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Friday, June 17, 2005

17th of June

Island´s independence day. In 1944 the Danish crown decided to give the country its independence and until this day it is celebrated with style...to some extend.
Everybody meets down-town and we walk, following scouts with trumpets and drums, down our main street. Let me tell you, 30.000 people walking on the same street...that is an obsticle course if ever I saw one. There are prams being rolled over your feet, ballons hit your face and sweaty armpits are flying about. Life goes on and everybody enjoys the variety of entertainment along the roads. Unless it is really sunny; like today. Then we just sit down in the grass and enjoy the sun (I swear to you, ever so often I pointed out that some children should be ointed with sun protection). Only in Iceland though, do we assume that 17 degrees Celsius is a hot summer day and we should wear as little as possible. One could easily detect the tourists on the sidewalks; couples in their matching raincoats and cameras, a look of bewilderment on their faces. I guess it is quite amazing to see all those people in one tiny area and not knowing what is going on. The flags should haven given it away though!
I had a great, lazy day. Lying in the sun chatting with my friend and observing people. A little walk here and there. The only dissapointing thing was that I missed the person that paints you the flag on the face, but I guess one can´t have everything. The things I appreciate most were when I saw Icelandic people wearing their national costumes, or old men in their suits and ties, taking this really seriously, because they remember a time when this had vital importance.
What did I learn today? In Britain we say goose pimples instead of goose bumps!

Posted by Minka :: 9:52 pm :: 10 Royal Subjects

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At 22:01, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Yes today was a lovely day and it is always nice to see people who rememeber the day they gained Independence... for generations removed, it is never quite the same! Always good to learn something new... I learnt where we get the word síminn... thank you babe... you learn something new everyday! :-)

At 22:17, Blogger Tryggvi said...

I'm glad u had a good day honey. I'm sure u were glad to be rid of me! U feel like an Icelander yet?

At 13:18, Blogger Minka said...

To a certain extend I feel Icelandic. Having lived here for 7 years one can´t help but feel a little like home!

At 21:42, Blogger Doug said...

Sorry to have missed it. Strangely there were no Icelandic Independence Day celebrations in Santa Clarita. Maybe next year I can find one in the next town over.

At 01:16, Blogger Minka said...

There are about 300.000 Icelanders. So the chance to catch an independence day party abroad sounds unlikely :)

At 19:15, Blogger Doug said...

And considering that summers here run 110 F plus, you'd want to look in the cemetary.

At 20:11, Blogger Minka said...


At 15:44, Blogger InterstellarLass said...

I want to visit Iceland! They shot part of The Amazing Race their last season (I think) and it was simply GORGEOUS. You live in a beautiful country.

At 22:08, Blogger Minka said...

Thank you! Yes, indeed they shot the first and some of the second episode of the Amazing Race here. I think every icelander watched those two episodes :) Also, James Bond (the last one) and Batman Begins were have used iceland´s amazing scenery.
If you ever go to mainland Europe, it is no problem to pit stop in Iceland!!!

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