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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Countryside and a belated Thursday Trivia!

Sorry for my absence, but nature called. Not the restroom, the coutnryside! I packed a couple of things and drove an hour outside of Reykjavik. I spend two lovely days there being
a) really cold,
b) sleeping in a bed that was two heads smaller than I,
c) bathing horses and
d) getting a stomach virus

So, don´t you say there is nothing of magnitude you can accomplish in two days!

But all in all, it was fun and I enjoyed giving those horses a good rub-down. Did you guys know that there is shampoo and conditioner for horses? No? Well, now you do and it even smells ok! On the picture you see Prins(the horse) and my sister. Yeah, we were not making a fashion-statement, that´s for sure:)

The horses were really messy and it took a long time just to clean 6 of them, nevermind the freezing cold! So, as you can see, after a decent shower all of them sported a bath-type fashion robe, to keep the heat inside and the cold out.
Small detail, meanwhile I was freezing cold, my clothes were wet and I am sure my hair was in disarray, but I did not dare to check. Nobody offered me a blanket!
But all work has to come to an end, as you can see in the picture I did survive and saw the evening sun painting the sky with unlimited colours, it seemed.

So, now for our Thursday Brain Teaser:

"His real first name was Joseph, but when he fell down a flight of stairs at the age of 6 months, Harry Houdini gave him what would become his famous nickname. By the time he was 3, he was part of his parents’ acrobat act. In silent films he honed his slapstick skills. His trademarks were an upturned hat and a deadpan expression. At the end of his career he appeared in Limelight with Charlie Chaplin and Beach Blanket Bingo with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon."

If you think you got it, go to the comment section and HINT!!! at the answer, thereby leaving clues for your fellow quizzers while showing me brains!

Posted by Minka :: 1:49 pm :: 31 Royal Subjects

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At 15:10, Blogger Jodes said...

YUCK, stomach flu. Poor girl!!! Thanks for coming by and the great advice, you made a very good point.

At 15:32, Blogger Minka said...

My pleasure and welcome back!

At 18:09, Blogger Doug said...

Are we supposed to hint at the answer for this? This is an easy one for an old cowboy. The answer is one more than you're supposed to.

At 19:11, Blogger Johnboy said...

If were supposed to hint I say one more than 6 and one less than 8.

At 19:15, Blogger Johnboy said...

I fear you miss understood my Miz B. situation! We were laughing about her section under everything Miz B. and "Miz B. defined" link. One of her link sites in there lead me to quite an interesting destination might we say. So I had to poke a little fun with her. She was a good sport!

At 19:40, Blogger Minka said...

Doug...thanks for making that clear!

Johnboy...I know, it was juts another opportunity for me to stand by my sistah and against the "females" to whom you linked. Coincidently I was offered a couple of ***-girls yesterday night while browsing ;)

At 19:42, Blogger Minka said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 20:23, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Love the horses! Looks like a great place where you live.

At 20:32, Blogger Minka said...

Tom&Icy, I don´t live there. My sister live sthere and whenever I get the chance I go to teh countryside and visit the, ride horses and play with her kids. I love those trips.

At 21:34, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

What a nice trip, except for the stomach virus, and I'm sure nature DID call as a result of that stomach virus. I hope you are well now.

Doug should just do us all a favor and just answer these brain teasers on his first comment. I may know this one, but I'm afraid to even hint at it for fear of being way off base.

At 21:57, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Monika, I loved your sunset picture. And it's good to take a couple days off now and then.

As for your brain teaser, was the guy famous for multiplying billiard balls and bird cage with a bird inside it that would disappear?

At 22:32, Blogger Johnboy said...

If I only had the key! But I think I busted on this one.

At 22:42, Blogger Minka said...

JD, I put the Trivia in later, so when Doug came by, it wasn´t even there. :) I am sure he´ll come up with a greta hint, which will leave me turn the dictioanry pages and research on the internet. Some people are just too smart for my own good!
But, please hint away...even Doug has made mistakes once in a while ;)

Johnboy, very well done and subtle. Proud you are a player. It took me a second! Well done!

Tim Rice...what did I just say about research?! :) I have to check and will get abck to you on that!

At 23:36, Blogger Doug said...

Just a guess, but did he star in the movie The Aviator?

You took down the four-horse trailer any decent wrangler could get five horses in and made me look a fool. *Pouts*

At 23:46, Blogger Minka said...

Ahh Dougie, *pad, pad* it is alright. I thought you might like this Trivia better than the horse trailor...which fit 7 horses!!!

At 01:23, Blogger Johnboy said...

ALRIGHT!!! I'm more proud of guessing the right number of horses than about your second trivia. Johnboy stands here throwing confetti in the air in celebration. Now I have to go get the vacuum cleaner!

Thank you Monika for the Trivia!!!:)

At 02:15, Blogger karma said...

i haven't a clue who you are talking about! but looks like you went to a fabulous place. didn't understand why you bathed horses, either!

At 02:46, Anonymous logo said...

Poor Monika, hope you are feeling all better!
Gorgeous pic of the sun...aaah, sun, it's a good thing.

At 06:28, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I am loving these Icelandic adventures of yours! Of course, easy for me since here I am, warm and cozy at home reading about you freezing and observing the pictorial proof! Come to Spain already and be warm with me!!!

Brains... I am afraid mine are fried at the moment! Will have to shock them into action soon!

Thank you my sistah for standing up for my honor and proving to the world and a certain cheeky gentleman that I am not a pimp! NOT A PIMP!

At 08:05, Blogger consise10 said...

Wow interesting short braek you ` had washing those horses in the freezing cold! as for the answer To your skit in bold hmmm I have no idea!

At 10:56, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, I am sure he could be responsible for both of these things. he was amazing. BUt I am not a hundred percent sure :( Can you give me another hint?

Doug, serious? He was born in 1895 and died in 1966...was tehre a corpse acting in the movies?

Johnboy, little celebration wave for you!

Karma, they can get so dirty and the hair and everything was hardened by the winter and othe rthings;). If they have sand and dirt on them and we ride them it can hurt them. So once in a blue moon they get a shower. They were inside and had warm water and some clothes...

Logo, I hear you. Whenever I see the sun and that is not a lot here over winter, my spirits lift and my hand goes for the camera to capture those rays!

Miz. B. I would always stand up for you against vicious females or lovely gentlemen. Hugs and smooches!

consise10, not to worry...so far Johnboy is the only one who takes the podium with confetti and all:)

At 12:38, Blogger Johnboy said...

I simply question the sultry road that one site in question traveled. Your virtue my dear is completely intact. You have my arm extended... a lady has left the building!!

At 12:58, Blogger Minka said...

Johnboy, what a gentleman you are *queen puts her hand graciously in his extended arm and gracefully walks away with a knowing nod*
I know there was no harm meant, I just thought that since you linked to them they might come and check out your blog and I wanted to be there and show where my loyalties lie...

At 14:57, Blogger Tim Rice said...

Alright, Monika, I had the wrong Joseph - an older one but a contemporary of Houdini. But I have the right Jospeh now. The correct Joseph married a dancer twenty one years younger than he.

At 15:21, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

You have a blushing bohemian on your hands dear Gary! Thank you! I know you were joking around but, believe it or not, I have received some emails questioning what happened and what I was up to!

At 15:22, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

And Monika, my dear sister, all I can say is that thank you and... who looveees ya? You'd better know the answer to that one! ;-)

At 17:16, Blogger Johnboy said...

So much love! So much etiquette! and if those bitches come-a-hunting me I know who's got this rookies back! I will have my posie and we will ride and we will.......Sorry johnboy carried away now.... I go calm down and get sleep for more fun tomorrow. Night to all!!

At 18:26, Blogger Minka said...

Tim, right you are!

MizB. and Johnboy, I am armed and ready to shoot. We don´t have a constitution here, but if I get caught i´ll juts take the fifth!

At 04:55, Blogger Sar said...

Whoooeee am I ever late to the party. Monika, I'm sorry to hear you suffered through being freezing, sleeping squished and a tummy virus, but I'm so happy you had an otherwise nice respit. You of all people deserved it!

As for the quiz, let's just say I'm not the brightest of the sistahs because I came up empty.

At 17:06, Blogger Minka said...

The answer, fellow quizzers is Buster Keaton and now everybody do it with me: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

At 19:16, Blogger ariel said...

were oh were I was. I love the guy.


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