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Monday, November 21, 2005

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...


So I went to work this morning at about 7.30, arrived and was send straight home. I am sick and pale and have a sexy deep voice right now:) I would sing to myself if it weren´t so darn painful. I am actually quite desperate and things are getting worse...I am so sorry for myself that it is difficult to breathe. I found an old bottle of coughing medicine and took a huge sip out of it. It must have been in my cupboard for quite a while. Difficult times-desperate measures. I hope I am good enough tomorrow to storm the closest drugstore and use my sexy voice to purchase really strong pain killers. But my mom came around and brought me loads of food...ice-cream and stuff, so at least I don´t have to be hungry while being sick. Thank you for that!

I wasn´t very busy at blogging in the last couple of days. That is because I painted my new apartment during the daytime and worked in the evening. My bedroom is now in two colours, antique-red and safire-pink. Very girlish I know, but it also seems very warm and bright and I love that. It seems like the sun will never set in that room. The other room is white, I also have a conventional side and like the cleanliness white walls express.

Gerhart Schröder had his last day of being Bundeskanzler in Germany today. God bless, he didn´t do much good, but he did not make anything worse either. 7 years in the office surpassed by a woman that lived in the former DDR. Don´t know where Germany is heading but I hope "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" will be part of the new coalition.

As I am typing this, and by the way feeling really bad and having a sore throat, a new baby girl is about to be added to our family. The oldest son in my Icelandic family is expecting his second child and it is the first girl in the extended family. I believe there are 6 boys and one girl. Thank God, I can purchase finally some pink stuff for Christmas. I´d like to go and see them as soon as the little one arrives, but I don´t wanna welcome her into this world by giving her the cough from hell. I can´t even call, ´cause I doubt they would recognize my voice over the phone
and feel somebody might be stalking them. So I think the best bed is a message over the phone. I think the soon-to-be mother might be in more pain right now than I am so I´ll stop whining.

The picture above is that of a cactus. Some time ago my mom gave it to me, ´cause it stopped blooming at her place. Under my care and diverse treatment (once I cooked spinach for it!) it has started to bloom again and now it is brightening up the dark and grey winter scenery!

I hope the rest of you had a good weekend and now I have enough time to go and visit blogs...

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At 23:18, Blogger Doug said...

Glad to have you back. Sounds like a bad case of the creeping crud. I hope you get well soon but record a story for my site before then.

Unity, rights and freedom. I envy Germany. Not making things worse. I can only dream.

At 23:24, Blogger Manchego said...

You cooked spinach for your cactus? Fascinating! Did it like the spinach? Hope you feel better soon!

At 23:49, Blogger Minka said...

manchego...welcome. have seen you over at AP3´s! I am a firm beliver in the green thumb and people told me when I was younger that I have one of those :) I wonder how many there are... Yeah I did cook spinach, because I felt the cactus needed nourishments and it worked for Popeye!!! I actually ate the spinach myself, cooled the water and gave the cactus to drink. It did the trick!
Doug, record a story? I wish I knew what you were talking about, so I could do it...let me know! I think I got it...you wanna hear my sexy voice, don´t ya?
I am not that quick but as soon as I give it some thought, things seem to be coming to me. I really should always think before I say something. Might safe some trouble.

At 00:24, Blogger AsianSmiles said...

get well soon monika :)

glad to see that you're as buoyant as ever (even when you're sick.)


ps. can't find the words to describe your nice taste on room colors...

At 00:27, Blogger Minka said...

Hi asiansmiles...did I sense an ounce of sarcasm ;) I´ll post a picture of the colours soon...so everybody can see how nice it actually is!

At 02:53, Blogger Fred said...

Get well soon. I'm going to sneeze as much as I can tomorrow; hopefully I'll get sent home. Wish me good luck...

At 03:01, Anonymous weirsdo said...

Get well soon.
Speaking of deep voices, I was interested to see Tracy Chapman is a favorite of yours. I went to high school with her.

At 03:22, Blogger EKWisdom said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! and thanks for the compliment. :)

At 05:42, Blogger AsianSmiles said...

no sarcasm here, :) the walls in my room is colored deep red, almost maroon i think (that's what the paint can said), so i really appreciate your colors.

hope to see the pics soon :)

At 12:29, Blogger Minka said...

Fred, I send bacterial thoughts right your way. That should do the trick. I do have them in unnecessary quantities...
Weirsdo, really?! Wow, at the next reunion you might be able to get a signiture for me ;) I really love her deep voice and appreciate her lyrics!
ekwisdom, you are very welcome and I meant it!
asiansmiles, the pics will be up soon and I am glad you like my choice. I have four walls and two different colours and it turned out really well. It has a kind of orange, reddish glow and I can´t wait to put my bed in there and fall asleep...

At 15:45, Blogger karma said...

icecream will do your throat no good! gargle with warm salt water and hope you feel better soon! :))

At 15:50, Blogger Minka said...

karma, the ice-cream is for my belly and my soul :)
I am going to try this salt-water solution now...I am up for anything as long as it is not boiled beer!
Did I mention that when I was a kid my mother used to boil beer and gave it us to drink?! That was the magical cure, I am so glad that I am not a kid anymore and can decide what I put down my throat :)
Warm salt water, here I come. Nothing can be worse than boiled beer!

At 16:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never tasted my grandmoms beer soup then?
Your cactus IS beautifull and your room too, you won´t get me out of youe Bed!
Have to run to the dentist (sob)

At 16:29, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Feel better honey, and ur new place will be beautiful.

At 17:30, Blogger Minka said...

Mom, good luck at the dentist! Next January it is gonna be me sitting in that chair :(

Tryggvi, I kinda have a feeling that everything´s gonna be alright!
Uhh...remember on Sunday: aðventukrans!!!

At 20:11, Blogger EKWisdom said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts you continue to leave me. Oh how they brighten my day! What a beautiful cactus?! Great photograph, I might add. :) Have a wonderful day.

At 21:02, Anonymous weirsdo said...

I don't think Tracy goes to those, Monika. I don't. We were fairly friendly at the time, though, both being from the Cleveland area, and on scholarship (my mother being poor and single like hers at the time). I might still have her signature in my old yearbook.

At 21:52, Blogger Minka said...

Weirsdo, my 10 year reunion is next September. I have decided that if I can remember 13 names, I might consider going. So far I have 9!

At 04:04, Blogger Doug said...

Weirsdo, that's so cool. *bowing*

At 07:23, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Football: check
Cheese: check
Aðventukrans: ..uhh check

At 11:37, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, yeah I know it is amazing. There are very interesting people among our blogger friends. And weirso -congrats on that scholarship. Am very proud of you!
Tryggvi, do I sense any hesitation in regard to the aðventukrans? :)
Did I mention that involves a trip to Garðheimur? Well, you have a couple of days to prepare yourself :)

At 19:37, Blogger curious servant said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement on my blog.

Here in the states we have a holdiay set aside for grattude and I just wanted to come here and tell you "Thank you."

Happy Thanksgiving!


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