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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sunshine, Walk and Thursday Brain Teaser...

"No mommy, we are not talking to you right now. We´ll get back to you once you bought some more salat for us!" When I saw this picture it reminded me of Tom having difficulty with taking Icy´s picture. My birds can be quite a handful, too.

The sun came out again today. That should get us up to an even 10-15 hours this year:) This does not go unnoticed in Iceland. After four o´clock our ward met outside and we all took a one hour walk together. We, that is the people that work there. The old ones just looked at us in disbelief and mentioned that it was minus 6, windy and snow all over the place. We laughed, dressed warmly and braved the Icelandic winter. It is so nice to such a thing together, you hardly notice the distance you put behind you. We soaked up every ounce of sunshine. After the walk? I went back to work and stayed until 22 o´clock. That is right, 14 hours of work! If ever, you should forgive my spelling mistakes, today should be the one!:)

"When he wrote about a man’s trips to the moon he became the first science fiction writer in the early 1600s. He also wrote the first astronomy book to be based on Copernicus’ theory that the sun was the center of the universe. His research about the solar system expanded knowledge about the skies, especially with his laws of motion that explain the movements of the planets."

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and HINT! at the answer, thereby leaving clues for others and displaying your knowledge to me. I will try to answer, encourage or discourage you along the path of knowledge. Good luck everybody and happy HNT :)

Oh and it is MOM´s birthday tomorrow! In case anybody wants to send some Happy Birthday wishes :)

Posted by Minka :: 12:15 pm :: 33 Royal Subjects

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At 00:25, Blogger Doug said...

I suppose retrograde motion would explain why it's Thursday.

I actually have two guesses, would a hint be in order? One of my guesses is British and held the chair now held by Stephen Hawking and the other (I think) is Dutch.

At 00:37, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, he is not British or Dutch. However Holland is much closer to his nationality;) I still think you got it, just weren´t sure about teh nationality. Another clue-guess?

At 01:22, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Does this guy's name begin with the letter C?
If so, then I may know. If not, then this game is beyond my mental capacity.
So, you live in Iceland. I don't like cold weather, so I would not do well there. I would have to be near a cozy fire at all times. I'm sure it is very beautiful there though.
Thanks for dropping by my blog via Doug's place.
Enjoy what little sunshine you have there. Good for you for taking a walk in it. Soak it up!!

At 01:31, Blogger Minka said...

Hi Jamie and welcome...I kinda tried to find a harder one this Thursday. My readers usually find my Quiz too easy (what was I thinking asking about Francis Scott Key!?), but this time I went for a European variety and it seems to be a little harder.:) Finally I managed to tickle those brain cells. His name does not start with a C, sorry. His name starts with a letter that is not in your name, well display name that is!

At 02:45, Blogger Dan said...

Does it start with a K and involve a law of orbital motion? (I forget the official law's name)

At 04:30, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Love your blog, Ice Queen. Love to cuddle when it's cold. However, love to toast in the sun.

He was a mathematics teacher in Graz. He refused to convert to Catholicism. He was first in many discoveries:
First to investigate the formation of pictures with a pin hole camera. 1571-1630

First to explain the process of vision by refraction within the eye.

First to formulate eyeglass designing for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

First to explain the use of both eyes for depth perception.

And many, many more. Who was he? He was motion, he was the Harmonices Mundi.

At 05:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piano players use variations of them!

Love your sight and pictures.


At 05:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your on the money Dan. You deserve a glass of wine.


At 10:45, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Oh my God!!! It is soo cold! I think you need some Malaga sun! YES YOU DO! Come on over, relax, put your feet up, soak up the sun and let go! No working 14 hours here sis! I hope yu rest up oh Queen of ours!

At 11:45, Blogger Doug said...

Initials are next to each other in the alphabet and on the keyboard under your right hand?

At 12:53, Blogger Minka said...

Dan, yes his last name starts with K and he has done a lot with motions about teh sun, the eclipse and so forth...I think you got it!

windowtommymind...welcome and truly weel done, as soon as you mentioned Graz I knew you got it. Very good examples of K. many accomplishments.

Gary, welcome too...and I think we all should have a glass of wine. Red, preferably :)

Miz B. In Mai I´ll be in Barcelona and I think a trip to you down there is in order :)

Doug, There you go! Well done. Would you rather like a beer of a glass of wine?

At 13:14, Blogger Doug said...

Peppermint tea? Copernicus died of drink.

At 13:24, Blogger Minka said...

Peppermint tea...I loves it! It is the only tea for me, really! hey that rhymes!

Copernicus dies of drink? i am sure it couldn´t have been peppermint leaves, he used in that brew!

At 13:41, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

*bohemian gets funky wid it at the thought of Monika in Malaga*

Let me see y'all freak now! Freak, freak y'all!

Note: Freakin' be a dance, see what I'm sayin'?

At 15:02, Blogger cube said...

The author of Mysterium cosmographicum, perhaps?

At 15:16, Anonymous logo said...

When you finally get some sun you MUST take advantage, definitely!
And I hope you don't work those kinds of hours too often, not so good for the health, physically or mentally!
Happy HNT

At 15:31, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. I love to see you dance, that rhythm and soul and pure energy! "You are the Dancing Queen..." i am sure soemwhere within you there is Swedish blood;)

Cube, the very same!

Logo and a happy HNT to you too. I was almost gonna publish a picture of my ear! But i refrained, some people are weird when it comes to ears! :)

At 16:01, Blogger Doug said...

No, strong drink I think (it's a day for rhyming)

The way I heard the story he got rotten drunk and his bladder ruptured in the carriage on his way home.

At 16:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riddles. I can't do riddles. Just popping in to say "hey". I fallen into smart blogs. Dear God. I'm in over my head.

At 16:39, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Let me be the first to comment on the beautiful birdies. U can really see who is in charge there. Give Derrick and Harry a kiss from daddy and tell them I'm coming tomorrow. And Sabine, happy birthday!

At 17:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking more along the lines of "JOHANNES" burg Reisling but red will do just fine.
What a witty sight I have happened upon.


At 18:58, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, Oh I thought he died of some heart attack or soemthing, never heard your ending before. I´ll check up on it, rest assured!

Jenna, we both know youa re a smart lady and a good writer. Riddles however are not for everybody :)

Tryggvi, yeah..at least we got those two right!!! I think they take more after me when theya re not talking ;)

Gary, wellhinted and suggetsed :) I´ll take a glass of that...can´t hurt!

At 19:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Queen!! I have learned so much this morning about your land. I have read about your glaciers, geysers, mountains, wildlife and in particular a certain waterfall of some noted fame. What would be the chance that the teacher in you could find a way to take a photo of yourself in front of that wonder and share that experience and perhaps challenge us with an insightful trivia question as a bonus ??????

Vancouver, WA

At 20:51, Blogger Dan said...

woohoo! i feel special. bring on the next quiz!

At 20:51, Blogger Minka said...

The chances on that are high! Since I have a photo of myself in several of these natural sights here. You see, as royalty here, I am invited to all sorts of openings and gatherings.
Who knows I might have a photo coming up soon. But if you scroll down or check older posts, there are several pictures along the way, that you can find! Iceland is a magical country, so beautiful and unique in its nature and I applaud thee for your curiosity!!!

At 20:52, Blogger Minka said...

Dan, we posted at the same time :)
yes, you shoudl feel special and there is a trivia quiz every Thursday. Hope to see you again!

At 21:51, Blogger Sar said...

Must everything be over my mushy brain today? I will not risk embarrassing myself again, so I'll just say hello, admire your pretty birdies, and be on my way.

At 22:28, Blogger Biene said...

This is a ton of news for me. But I am not sure. If I would guess about the first science fiction writer I would think of Jules Verne. But he was much later. So I just guess.

At 22:31, Blogger Biene said...

So, after reading the post I probably guessed wrong. Sh..

At 23:11, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Monika, I think its great that you and others took advantage of the sun shining and went for a walk. I don't envy your long work day though.

I've been extra busy this week. Tonight will make three nights in a row that I had a meeting to go to and Saturday afternoon I need to help one of my uncles sort through some of his historical books and things in preparation for his move to a personal care room at a retirement home. I guess this is my way of saying I would have loved to have googled for an answer to your quiz question if time would have been more plentiful. Maybe another week. :)

At 23:48, Blogger Minka said...

sar, Hi to you sis and there is always another Thursday, except the world does and on a Wednesday, right after tea-time;)

Mom, you are excused...it is almost your birthday...in about 12 minutes!

tim rice...I totally understand that life sometimes interferes with my Thursday Trivia...but i expect you fit and ready next Thursday;)

At 01:51, Blogger Minka said...

Mom, your hint went rigth over my head!
"Ton of news"...very smart, although not the guy we are looking for!
The answer to this deligthful trivia is german-born Johannes Keppler!

At 02:06, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

So, I guess Doug knew the answer and no one else had a clue. I know I was clueless!!


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