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Friday, December 30, 2005

A true friend...

Yesterday I had a day off from work. About time. I took the opportunity and went with mom to the countryside where we visited family. My little friend Smari 5 (I have told you about him many times before) lives there too. We have been big buddies since the day he was born really. I rocked him to sleep, changed his nappies and read to him so many books so many times, that I know many stories by heart. He has rewarded me with such loyalty and unconditional love, that I count myself truly blessed.

Yesterday was a typical example of that unspoken trust that runs between us.
After we had arrived and halfway through my first coffee, I heard Smari´s mom laughing out loud. Not to miss anything funny, I went looking for her and there she was in the laundry room with a jar of cinnamon in her hands. I did not understand why that was particularly funny, although I wondered what cinnamon -get that stuff away from me- was doing in the laundry room. After a short explanation, she called Smari and asked him if he had put it there. He said: ´Cinnamon makes Monika sick, mommy. I hid it here so she couldn´t get to it and get sick´. He had chosen the laundry room because his mom puts all the stuff little children are not supposed to touch onto the top shelf there. The little angel hid the jar before I arrived, so I wouldn´t have an allergic reaction and would be safe.

We all had a great time together and while enjoying dinner, some of us burst out laughing for no particular reason at all. Smari was very curious about the reason for our laughter when I said to the table at large: "It is my nose, isn´t it?!" Someone replied: "Yes Monika, it is your nose and the fact that you are so weird." I put my face behind my hands pretending to be upset by the comment. Little did I know that Smari wouldn´t understand the pretence of it all and he looked furiously at the table and said: "No, it is you people that are weird!" and he turned to me and smiled a consoling smile. I later explained to him that we were just making fun and nobody meant anything they said. But imagine that little guy of 5 standing up infront of at least 6 grown ups and defending a friend that is so much bigger than him and should be able to defend herself. It really touched me.

Then, just before leaving and driving back to town, he came with a little bowl of sweets...something he had still left from Christmas. I know how important those sweets are to him, because he spend the entire dinner defending this bowl from his brothers. He held them up to me and said: "You may take as many as you like, so you have soemthing to eat when you get hungry in the car." I took one, I still haven´t eaten it yet...I just like to look at it. Brings a smile to my face.

God bless!

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At 17:02, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

What a sweet soul. He too is lucky to have you as, believe it or not, not that many adults appreciate the gestures that children make for them.

At 18:09, Blogger Heather Smith said...

Hi Monika, I hopped over here from Fred's World!
I have a niece and a nephew. My nephew is only five months old, so he doesn't talk yet, but he can melt my heart with just a grin. My niece reminds me of the important things. She constantly tells me, "Come 'ere. Sit down. Play." If only all of us would take more time to sit down and play!!
Great Post!

At 20:00, Blogger Sar said...

Monika, that was the sweetest story! I think it's wonderful how much the little man looks up to you. There is no more sincere and unconditional adoration than that of a child.

At 20:17, Blogger Doug said...

I second Sar. That was a very touching story. God bless him.

When he grows up, don't let him date.

At 20:40, Blogger Fred said...

Precious young man. I think you have a friend for life.

Such rosy red cheeks, too.

At 22:30, Blogger dddragon said...

Love it! You are very lucky to have him, and he's very lucky to have you, too!

At 23:04, Blogger Minka said...

Miz bohemia, I believe to be allowed to spend quality time with a child is so amazing. he can show me things I don´t see anymore and remind me of when I was young. Sometimes he comes and stays an entire weekend with me and we take walks, feed the ducks at the pond...and all of a sudden he might show me the rainbow colours, patrol might have made on the wet street. Those moments are precious and I try to recognize them as often as possible.
Heather, welcome here. And I agree, if only we would take the time, sit down and listen to them...sometimes what they come up with is so wonderful and imaginative. I love to talk to them...they keep things simple and straight!
Sar, yes, and I am totally aware of my fortune. And this love is so pure, honest an d straight forward...you really have nothing to do for it. Kids don´t like evrybody, they pick out a particular person for reasons beyond our imagination. I don´t know why I chose Smari and he me...it just happened, it fitted somehow.
Doug, I think any girl will have a hard time living up to me ;) At least for now...she will have to impress me a lot for her to get him!
Smari, I sure do hope so.
Dddragon...it seems to be very important and good for him to know that he has a big friend out there, he calls me with problems, invites himself to my place...a couple of days his family came into town to spend the day without me knowing...when I got home to my room a little guy in a sleeping back was fast asleep infront of my bed. He knows he is always welcome and I get such a kick out of being with him.

At 23:06, Blogger Minka said...

Fred, kinda missed you there, but you get an extra response. He is handsome, ain´t he? No wonder he can melt my heart with one of those smiles...we call it the "cookie-smile"

At 01:04, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

He's a doll!
You realize that you are his very first "love." He will remember you 'til his dying day. You will always be the girl he loved and wished he could marry.

At 10:50, Blogger Minka said...

TLP, that is so sweet. I hope I taught him something worth while, when my impact is that strong.

At 11:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes Monika. You taught him that ALL ducks with a green head need to get bread at christmas!


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