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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My last day at the grocery store was yesterday and I am so glad it is history. Don´t get me wrong I had great moments there, but more than a month and I would have gone bananas.
My superior was very sad to see me go, but she rose to the occasion and wished me good luck! I thought that was mighty big of her. She even mentioned that I could return any time and she would provide me with a more "skemmtileg" (fun) job to do. It is always good to have options and a fine feeling to know you´ll be missed. I know for sure, since I received a phonecall, at 10 past eight this morning, demanding an excuse for my absence and a minute of silence once I mentioned that I had quit.
All in good fun.
To celebrate I´ve decided to have a little quiz in relation to foods. It is an entertaining little thing that my friend Lisa does frequently on her blog and hey: we all get to learn something about the other!
1) What is your favourite fruit and why?
2) What is your favourite vegetable and why?
3) How often a week do you go grocery shopping?
4) Do you have a list when you go shopping?
5) Do you tend to buy more or less than you need?
6) Do you ask for assistance when you can´t find soemthing or do you just keep looking?
7) Do you shop where it is cheaper or do you go for quality?
8) Your weirdest shopping experience!

ok, that is it for now. You will find my answers in the comment section!

Posted by Minka :: 3:28 pm :: 19 Royal Subjects

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At 15:43, Blogger Minka said...

ok...here goes it!
1) melons...I love the refreshing sweetness and there are so many varieties. For a sweet-tooth like me it is the healthy option. But strwberries are a close runner-up!
2)Broccoli and cauliflower. The two are so related to each other; I can´t take them apart. They are beautiful, very healthy and if well prepared - a little piece of heaven!
3)Once a week (usually Fridays) we have a big shopping day where we buy for the weekend and teh next week. But I am such a scatter-brain that I always forget something, so I go at least once a day downstairs where there is an over-prized store for teh lazy people :)
4)I am starting to make a habbit of it. I hate shopping for the weekend when everybody else is shopping as well and there are too many people and no oxygen...I get very annoyed. It is horrible to stand among all those people pushing trolleys into you and you are trying to figure out what you are gonna have on Sunday. So a list for quick and less painful adventures in teh mall.
5)More, absolutely. But I always forget the things I have to buy! Toothpaste, toilet paper and butter are on top of that list.
6)I always ask as quickly as I can spot somebody working there. Even without having given it a proper look myself. And after working there I feel entitled to do so.
7)For the usual stuff i go for teh cheapest variety. But sometimes-like with a Sunday-Steak, I am willing to pay for quality.
8)Once I went into a store (I had been about 1 and a half years in this country!) and an old lady asked my if I could reach for the sugar on the top shelf and give it to her. I said one word: "auðvitað"(sure!) and she said: "Thank you dear, but where are you from?" It annoyed me all day!

At 15:53, Blogger Tryggvi said...

1. Apple, cuz its a great name fr children of celebrity nutters addicted to attention
2. Kínakál (dunno the english term) cuz Derrick and Harry love it. I also like tomatoes, but I hear they are actually beeeerrrries
3. Once, with my girlfriend
4. When my girlfriend makes me
5. About enough, except when it comes to cheese and candy, where 'excess' is the right term
6. I ask, but nicely (browniepoints dear?)
7. Depends I guess, lately its mostly Nóatún, where they have divine potatoes
8. Don't remember any

At 16:33, Blogger Doug said...

1) Blueberries, because they're, I dunno, blue.
2) What's a vegetable?
3) Probably three or four times a week.
4) If I have one I lose it on the way there.
5) More
6) I rarely ask for assistance, but I'm always nice when it's offered. Just so you know.
7) Actually that depends. Large trips I go where it's cheap, most trips I go where it's on the way home and when I'm expecting company I go for quality.
8) When they first started asking you if you want paper or plastic I asked if they had human skin.

At 17:11, Blogger Minka said...

Ok, you have to explain that better, Doug!
Paper or Plastic referrs to teh bags, right? Becasue here, we do not have a choice...always plastic!
The nature is pretty unspoiled here, so we have no concept of environment ;)

At 22:01, Blogger Doug said...

Sorry, Monika and you're right. At some point the grocery stores switched from paper bags to plastic (seems like the 80s.) There was a big outcry from environmentalists and the outcome was they'd offer a choice. "Paper or Plastic?" and "Do you want fries with that?" are two questions Americans hear so often that they kind of have lives of their own. If I'm talking to a friend and being demanding, they might say "Do you want fries with that?" If you act like someone isn't even there and they want to call your attention to it they might say "paper or plastic?" There are a lot of other uses as well.

Must be nice to live somewhere that they don't have to think about it.

The ironic twist to that controversy is that in the Midwest they make the plastic bags out of cornstarch and the stores found that it's easier to pack things into paper bags so in some places now the store wants to use paper and the environmentalists want the plastic.

At 04:10, Blogger Jen said...

1. Fresh ripe figs -- they are so sweet and silky on the tongue

2. Thin young asparagus, tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and then grilled over pure charcoal -- if you think you hate asparagus, I guarantee you will change your mind when you try it this way

3. Two to three times a week

4. Only a partial list; for produce and meats I buy what is freshest and best quality that day

5. Most of the time I buy slightly less and just pop by the store for that fresh baguette or bottle of wine that I forgot

6. I keep looking

7. Quality

8. The first (and only) time that I saw pickled pigs feet in a grocery store

At 11:08, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

1) Raspberries because they're so sweet and berrylicious!
2) Sprouts because hey, someone's gotta love 'em!
3) Once a week, under duress...
4) I sometimes write a list but generally I remember most of what I need.
5) Always more... and always sweet things that I don't need but have an instant craving for when I see it on the shelf... biscuits are my weakness!
6) Actually I hardly ever ask for help. I don't know why... only if I really have searched the shelves high and low tqice, will I ask someone.
7) I try to go to the cheaper shops to buy in bulk like huge bags of flour and stuff, but generally the first shop that comes into my path.
8) I once got followed round a supermarket by some horny Turk who seemed to take a liking to me... I found myself darting through sections to avoid that age old question... d'you come here often?

At 11:50, Blogger Minka said...

Doug, the environmentalists want the plastic, now there is a controversy if ever I heard one.
I knew about the "You want fries with that?" But the Paper/Plastic scenario is entirely new to me. That won´t stop me from using it on the next best occasion though ;)

Jen, I love Asparagus and I will most certainly give the oil- pepper-salt-coal version a try. I really get the feeling that you love to cook. Here is a little note made by the Dalai Lama in 2000.
´Approach love and cooking the same: with reckless abandon´. I always loved that phrase.

Lisa, I knew you´d say sprouts. Tryggvi and I love them a lot as well, especially with a Sunday steak.

At 11:51, Blogger Minka said...

Uhhh... what is the fruit/or vegetable you would not eat even though you were starving?

At 11:58, Blogger Minka said...

The last thing I would eat-after I have eaten all the plants and gnawed all the leaves form the trees- is spinach. I know it worked for Popeye!!!

At 15:00, Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

1.Blackberries. Because they taste delish, of course.
2. Vine-ripened tomatoes. They are so wonderful, and also, very easy to grow.
3. Two or three times, because I use mostly fresh things. Rarely use canned products.
4. Only for boring things that we might "run out" of. Like mouth wash. I pick the important stuff like meat, veggies, and fruit based on what looks fresh and tasty that day.
5. More. Always.
6. I make a sincere effort to find it on my own. But then I ask. I don't like to waste my time just looking.
7. Cheaper for things like name-brand cleaning supplies, quality for FOOD.
8. I went shopping at a Lucky's Supermarket in Southern California, where they sold anything and everything in addition to the food. I impulsively bought an oval braid carpet. BIG one. Came out of the store to my car, to realize that on this occasion, I had driven the VW Bug to the store. Got many strange glances while trying to shove all the groceries and that 9x12 rug into the little bug.

At 15:32, Blogger Minka said...

Hi TLP! That is a sight I would have liked to see. Hope the other Pezes are fine and welcome to my site!

At 01:04, Blogger Jen said...

I like this questionnaire thing, this is fun!

Yes indeed Monika, I absolutely love to cook (and eat!) -- and the Dalai Lama is SO correct!

The vegetable I would prefer to never eat is brussel sprouts. They smell and taste like sweaty gym socks to me.

At 14:05, Blogger Minka said...

The poor brussel sprouts. They have taken a lot of heat throughout the ages. I remember pushing them on my plate forth and back when I was a child, hoping they would disappearjust with pure faith.
When I got older I have grown into liking them and now I have them once a month.
Spinach always looked like cow-secretion to me as a kid and there is no way I am putting that into my mouth.

At 15:50, Blogger Doug said...

Brussel Sprouts are an acquired taste I was shocked to acquire. They're really good, though, aren't they? I had nice ones in my garden last year.

At 21:38, Blogger Doug said...

How things going now?

At 11:56, Blogger Minka said...

What do you mean? I will post about my new job in a couple of seconds :)

At 08:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) these tiny sweet tomatoes
2) Spinat
3)whenever I need to- once a day
4) depends
5) depends on my mood
6) Oh yes, I do ask
7) Looking for quality in cheap shops
8) When I wanted to have a REAL icelandic food day and the only thing I still wanted were seal flippers. I found them, in the end, after much asking and driving around. I was so happy. And then he pulled something out of a barrel that looked exactly like a human hand.. No seal flippers for us that day or any time later.

At 16:36, Blogger Minka said...

I hadn´t heard that story yet! I am glad you never served it to us.


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