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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just embarrassing...

I am almost glued to the television. The Olympic games are on and I can hardly do anything else. While I was watching bobsleigh, where Germany won Gold,Silver and Bronze in the Women´s finals. We are just good at that and it is a dicipline I can not miss.

In one of the races,I couldn´t believe my eyes. On the cap of our winner for the Silver medal, the German colours of our flag sparkled as if washed with Vanish Oxygen. Very nice indeed. Black, Gold and Red. Just wonderful...wait a sec aren´t Germany´s colours Black, Red and Gold?
That is right, they screwed up the order and I feel it is only right to pass our silver medal to Belgium. After all, they haven´t won a medal in bobsleighing for a very, very long time and would welcome a change.

Just to make sure:

I mean seriously, how can that happen? The only excuse I´d accept is "Made in Korea" or something like that. If a German company is behind that: "Shame on you!" In all fairness, we don´t hang our flags out every day and take them in again when it rains, but it is the Olympic Games and nationalities and flags are important, in a symbolic way, of course.
I suggest that from now on Germany will be known for its chocolate and Belgium gets our sausages! It´s only right.

Posted by Minka :: 4:15 pm :: 19 Royal Subjects

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At 17:31, Blogger Doug said...

That was a fun post, Monika. Is Belgian Sausage an appropriate Valentine's Day present?

I think you should take the waffles, too.

At 18:06, Blogger Minka said...

I am already in contact with the Begian embassy and at the moment we are haggling between waffles and "Eisbein und Sauerkraut". That sure is a thing I would like to export. But they won´t give in until I also give them the patent to the 21st century German-mullet haircut! You know the fun with the short hair in frotn and long in the back? Germans seems to be strangely proud of it.

At 19:54, Blogger Jodes said...

I saw your comment on Miz Bohemia, I love coffee too!!!!

At 23:29, Blogger windowtomymind said...

Sorry about the flag. Oh well! Sh*t happens. Hmmm, Chocolate Covered Sausages,I would try it. Perhaps you could export that...or is somebody already doing it?

At 00:59, Blogger actonbell said...

I enjoyed this:) That's a strange mistake, indeed--at the Olympics! Where flags seem to be so important...oy

At 01:05, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

Oooops! That's a bad mistake!

At 04:31, Blogger Sar said...

Yikes indeed! But Doug's right; you took a simple oddity and made such a deliciously satirical post out of it. *Bravo*

Btw, congrats on being one of this week's top 5 finalists in the caption contest!

At 07:16, Blogger Tryggvi said...

That is a bad mistake and a very unusual one for the Germans. But very funny post Monika. Anyway, I hear the Belgians are looking to trade since their deal with the Russians fell through. Apparently it was just too difficult getting those waffels into vodka bottles.

At 10:57, Blogger Minka said...

Jodes, what a pleasure to se eyouover here! Hope you´ll become a regular.

windwtomymind, chocolate covered sausages? I think not! Chocolate covered waffle son the other hand are delicious;)

Actonbell...I am over it now, really! It doesn´t matter at all anymore. Nope! No problem, what so ever...I am not even thinking about it anymore :)

JD, Thank YOU!

Sar, ME??? Can´t be! let me check...yipeee I am smart, clever and witty. Thank goodness. Now we just have to find some like-minded people to vote for me. I encourage everybody-STRONGLY ;)

Tryggvi, darn those slim lubrication containers!!!

At 17:37, Blogger cube said...

A formal protest should be launched immediately and those responsible should be flogged until they drop...

not really, I just love saying that.

At 18:09, Blogger Doug said...

My brain feels so unteased. *sigh*

At 18:45, Anonymous Ásgeir said...

We tried to keep the truth hidden from you, but we didn't reckon with your bobsledding fetish ... Belgium just annexed Germany. From May 1st every German will have to speak flemish so you'd better learn quick ...

At 19:46, Blogger Johnboy said...

You would think the athletes or coaches might catch something like that. Everybody must be really excited and caught up in the moment. They should atleast ask for a discount!

At 20:54, Blogger Minka said...

Cube, reminds me of Bush´s speech after september 11th. "We will hunt and punish those responsible..." and hopefully those responsible are hiding in Iraque! :)

DOug, I am in the countryside as we speak and I don´t have the appropriate connections here. I will return tomorrow morning to town and put a lovely Trivia on first thing. I took some lovely pics here though for you. Hope that makes up for it a little!

Ásgeir, still alive? Thought those tschechs had gotten to you by now;) And I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Belgian flag..."mrsnd flksda tudnak!" And my Flemish is coming along just fine, thank you! After the incident some people went and asked people on the street about the colours of our flag and how they are ordered. German Jay-walking let me tell you!

At 21:57, Blogger dddragon said...

They just need a "this end up" notation somewhere.

At 16:33, Blogger birdwoman said...

you really gotta wonder how that happened!!


At 20:55, Blogger Minka said...

3D, it still wouldn´t be right. Regardless how much you turn and circle that Belgian flag, the colours will never make the German order!

birdwoman, it is inconceivable to me that that could happen! But they recified their mistake and I think I might get over it. With the appropriate amount of sessions at my shrink of ocurse ;)

At 04:44, Anonymous pia said...

Belgian waffles and German chocolates. I don't know; something not Kosher about that.

Can't help loving Miz Boho desite her weird dislike of coffee, my favorite of all food groups.

Sar's contests are challenging with incredible people and I'm so not clever enough! Congrats

At 11:00, Blogger Minka said...

Pia...what an honour. Welcome and dido on teh coffee, first thing almost every morning;)


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