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Friday, January 27, 2006

What an ass am I?

If you are tempted to answer this, don´t!!!
I have to re-do my driver license. No, I did not break the law...I just kinda forgot to renew it in time.

It all started when I tried to be really German. I found the car I wanna buy. I phoned the police station to ask if all my papers are in order, when they started with: "Funny you should ask...!" and I knew it was downhill from there. It turned out I hadn´t renewd it in time and no other option but to get my behind to the next police station and file for a new one.

This involves me getting in touch with a driving instructor, an applictaion for written and practical tests and if I am not mistaken a little trip to the doctor might be involved as well. It is fun being me! It will cost me a hea of money I so could have used for a new pair of boots! This pic is for Sar, ´cause she likes heels, made me Queen of Blogs for a week and also recently became a sister of mine:)

So today I met my driving instructor and he is a piece of cake...I used my eye-lashes and my "I am just a cute, slightly dumb foreigner" method and had him talking to me about his life in no time. So, as a result he got distracted and it turns out I don´t need to take any driving lessons *blink, blink*. It does amaze me though, as we were driving all the cars around us where driving so much faster, with no idea what an indicator light is for. And next to me my driving instructor trying to teach me all that stuff nobody uses, once they pass the test. I told him so and he laughed.

Next step...hand in an applictaion for a new license and the written test. I always pass tests, not worried about that one. I work very well under pressure. I suck when it comes to write an essay with no due date! First I thought I would bug me to pay money for stuff I already should have, but I discovered a couple of sales on my way and got to bitch about Icelandic driving. An hour with a psychiatrist would cost more :)

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At 01:27, Blogger Sar said...

Your sister, Duchess of Scandinavia, loves the nod and the heels! I want a high heel car. That would be cool. I'd put my "I'd Rather Be Blogging" license plate frame on it and tool around town in sassy style.

Oh, and batting your eyelashes and using your feminine wiles to get your way? Proof we must be related! ;)

At 05:51, Blogger Doug said...

I'm watching my wallet around both you coquettes.

That was a TLP-funny post, Monika and the cartoons were great except the third one *lowers voice to add solemnity* which I found misogynistic and very inappropriate however accurate it may have been.

At 14:24, Blogger Fred said...

Funny about the essays. When I assign them with a few days advance notice, it really doesn't matter. Every single kid will write them the night before and not take advantage of the two or three days. Many will write them the period before my class.

*rolling eyes*... Kids.

At 15:51, Blogger Doug said...

Fred, that was me. I finished essays by sitting in back and writing the conclusion before the teacher picked it up.

At 16:31, Blogger Sar said...

Oh Doug, you'd never know what hit you. Right, Monika?

As for last minute essays? Me too, I used to think up & type my essays in typing class which thankfully was early in the day. And that was back in the days of electric typewriters, mind you. I guess you could say it paid off! ;)

At 16:47, Blogger Biene said...

So, now you must come and show me what you bought!I´m suffering in bed with a bad cold and a nice book. Lookk at your pic at my place if you like.

At 20:49, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Flirting to get your way! It sounds like we could form a very lethal trio you, Sar and I! Flirting goes a long way here in Spain. However, once in California I was caught taking pics of a building that had beautiful lines and perspective (bohemians loooveee lines and perspective) and the security guard wanted to take my roll of film away as it was illegal to photograph it! I was on the roof and everything too. I came up with a full force Spanish accent (which I don't naturally have), eyes wide open, looked scared (I did have an army of security coing after me in the distance) and the guard who caught me, being black, took sympathy on the fellow minority and told her to run to her car and get out of there as he would take care of the others. My hero!

Seriously, cater to a man and his overinflated ego and get away with murder! MURDER I SAY!

At 22:27, Blogger Minka said...

Sar, of course we are...I always use feminine powers to deal with problems I can´t be bothered to go through discussing.
Doug, I am a woman and I stand to the fact that I am a lousy parker. I never back into a parking spot! Thank goodness Iceland is big enough for me and my seclusive parking spot selctions:)
Fred, I used to write my essay always as soon as the theme was given...contruct a skeleton structure in my head...write the first draft, rewrite, a second draft....and so on. No, juts kidding:) an hour before class used to suffice:)
Doug, somehow I can believe that. Not because you were laze, but rather because you were so talented that you had to challenge yourself with giving you the smallest amount of time possible.
Sar, I never learned typing on a typewriter..so arcaic now! But i love watching those little silver rods clicking uo and falling back and leaving an inkspot on the paper.
Mom...haven´t we talked about teh picture publishing? Not to worry, we´ll go through it next time we see.
Miz Bohemia...we could be like: "Doug´s Harpies" :)

At 03:15, Blogger AP3 said...

Monika, I'm shocked! I thought Germans were always on time.

That sounds like a pain, taking the test again.

At 06:16, Anonymous logo said...

If the eye lash batting doesn't work you can always try pathetic sobbing.

At 11:47, Blogger Doug said...

Aral makes a good point. Das bekannte Deutsche ordnung! Are you a mutant or has iceland ruined you?

At 13:55, Blogger Minka said...

AP3 and Doug: Well it all starts with me neing one fourth Spanish, I love Briatain and I live in Iceland. I think me confusion in time is perfectly understandable:)
Logo, the eye-lashes always work ;)

At 14:19, Blogger actonbell said...

Great post, and loved the cartoons! Good luck with getting this license snafu out of the way quick:) This is definitely something that could happen to me--I'm absent-minded and forget to do stuff all the time. Ekim keeps me in line.

At 16:27, Blogger Minka said...

Avtonbell...I´ll be sendign Ekim my scedule:) he can call me whenever I have an appointment! I think your Mom is also very organzied...does she need a project? :)

At 22:16, Blogger Doug said...

1/4 Spanish would do it.


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