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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am moving as we speak...

Boxes are packed and stacked, I can´t find the things I am looking for-so much for my organization skills. This night I had to go to the bathroom and I am not even gonna try to explain over how many things I stumbled. Sunday the big things get picked up and I will be back at Mom´s and Dad´s place.
This is the sad part: I don´t know about my computer connection yet. It is a horror just to think of it. So in case you find me absent from your blogs it is not lack of love, interest or time...but rather locational troubles. I can´t live without blogspot.com and therefore will try everything in my power to connect!
Meanwhile, I will leave you with this wonderful song. Give him some time to get started, he has an important message. I´ll miss you guys!

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At 20:39, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

OH THE HORROR! No internet connection! I at least have one... a shitty one but one nonetheless... I feel for you my sistah!

Hope the move goes smoothly and that you adjust to life back at home well...

Many kisses to you my dear!

At 20:53, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Moving is always a mess getting things rehooked. We'll be patient with you and keep checking. Hope all goes well.

At 21:55, Blogger Tim Rice said...

I wish you the best, Monika. I'll keep checking back here in hopes that you get an internet connection. I don't know how it is in Iceland; but some people here connect via a local library. I know that isn't real convenient; but maybe you could up with some of your friends that way if a personal access point doesn't work out.

By the way, the song was poignant.

At 22:02, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. it is gonna be a matter of days. I already have some ideas of connecting myself!

T@I, you keep on checking, besides I have computer access at work, so I can at least comment during my shifts.

Tim Rice, Iceland is very high up there with the rest of the world. I think we are 7th when it comes to standart of life. A connection will be established...if it is the last thing I do!

At 23:20, Anonymous logo said...

Love the song, we will be waiting for you here, right here, impatiently.

At 23:25, Blogger Mo'a said...

Good luck on your move. I will be thinking about you. I love that song. You are beautiful, and I am sure there is a bright future for you.

At 23:46, Blogger mireille said...

You're such a sweetie. K is an old friend from the fragrance board ... and she will appreciate your good wishes! ♥ xoxo

At 00:08, Blogger Minka said...

mirelle, a child is my greatest wish and I enjoy people having that miracle happen to them, especially if wanted :)

At 00:38, Blogger snavy said...

Hope that moving goes well and you get yourself connected real soon.

I love that song and video - very moving - thanks!

At 02:08, Blogger karma said...

i will miss you honey! get back soon!

At 06:07, Anonymous pia said...

Can't imagine being without an interent connection, though many people have been telling me that it would be very good for my mental well being

The song was very beautiful, really

hope the move goes well

At 07:48, Blogger consise10 said...

Hey Monika..Im sure it will all be resolved soon and you'll be back entertaining us with your mind.

At 12:41, Blogger Minka said...

snavylyn, welcome here! I´ll be back in no time and I hope we will be able to get more aquainted!

Karma, I´ll miss you too and keep that Champagne cool!

Pia...everything is almost out of this apartment. A couple of things and my internet connection are still here. The last thing I am gonna do is unplug me from the world;)

consise 10, there is no doubt in my mind! See you soon!

At 17:01, Blogger Marie said...

Hello back - I guess we can be Monikas together!

I'll go with you with two of your movies: The Shawshank Redemption (great book, too) Schindler´s List (fascinating story)

I like several of your favorite books - started reading Lovely Bones at a Starbucks while waiting for my sandwich - I want to finish it now!..

At 17:35, Blogger Minka said...

Monika 2, it is so great to know another Monika adn with a K! Great stuff. Than you must also read her other book "Lucky". I loved it juts as much as "Lovely Bones". I taught it in class and the girls liked it very much, the guys not so much:)

At 19:36, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! What is happening??! Which one is my sister? There are no avatars here and I feel blind and lost, LOST! Monika, where are you?!?!?

There are two of you! TWO! Wha....?

At 00:34, Blogger Sar said...

Good luck with your move and finding your internet connection (remember, follow the yellow brick road). I feel Monika withdrawl setting in already. *sigh* See you when you get settled.

Btw, when I watched the video I thought the dude was going to drop trou and that was the important message you wanted us to see. I'm so bad.

At 12:07, Blogger Doug said...

Good luck with the move and the connection. You'll be missed but we'll keep a vigil, I'll start with a two-day candle.

At 13:23, Blogger Fahd Mirza said...

best of luck and if you need I can lend you a virtual hand. :)

At 14:55, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Good luck with it all!

At 18:41, Blogger Minka said...

Miz Bohemia, I was just as shocked, but now I kinda like the idea!

Doug, a two day candle? I am not sure that it is enough. I changed my wireless network connection over to a new phoneline. And gree-eued guy said it should work in a couple of days. Meanwhile: there is a computer at work, at the library and mom has one too. So at least I am gonna comment!

Fahd, thank you for the internet gesture :)

TLP, everything is gonna be a OK! :)

At 19:04, Blogger Sar said...

You missed my comment. And here I thought it was I who was supposed to me missing you. *sigh* ;)

So good to see you've found a way to stay connected.

At 20:02, Blogger Biene said...

All our house (three computers) is uncennected at the moment as there is some problem with the telephon intake into the house. But hopefully it will be fixed soon. I am writing from the countryside.

At 20:23, Blogger Minka said...

Sar, I am so sorry. That was a huge oversight and I hope in time we can forget this incident. I don´t know how I didn´t notice you there! Big atlantic hugs!

Mom, yeah...I´ve noticed. Not happy about that! But I moved my line over and soon we will be connected, for good!

At 21:38, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Hi Sistah!

I come to you via the comments because I just love making the numbers go up! UP THEY GO!!!!

I have added some new code to perfect the template to allow for people to link to you easier and to your posts etc...

I can do this for you in two ways... either send me your template as you have it and I can tweak it and send it back to you and tell you what else needs doing or you can sign me on as a team member, I enter your place, tweak it and fix it and then sign me off!

Let me know! I want the Ice Queen's domain to be perfect!

Hope the move went well and that all is well and cozy at home with your dear Mom and Dad!

Much love!


At 11:33, Blogger actonbell said...

I hope your move goes well and will look forward to seeing you back:)

At 15:09, Blogger windowtomymind said...

This morning I put my warm tongue on an ice cube and my brain froze...and I thought about The Ice Queen!

I ran naked outside in the morning freeze and my body froze...and I thought about The Ice Queen!

I am on the move like you but only in spirit. So here I am. Are you settled yet? Are you happy?

I'll have to get a cup of hot java to help thaw my brain and body. Then, I'll think quickly about the time I temporarily moved back in with my parents.

At 18:39, Blogger cube said...

You're back! I was unable to post for several days. Sending good moving vibes your way.

BTW I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your comments on the dirty ice post of my blog. Very clever.

At 18:53, Blogger Minka said...

Miz B. that sounds great. As soon as I fugure out how to make you a team member-and I would be honoured!- we will take it on!

Actonbell, thank you. All the stuff has been moved. My birds are adapting well. All boxes are now in my room and it seems an everest to deal with. But it shall be done.

Windowtomymind, you are back, yeah! Will be back online tomorrow-according to green eyed guy at the interent store...so I can do some serious catching up with you guys.

Cube, I am glad you appreciated it and I enjoy your page very much!

At 20:26, Blogger Sar said...

Monika - all is forgiven though will be retained as fodder for future comedic purposes *big atlantic hugs* right back at ya! :)


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