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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The day Monika got her groove...

Yesterday I had an appointment at the doctors. In Iceland you go for a cancer check every two years, it was my time. I hate those visits...the ones where, as a girl, you lie in a really compromising position...I think I do not fully need to paint this picture!!! Anyways, I get very emotional on these visits and pray that they be over as quickly as possible. I should be that lucky. When I was lying on that aforesaid chair, the doctor came in and introduced a 19 year old, blong and skinny med-student and asked if it would be ok that she would watch. What is one supposed to say in a situation like that. "No, get her the hell out of here and be done with whatever it is you have to do!" I mumbled something that must have been similar to an approval and she stayed and watched...closely.
I was so so glad when it was over and the doctor said that everything looked just fine: Thank goodness I had my Lisa with me. She hugged me and went with me to the next bakery where she bought me a nice piece of cake. Needless to say: chocolate was involved. I am such a sweet tooth and the world looked a little brighter.
Then we went to her place where we planned our Europe trip and watched a movie. Her mom came and made us the best chicken lasagne and then it started...
My first dancing lesson. I am a self-proclaimed rhythmless person without an ear for any tone on any of those scales. I couldn´t tell you where the beat in a song is if my life depended on it...until now.
Lisa and her mom decided to teach me and train my ear and we had the greatest fun. There we were, dancing in the livingroom like there was no tomorrow. After a few inital head movements on my part, I went on to moving hips and hands. It was great. We had a final test of ten songs, where I was supposed to find the beat on my own...and I did. You should have seen me jump up for joy when Lisa said "There you are, that is the right beat!" "Look at you go!". It feels like a whole new world has opened up to me and I will be dancing through it.
Thank you Lisa and Maya for a fantastic evening!

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At 22:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 22:51, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

You're welcome babe... I had a really nice day too and I was very proud of you for finding the beat... here's to a future on the dance floor and a whole new world of music and bopping! :-)

At 11:04, Blogger Minka said...

Cheers to that!

At 13:11, Blogger karma said...

omigod. you just have to say 'no!' (with the exclamation mark). this is why i avoid going to gynaecologists

At 17:48, Blogger Doug said...

Me too, Karma.

That sounds like the perfect post-doctor party. Good job, Monika and Lisa.

At 20:42, Blogger Tryggvi said...

I feel sorry for u honey about that trip to the doctors. How excited I feel about future prostate-cancer check-ups..

At 14:16, Blogger Tom & Icy said...

Life is a dance that you learn as you go

At 14:31, Blogger Minka said...

Yes, T&I...but isn´t it great to go through life knowing when to shake your hips at the right moment?


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