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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tag ... I am it!

Yes, I kinda tagged myself... but it was initiated by TLP.

Seven things I want to do before I die:

1. Have at least one child, preferably two
2. Go to Venice...my dream since I had an idea that there are countries outside of East-Germany
3. Find the right Job for me
4. Bungee-Jumping...at leats once
5. Write a book together with Mom
6. Read a book by Laxness without dying of boredom
7. Learn how to wriggle my ears

Seven things I can do:

1. knit, sow, crochet...and many more
2. read a book from cover to cover in one sitting
3. speak 3 languages fluently - I am not talking about writing;)
4. attend to children - any age really...don´t know why that is
5. spend hours on the computer blogging
6. start one thing and finish it (except my final paper at the university:)
7. sit for 3 hours in a coffee house and talk with a good friend over one cup of coffee, without ever having to search for a topic of dicussion

Seven things I can't do:

1. make the first step
2. be confined in a tiny, closed space for more than a couple of minutes
3. cut other people´s toe nails
4. tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile
5. quickly distinguish between left and right
6. read Chinese
7. watch children being mistreated

Seven things that attract me to another person:

1. Humour, wit
2. the eyes and hands
3. a certain smile
4. loyalty
5. optimism
6. dependability
7. consideration for others

Seven things I say most often:

1. Hi
2. Bye
3. I don´t care!
4. Leave me alone!
5. How much?
6. Anyways,
7. How is the weather outside?

Seven people to do this game; Anyone who wants to: Tag You are it!

Posted by Minka :: 9:25 pm :: 13 Royal Subjects

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At 16:55, Blogger Doug said...

"I don't care?" Do you ever fool anyone?

At 17:04, Blogger Minka said...

Not really. And whenever I say it...I often mean teh eact opposite, just that my emotions a roller-coasting and I can´t express them as fast as my mind keeps spinning!

At 19:17, Blogger Biene said...

Monika, I hope you will not die for a long long time. And may all your wishes be fulfilled!
Yes come over, I am always ready. Set that on my list too: write a book with Monika.

At 23:53, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm glad you "accepted" the tag!

I hope you meet a wonderful man and have children. You're going to be a great mother.

At 00:01, Blogger Minka said...

Mom, thank you fairy godmother!
TLP, thank you for that. It is one of the most important things in my life and I kinda have the feeling I´d be good at it. Hell, I have seen to many examples of how not to do it, that I stand a good chance!

At 01:44, Blogger Sar said...

That's a great list, Monika.

Might I suggest combining a few? For instance, "start one thing and finish it" would come in handy when "bungee-jumping".

And I need a little clarification on one thing you say often, "how's the weather outside?". Um, is there weather inside?

Kidding - love ya! :)

At 01:59, Blogger Minka said...

Karma, there can be thunder and lightning inside your home. A storm could be on the horizon. A tempest might be brewing. Your place might look like a hurricane has run through...you see where I am going with this?
Everywhere weather!

At 02:01, Blogger Minka said...

And of course I meant to write Sar and not Karma...
By the way...TLP...I just thought about parenting, there is a manual somewhere, right?!

At 10:25, Blogger Sponge Girl said...

God dag, monika.

Admittedly my Icelandic is a bit on the rusty side, so Swedish will have to suffice.

See, I'm trying to impress you already.

Thanks for visiting. Interesting lists, although I would personally never, ever list "bungee jumping".

Sponge Girl may be a bit crazy sometimes, but she ain't no suicidal fool.

All due respect, of course.

At 12:07, Blogger Minka said...

Sponge girl, welcome! It is an honour indeed and kudos on the Wednesday entry on Waking Ambrose!

At 12:22, Blogger Doug said...

I think Sar's on to something, combining ambitions for efficiency's sake. What about bungee-jumping and having babies?

By the way, I don't think "I don't care" has ever been said by anyone who didn't mean the exact opposite since we were learning to make fire.

At 17:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmh, die Islandglocke von Laxness ist doch gar nicht so schrecklich langweilig!

Ich möchte in meinem Leben alle Kontinente gesehen haben! Und mein Referendariat ohne Schaden an Leib und Seele überstehen!

Gruß von Kerstin

At 22:06, Blogger Minka said...

Ich drueck die Daumen ganz dolle!


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