestine taste. Oh, you haven't tasted monkey intestine. Well, don't ever.

Did you serve chocolate cake? I would do anything for one small piece of chocolate cake in the Namibian back country. Get some rest, monika, for your next journey. And, 58 is still young. Happy Birthday again to Biene.

At 02:49, Blogger Fred said...

Well, Mom, I'm glad you had a great birthday. Here's hoping to another terrific year, and we'll look forward to wishing you another happy birthday next year!

(Can we come to the party?)

At 03:41, Blogger Sar said...

Thanks for the thanks, Icelandic Mom (we could keep this going in perpetuity!). So happy to hear you enjoyed your birthday party and your special crown. You deserved it!

Hope both you and Monika are enjoying your weekend.

At 04:37, Anonymous logo said...

It will be a stellar year, and we are all glad to know you.
Have a great year!

At 07:51, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Glad it was a good one! I love the picture! Looking hot mama! ;-P May you have a beautiful year ahead of you!

At 10:50, Blogger Biene said...

No the candels were not scented. My food is akways tasty (little bread pieces in italian style) and yes,Monika gave me a wonderful chocolade cake and no, we didn´t eat rotten shark (but I will get it next week at a party at another house, looking forward!) And yes, you can come to my party, I love having guests.

At 11:48, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, rotten shark was not on teh menu. But whenever you feel like trying, let me know and a parcel will come your way!

windowtomymind, My mom wrote this post. Ergo=I am 28. Mom is 58 :)Such a shock on a Sunday morning, my friend!

Fred, you would have loved the food, Mom had outdone herself again, she always prepares too much food. I would like to assume that my banana chocolate cake would have appealed to you!

Sar, I think we did. there were loads of her grandchildren to be played with. I love that, gives me an excuse to be childish :)

Logo, loads of stars and movements with you lately ;)

Miz B. It is a wonderful picture I think. We were first thinking of censoring it though, I mean You can see the Bs. that you site has been so criticized for ;)

At 13:46, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a great party I've missed!

At 14:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gut siehste aus mit den verschwundenen Pfunden!
GL von Kerstin

At 16:26, Blogger Manchego said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, I'm gone for a few days and I end up missing a lot of life events...Sheesh! I'll try to do better.

At 16:34, Blogger Minka said...

JLP...yes,you did. But thank all the gods, there is a birthday party every year!

Kerstin, sie sieht toll aus, nicht?

Manchego, not to worry. One can not go to all blogs every day. That´d be like a 8 hour job!:)

At 17:31, Blogger windowtomymind said...

monika...part of my comment was to you and your mom. You have to be 28. Neither of you look your age, it must be the inside life out of the cold, certainly it is not genetics? LOL

At 18:44, Blogger Biene said...

I am innocent once again. The - and more - pictures were taken by Monika, she and my daughters chose this one, with my consensus, of course. If my beautifull boobs are offending somebody: just close your eyes:)

At 20:43, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

What a lovely lady you are! And so is Monika.

At 21:14, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Boobs must be celebrated! CELEBRATED I SAY! It is a boobaliciously tasteful picture and Biene, yours are magical as they nurtured so many children! I bow before you!

If anyone's offended, send them over to me for a dose of my Boob's rights post! They will wish they never spoke ill of a breast again! Oh My! ;-P

At 21:59, Blogger Mo'a said...

Wow!!!Biene 58 looks good on you :)
It must be true that 58 is the new 38.....it must be the good Icelandic water and the now famous rotten shark.....mmmm would love some of that now, along with pickled rhams balls and blood pudding....now that is a great menu, LOL what we miss from our homeland....add hardfisk.....mmmmmmmmmmmgood, I love Thorra Mat.

At 23:31, Blogger AP3 said...

Great picture! Sounds like a wonderful party.

At 05:27, Blogger DeAnn said...

Awww, sweet. Happy birthday mom!

At 14:10, Blogger cube said...

58? No way. Must be the cold weather that preserves you folks up there ;-)

Happy Belated Birthday!

At 16:35, Blogger Minka said...

It runs in her family. Her mom (my gran) doesn´t look her age either! Some people ar ejust lucky I guess :)

At 02:10, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Lovely photo! Have a wonderful year ahead!!


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