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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year everybody!

I would like to take the opportunity and thank you all for the companionship during the year of 2005. For you kind words, the laughter you brought and pretending I am funny and witty. Overall it has been a great year for me, some set backs...but it wouldn´t be life if everything would be perfect.
I wish you all a prosperous New Year and look forward to meeting you all again in 2006. Be safe out there tonight!

As a little treat, mom wrote a couple of lines about how the two of us met. She would like to thank you for all the Christmas wishes and sure enjoys hanging around on my blog reading your wonderful comments. Just yesterday we talked about you guys as if you were all physical people in my life and I could tell her about Doug and TLP and Sar and Miz Bohemia and so on and she knew whom I was referring too. You all are more real in my life than one could have imagined.

"If you want to hear – and I imagine you want to hear, most people are curious, even if they say they aren’t – like me – here is the story of Monika and Mom. A quite simple one, really.
In some former life, we are sure about that, we decided that we would like to spend some more time together later. We planned it quite cleverly, there was my bitter need for her and her need for me and we got the connecting person, too (to go into that it gets complicated, ways of fate reaching a long time back). And this story includes two far away countries, poor girl was placed inside a plane, barely knowing what was happening to her and where she was going to land.
So, many lifetimes later, not so many, though, I get this unsecure little waif with tears in her eyes into our home and didn´t she take wonderfully care of our autistic son and I got air to breathe again. For thanks, I kicked her sweet little ass around: “Me? Driving a car? Never!!” “Me, going to university? They will never accept me!”
As everybody knows there emerged this genius, beautiful young lady, kicking the ass of life, now. The son in question has long left home, but luckily for us Monika needed not only kicking but a mom too, as she wasn´t too happy with the one birth gave her. So I became her mom of choice and she became my daughter of choice, a beautiful addition to the two daughters I gave birth to (and three sons - and daughters in law and grandchildren – but that is another story). And I think we will live happily together, at least in mind, ever after for many lifetimes to come. Maybe she will be my mom next time? I would love that!."

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At 13:44, Blogger Fred said...

Very nice - Mom writes well.

Happy New Year, Monika. You'll celebrate it well before us; I hope it's a great year for you in 2006.

At 15:13, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Such a beautiful story which answers questions I never had (because when you called your mom MOM I assumed she had always been your mom) and gives me new questions to ask... questions are answered about our sweet Monika as is a new mystery created...

I am glad you found your mom in this life Monika! Not many people get to choose their family! What a gift and I am glad it came to you! And the same goes for mom!

Man, you guys have the bohemian feeling mushy! So here you go... Mwah and mwah! Big smooches to both ladies!

*bohemian blushes and disco dances away*

At 16:28, Blogger dddragon said...

I'm feeling mushy, too! Thx for all that you've written, and I look forward to visiting in the future!

Happy New Years, and may it be healthy and happy!

At 18:01, Blogger Mo'a said...

Til hamingju med ad hava fundid svona goda Mommu. Mom, eg oska their til hamingju lika. Afsakid ad eg get ekki skrifad Islensku rett eg hef ekki stafina entha. I need to download a program for the Icelandic and Danish alphabets.
I am so happy that I found your blog. I also wish I could be in Reykjavik to see the fire works.
Happy New Year to you and your family. I look forward to many future chats. Mo'a

At 19:36, Anonymous Mama said...

Dear Monika's Mom:

So, when I was last in Los Angeles. visiting my son, Doug, Monika was mentioned as if she was a long known/beautiful/clever friend of my sons. We all felt something very special in her writings and knew that she was somehow sprinkled with fairy dust. Your writing was a clarification of that. The kind of relationship you have is that which all mothers with heart wish. I'm deeply touched by your story and wish you and your precious daughter the most wonderful of new years.

At 20:13, Blogger Minka said...

Oh my God, I am almost crying and I am not that much of a sissy.
Thank you guys so much for these heartfelt comments and I am truly honoured to have Doug´s mom come over here and comment. What a delight.
But it is true:
I got dealt a lousy card with my birth, but I took it on the cheek and tried to find my own way. I carried through life with a poker-face, never letting true emotions shine through. 28 years later I can truly say, that despite all: I have been so blessed. Each year is better than the year before and that is an amzing life to lead. One of the most extraordinary things is that I found the woman I call Mom. I wasn´t even looking, neither was she...but when we met we knew it was meant to be. Each of us needed exactly what the other could give and I finally found my harbour, the place I belong and the safety I so sorely needed. Mom, whenever I count my blessings...I count you, twice!

At 21:00, Blogger Doug said...

Well, gosh. That's a beautiful story with more magic than a fairy tale. Monika, please accept my gratitude for your friendship. Mom, please accept my gratitude for kicking her butt. Mama, thanks for so well demonstrating that this isn't just a page I visit.

At 22:55, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, you know I luv ye te bits. I am so glad I stumbled onto your page, commented and you pursued me back to mine. We rock the 9th symphony, my friend.

At 00:26, Blogger Minka said...

It is officially the 1st of January in Iceland. It is 00:33!
Happy New Year everybody!

At 01:46, Blogger Doug said...

Right back at you Monika. In my youth It was always kind of a joke for me on New Year's Eve to toast the New Year in other countries as a way of drinking early and hourly. Kind of cool that I actually know people to toast. I don't know how to spell this but "Prust!"

At 02:09, Blogger karma said...

very touching, Monika. wishing all your dreams come true in the new year

At 05:47, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

So, apparently Serendipity brought you and your Mom together! I love it.

Happy New Year! It is offically 2006 here in PA.

At 08:01, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

Clever TLP! Happy New Year Monika!

By the way... are those of us that got all mushy sissies then?.... Hmmmm! ;-P

At 11:18, Blogger bendenton5938 said...

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At 11:38, Blogger Minka said...

Serendipty...very clever TLP¨Glad to see you haven´t lost your touch in the New Year.
Miz Bohemia, regardless of how mushy you will get, you´d never be a sissy. I think you could kic ass, while crying!
And...oh yes, it is time for a new verifier! Love those spam thingies, especially on a sentimental post.
Thank you all for the lovely comments and Welcome to 2006! It will be a blast.

At 12:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"sprinkeld with fairy dust" is the most beautiful description of Monika I ever heard. Maybe that is the reason why all the children around her love her so deeply. I think children still can sense fairies when they are around. And, so that everybody will not start crying once again: She also has this teasing component in her that fairies are famous for ;).
Thank you and everybody for your comments. I am deeply touched.

At 19:02, Blogger AsianSmiles said...

Thank you for being such a nice companion and inspiration to us all. You're such a loving, sweet person. I'm just so blessed to know you more and more as each day passes.

Happy New Year Monika, and your family and friends and Mom!

Love from a lurker, and Cheers!

At 21:38, Blogger Sar said...

Monika - Happy New Year! I was so flattered to see my name included in your post. You are indeed a special gal and friend, and I've spoken of you at home as well. I'm thrilled we've all found our way to create a community and circle of friends beyond just bumping into each other in blogsphere.

Thank you Monika's mom for giving our Monika the love, support and nurturing that has helped her become the pretty German gal in Iceland that we all appreciate so much. :)

*hugs* Monika!

At 23:27, Blogger Minka said...

asiansmiles, I know you are lurking. I am lurking too:)But sometimes I do comment!
Sar, I know sweety. It is a new age kinda love!


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