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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The first snow in Reykjavik

The first snow in Reykjavik

Yesterday evening I went to bed early, it was dark and windy outside. I lit a candle and snug under the bed sheets with Terry Pratchett´s "Going Postal".
When I woke up this morning, at 7.10 o´clock I might add, I looked out the window and there it was: the ground was white, the air was still and everything was so beautiful, bright and clean. I love the first snow...

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At 15:27, Blogger Doug said...

Nice. I always liked the first snow too. Of course, now I live in Southern California and have to enjoy it vicariously. Thatnks.

At 16:07, Blogger Fred said...

I lived in New York growing up; our first snow was in November or December and usually meant a day off from school.

Great picture.

At 18:20, Blogger Minka said...

I have a tradition with the first snow.
Usually I go out and make a snow angel. Which I did today. But there was noone to take a picture of it, so you´ll just have to imagine!
Doug, don´t worry! I´ll post a lot of snowy picture on my blog and I will have you feeling cold in no time.
Fred, a day of from school due to weather? Unheard of here! It never gets hot enough and as long as the ice storm doesn´t blow you or your schoolbad away...there is no excuse.
However, it sometimes happens up in the North of Iceland that there is so much snow, you can´t open the door out. If you are lucky you can climb out the window though adn wait for people to find you :)

coincidently: verifier
iszky: another eskimo word for the type of snow that only allows transportation on skies!

At 22:26, Blogger Doug said...

I am the veteran of 1000 snow angels and have perfect faith. I don't worry.

At 02:55, Blogger AP3 said...

Danke für Geburtstagwünsche!

At 03:12, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Oh, I love the first snow too. In fact, snow is always pretty. But the first snow of the year is special. We don't normally get snow 'til January. But we do occasionally get an early snow.

They close schools here at the drop of a flake. They build "snow days" into the school calendar. If they don't need them, then the spring break is longer.

What's so silly is that when they close school because of snow, all the kids go out in it and play. So, tell me why they couldn't go to school in the snow?

In big cities I can understand it is because of the school buses and so on. But our town is so small that everyone can walk to school. We don't have school buses here. No need to cancel ever.

At 08:48, Blogger karma said...

thats beautiful ... lucky you! we have no snow here, i almost have to go to another country to see that :(

jxfoqjs: jinx and fox and just snow

At 14:04, Blogger Minka said...

TLP...the first snow and school free?
Maybe it is just that kids have time to play in the snow, before it melts away. I remember sitting in school looking out the window when the first snow was falling. No concentration...I just wanted to run out! So you might as well get free!
Karma, you are always welcome to visit Iceland...I can show you the snow-sites ;)

At 11:47, Blogger dddragon said...

Monika: to answer your question on my blog, Girl Scouts were officially founded in 1912. Juliette Low got the idea from the Baden-Powells (Lord B-P had first asked Juliette to marry him, she declined and he promptly asked Olave). She saw that the Boy Scouts' sisters wanted to do the same things and she helped Olave B-P with the Girl Guides. Lord B-P objected to Juliette using "Scout" and tried to get her to stop using that word.

At 12:29, Blogger Minka said...

dddragon, interesting. I guess America had a lot of Rosa Parks along the lines of history. Some women that have made a difference have been forgotten by now. But I am glad they did what they did, to make the time we live in more bearable!

At 15:45, Blogger AP3 said...

Kaninchen, Kaninchen!


Häschen, Häschen!

At 18:34, Blogger Kolbrún said...

Hi hon. sorry to hear about your break up. It's always difficult even though both parties agree on it. I want to ask you to do me one favour and not have me as Kolla on your blog, I have never, ever been called Kolla and absolutely don't want to be. Thanks sweetie. Stay strong. I miss the snow a little bit so go and make an angel for me :)ubkie

At 20:22, Blogger Minka said...

"Haeschen in der Grube
sa-a-as und schlief,
sa-a-as und schlief.
Armes Haeschen bist du krank,
das du nicht mehr huepfen kannst?
Haeschen huepf! Haeschen Huepf!"
I couldn´t help myself. A little German Nursery Rhyme you are likely to appreciate.
Kólbrún: Did not know that. Am gonna change it immediately. Snow will come where you are, be patient!

At 09:53, Blogger Kolbrún said...

Thanks babe. About the Kolla name, I'm one of few Kolbrún's that has never been called Kolla (but people have tried)- when I was still little my parents decided to call me Kollý because they had a friend at school where they met who was called Kollý and they liked her a lot. In recent years I've kept that information from people because I got tired of dog jokes (there is a breed called Collie, Lassie was a Collie breed). You'd think I'd lose the jokes as a grown up but nahh, so I decided to be just Kolbrún :) besides, it sounds more grownup and respectful (for a teacher you know ;)) However, I do still answer that name and am very fond of it.

Stay strong.

ps. I've been told that snow doesn't stick in Edinburgh but we come home for Christmas, hope you still have snow then.

At 12:26, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

I just love the fresh fallen snow! Making snow angels sounds like fun!

At 19:02, Blogger Minka said...

Yes it is:
You throw yourself backwards into the snow and move your arms up adn down, spread and close your feet...
when you stand up, you have created an angel :)
And let´s face it, the way humankind is behaving these last centuries, I am sure God could use a few more of them :)

At 01:26, Blogger dddragon said...

Another Rabbit Answer: Yes, we have an Easter Bunny that delivers the eggs. We also have Easter egg hunts where the kids hunt for hidden eggs. We used to use plastic eggs that we can put small trinkets or candy in.

At 15:48, Blogger Doug said...

Dddragon, my brother does that for my niece. She gets candy in the plastic eggs. Every year she wanders and picks up the eggs and tosses them aside until she finds the candy she likes.

At 17:09, Blogger Minka said...

When I was little my grandma made trails of little chocolate-eggs to my Easter nest, where the easter bunny had brought coloured eggs, sweets and little toys. It was fantastic to wake up, follow the trails and find you nest. Naturally grandma told me that it was the easter bunny who´d put the trail there, but later I found out it was her. I have plans to do the same for my kids. Maybe draw a tresure map!!! Endless possibilities my friends...

At 20:51, Blogger actonbell said...

Beautiful picture! We're having a bit of an "Indian summer" right now--very warm for the beginning of November!

I read Going Postal earlier this year. It was my first Terry Pratchett book, and I thought it was lots of fun! Hope you enjoyed it:)

At 21:24, Blogger Minka said...

Actionbell, welcome! I love Terry Pratchett and have read all the books in the Discworld series. He is great, witty, funny and has such a great feeling for language. One of my favourite is "Reaper Man" it is about Death taking a vacation from his job :)

At 00:48, Blogger CC said...

I've always wanted to visit Iceland. I loved seeing your photo of the first snow.


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