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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Doggie-Poo and first impressions!

Yesterday evening was great, besides that it all went wrong! Maybe an evening turns out well when it goes un-according to your expectations!?
Anyways, my friends Lisa and Shen and I decided to grab something to eat and then catch a movie. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was our plan.
We started driving all around Reykjavik in search of a place that serves food. I don´t like spicy food too much, Lisa hates McDonalds and Shen is not having any of the Subway-talk.
After circling the enire town we ended in PizzaHut. Our starters came after 40 minutes of waiting and a rather impolite inquiry from Shen to the next waitress. On top of all Shen told us a really LOOooOng story about his trip to Poland amd all I can remember of it is that a Dungeon somewhere was rather lofty. While he was telling this story I really was getting impatient for the food to arrive, I thought he couldn´t do both: eat the food and continue the story at the same time. But no such luck. An evil eye to the next waitress prompted Lisa and my food. By the time we were finsihed Shen´s mini-Pizza arrived, one and a half hour after ordering it.
We complained and got a 50% discount and a free meal next time. So now we will have to go back.
Since we were too late for any movie we decided to get some icecream. When we returned to the car I mentioned that it smelled like poo in the car. Poor Shen spent the remainder of the evening explaining to us that the excrement was not his per se, but that it must have attached itself to him while he was walking. There was a lot of laughter and a slight smell in the air.
Then we picked a coffee place downtown and had tea, coffee and candle light and all was well. There is something magical about dark nights and friends sitting around a candle, Lisa mentioned. We took a trip down memory lane to where we all met and really didn´t like what we saw when we first got introduced to each other. We all met at university and all three of us were going through a rough patch and had adopted certain masks to hide insecurities. Neither of us represented the person we turned out to be and we all became friends...and still can enjoy an evening out together where nothing goes according to plan.

the morals of this Sunday-story:
a) Outspokenness gets you further, sometimes even a 50% discount
b) Everybody deserves a second glance

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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At 14:26, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Ok... so much happened last night that I had totally forgotten about the dog poo till you mentioned it... oh what wonders await me in the car when I go out later! :-) And all I can say is... fantastic night and I'm looking forward to our repeat Pizza Hut experience and other evenings of things not going according to plan! Will drop Black Adder by later... currently undergoing time of month syndrome! :-)

At 14:44, Blogger Minka said...

You poor thing, am currently undergoing the same syndrome. That deserves a treat, let´s go!

At 17:51, Blogger Fred said...

Great lessons, especially the second glance idea.

I'm amused at this post because it sounds like you could have been in any U.S. city or suburb based on the brand names you mentioned. These fast food places are truly international, aren't they?

Is there a local fast food joint that rivals Mickey Dee's?

At 18:23, Blogger Minka said...

hmmm...quite true Fred! Well, most fast-food chains are American, aren´t they? We also have Nings though. A Chinese variety, but I am not a fan!
Besides the ones I have mentioned, there is also KFC and the most recent addition is The Bagel House.
I have never heard of Mickey Dee´s though, but it is only a matter of time until it arrives here, I am sure!
The good thing about Fast-food chains being so international is, that regardless of what country you are travelling in, you always know what kinda food you get at those places. Not everybody can read a Chinese menu and know what particular food variety the symbols stand for. So, to be on the safe side...McDonalds. It is not good, but at least you are not eating cats and dogs by accident.

At 22:55, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

You're joking about Mickey Dee's, right? Just in case you're not "pulling our legs," Mickey Dee's is McDonald's.

Good post. You are so right about giving folks a second, or even third, look. I've had a best friend for over 40 years, whom I did not like at first.

You had a good evening. I do recommend "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." We enjoyed it.

At 00:04, Blogger Minka said...

TLP: No, I was not joking about Mickey Dee´s, but now that I know, I´ll use it tomorrow and appear really smart to everybody else.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on our definite to-do list. I read 5 books by Roald Dahl now and I can´t wait to see the fim.

At 14:57, Blogger Kolbrún said...

I took my kids to see it shortly after our arrival here and we loved it. But then again I love all Dahl's stories so no wonder. So I was thinking which place in Iceland would be a rival of Mickey Dees?

Maybe Hamborgarbúllan (the hamburger joint). It opened a branch in Hafnarfjördur this summer and is booming with business. Ása Katrín's hubby runs the place in Hf.

But really if you want to go out and have a nice meal where most could find something to their taste I'd recommend Vegamót.

Speaking of Chinese. I actually like Nings (one of their menu items at least) and I've been looking for something similar here in Edinburgh. I mean they've got plenty of Chinese and Thai restaurants - I just don't understand the menus. Not familiar with the terms :)

At 22:18, Blogger Minka said...

Bæjarins Bestu is the competition for Mickey Dee´s here I think. It is quick, cheep and GOOD!:)
I love Vegamót. I took all my working collegues there last week. Great food for a fair price.
I love it.
Roald Dahl: I love the BFG and Matilda best!

At 21:00, Blogger dddragon said...

Many years ago I got a free meal coupon from a Pizza Hut for exactly the same reason.

And in August I waited for two hours to have paint colors mixed at Home Depot (big hardware & home improvement store). While I did have a large order, the clerk did more singles and doubles than I had total. The manager let me have the paint for free and it amounted to over $100! Since it was for my church, that was cool.

At 23:45, Blogger AP3 said...

Hi Monika,

Yes! Let's celebrate your blogaversary -- great word you invented!

At 13:48, Blogger karma said...

Monika, what I like about this post is that it comes straight from the heart. So glad you finally had a lovely time at the end of the day :))

At 20:43, Blogger Doug said...

Monika. Alles gut?

At 22:42, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Aren't you ever going to let us know what you have found out about your birth father? I check every day.

At 11:19, Blogger Minka said...

Sorry guys...I was in Germany and returned last night.
Hence the little activity on my blog ;)


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