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Monday, October 17, 2005

Back from Germany...

and an intensive week of playing games with nieces that do not understand that I have to win. Yes, I am 5 when it comes to loosing a game.
I hadn´t seen my sis for almost four years. October 12th was her wedding day and I decided to show up for it, although it involved seeing loads of relatives I could do without.
Somehow I was lucky on this trip ´cause it started insanely well. There I was joking with an Icelandair official at the check-in counter when she bumped me up to first class on a straight flight to Germany. You have to underdstand that I was holding a economy ticket that involved two planes and a long stop soemwhere in Copenagen. Those seats in first class sure a nice, spacey and the drinks just keep on coming. Not that I was tempted...
But the greatest thing was seeing my sister and nieces. She is so grown up now and has started a family and is THREE years younger than I. I have three precious nieces: Anja(7), Jessika(3) and Marie Sophie(1). Cute as they are they are also demanding. I was usually abruptly awoken with screams of joy and inquiries for games at ungodly hours, usually accompanied with a little saliva on my face ´cause the youngest one is getting her teeth. Precious!
In all fairness though, there is no place like home. Regardless of what you consider your home to be. Being surrounded by family gives you such a strong sense of belonging. My sister knows me so well, that I could just be who I am without the daily pretentions of being someone you are not. It is lovely to be moody when you feel like it or be totally rediculous and pinch your sister in the knee without having to explain yorself. A safe habour you can sail to whenever the giant waves of life seem to drown you.

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At 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm glad u had such a lovely time and they really are cute little nieces you have there... i'm looking forward to seeing all the film footage! :-)

At 12:46, Blogger Doug said...

So glad you had a nice time and, selfishly, relieved you're back.

At 13:01, Blogger Minka said...

Yes, I had a fantastic time.

And I missed you too, Doug! Yours was the first blog I visited...

At 20:20, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Good to have u back honey. U know we all missed u. The little nieces are adorable and I too can't wait to look at the footage. ;)

At 22:41, Blogger Kolbrún said...

I thought it was odd that you hadn't posted in such a long time :)

At 17:41, Blogger Minka said...

Yes, that is a dead give-away. My social life happens in this computer!


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