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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I did it...

and nobody seems to be surprised. I passed my written driving test today with flying colours. Mom drove me to the test and picked me up and all she said when I told her was: "Gee, great!- but how do you feel about lending me your laptop for a couple of experiments I have been thinking about?!" Gees, thanks Mom!

But in all seriousness, I had fun. First of all I was the only remotely grown up person there. The rest of the gang were some nervous teens trying to keep their feet from shaking. One guy broke his pencil during an exam which made the girl sitting next to him role her eyes, in a manner only teenage girls can display!
I got the test in two languages, Icelandic and English and I thought that was mighty big of them. You would need them too if you were German and confronted with a word like: vegöxl!

After about 12 minutes I stood up handing in my sheet(we had 45 minutes), I wasn´t sure if I was supposed to laugh or cry. You be the judge:

You see a yellow sign with a red circle around it and the number 60 written on it. What does this sign signify?
a) the maximum speed limit is 60kmh
b) you are not allowed to drive lower than 60 kmh
c) it is ok to ignore the sign if you are in a hurry and need to go faster

Seriously! I kid you not...

But I did make a mistake. Well, not really a mistake. In the multiple choice section there was a question that had two right answers. I crossed just one of them. And I do feel a little bad about it. Everybody knows how nerdy I am when it comes to tests.

But alas, the first step towards that pink little booklet has been taken and it is only a matter of days before I am allowed to hit the road again and conciously ignore all those wonderful rules I just learned. For instance, you can tell a foreigner in Iceland by his use of the indicator light. To us it means "Why in the name of Thor are you believing that I give a da** where you wanna go?"

Happy driving everybody!

Posted by Minka :: 1:23 am :: 44 Royal Subjects

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At 02:42, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Congratulations! Driving does give one some freedom; though on the other hand, a car can take an unsightly portion of one's budget. But I rather have one than not at least at this stage in my life. Enjoy!

At 02:43, Blogger Minka said...

Well, i am not aloud to drive yet, I still have to pass the actual driving...and my parking is just not impressive. But I will use the long eyelash approach :)

At 03:07, Blogger Johnboy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 03:13, Blogger Johnboy said...

Congradulations Monica!!! Yeah!!

Most of our signs with a yellow background usually mean caution!

At 03:50, Blogger actonbell said...

Happy driving, and congrats!
vegoxl??? eeeek

At 04:59, Blogger Doug said...

Well done, Madame! Did you cricle the answers or hint at them?

At 04:59, Blogger Doug said...

Oh, and I think Actonbell's eek was scrabble euphoria.

At 06:34, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Well done! I knew u would do fine. Just remember that one (and only) time I got a higher grade than u, in that Fjalldal's class at University. After that spectacular win I can retire happily.

At 06:38, Blogger Logophile said...

You are awesome, and the road test will go just as well, I am sure.
Well done, Ice Queen!

At 10:52, Blogger consise10 said...

Congratulations Monika.

At 11:29, Blogger Biene said...

oh, Monika, you forgot: I didn´t pick you up but I waited in the car for nearly an hour and my thoughts were drifting, of course.
But however, I must confess, I never doubted that you would answer your questions right in the shortest time possible.

At 12:14, Blogger Minka said...

Johnboy ...you would probably pass teh test as well. I think the red colour is always an indication for caution!

Actonbell...this word would give you many points in scrabble. let us just say you would put the x on a tripple letter count! Inc ase people shoudl ask what it is supposed to mean you refer them right back to me;)

Doug, I crossed them and wrte behind every stupid option "Are you kiddin' me?"

tryggvi, you got that one better grade because you are Icelandic, and becuase Magnus probably thought, I can´t gove her a ten again, she would stop coming to my classes and I´d miss her intelligent conversations so much ;)

logophile, I could use some of your convictions about me. I´ll just do my best and that will be it!

concise 10. Thank you!

Mom, too high expectations of ones children, make parents oversee small victories. And you didn´t even wanna go with me and have a piece of cake! I am hurt ;)

At 14:14, Blogger karma said...

hey, that's great! when are you taking us for a ride? wait - you already did that, right? :P

At 14:42, Blogger Sar said...

Way to go, Monika! I knew you'd pass with flying street light colors. How in the name of Thor can you read Icelandic. I'm doubly impressed.

At 15:03, Blogger AsianSmiles said...

Congrats, Monika! goodluck on the actual driving exam.

"and my parking is just not impressive. But I will use the long eyelash approach :) " - best technique ever!


At 16:12, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Monika! Congratulations hermana!!! I knew you would do fantastically well and how good it feels to be proven right! ;-P

Loverboy and I have to take our tests here... it is sooo expensive! Back in SF it cost $12 and the test is easy! Here, you are looking at at least 600 euros and good luck to you because they make it so that you fail so that they can have more money put into the system...

US licenses are not accepted and we were lucky to find an insurance agent who found us car insurance as no one insures people with US licenses here in Europe! Ugh! I am not looking forward to it!

You are DONE with it though! YAY!

At 17:34, Blogger cube said...

Gosh, just how young are you? The rules are way different here. I was driving when I was 15!

BTW you sound happier today. It's good to see.

At 18:35, Blogger Minka said...

Karma, it seems like Tuesday I am gonna take all of you for a ride! Since on Monday I am gonna take my practical driving test and than I will be done with the whole deal! For teh second time, mind you!

Sar, not only can I read it, I also speak and write it. Also my written version of Icelandic is pretty ambigious to the natives here ;)

Miz B. It costs an arm and a leg here as well. Considering that I am doing it for the second time...I put quite some money into the state here. But alas, anything to be driving in this climate.

Cube, I think my profile pretends I am 28. I am! I did my driver´s license when I was 20 (18 is the youngets here). Due to a little fault of my own I did not renew my license on the right date, therefore the police thought it necessary that I´d take the entire program again. Which is unfair, I have never done anything (7,9,13!!!), no points no bills...anything at all and me they pick to punish becuase I forgot a date. Bugger them...

At 19:26, Blogger SquareGirl said...

I know! I know! the answer is c! ...isn't it?

Congratulations! I actually forgot to renew my liscence on my last bbirthday and had this fear that I would have to re-take the test, but for some reason, they just let me send 'em a check...

At 20:08, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

The cops there must not have much else to worry about if they have to pick on you for that.

At 21:11, Blogger Crescendo said...

Bravo Monika !

At 22:06, Blogger Minka said...

Squaregirl, that is right. The answer is C! You are King of the Road and whichever speedlimit you set is the law :)

Tom&Icy, there is still little crime in Iceland compared to other countries. It is too small and everybody is related somehow. If you rob a bank, your cousin might be working there...that kinda thing. So i think my offense was huge and therefore severely punished.

crescendo, bravissimo!

At 13:39, Blogger frankengirl said...

"Everybody knows how nerdy I am when it comes to tests."

Ah, long live the nerds!

btw, I love your banner! :)

At 13:56, Blogger Minka said...

frankengirl, Thank you! But Miz.B (in my sidebar, the crazy red-head) is solely responsible for the amazing layout of thsi blog!

At 08:23, Blogger Brooklyn Blowhard said...

What's it like driving a reindeer?

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