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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I had an awful dream...

now imagine Martin Luther King would have said that :)
It concerns my bird, my little Peggy Sue. As everybody knows, she is the most lovely creature alive-except when she´s losing her feathers; our apartment looks like an avalance has run through here, burying all the furniture under a pile of white feathers.
For some reason I was with her outside the apartment and two dogs came to play...in short: after a little while of extensive fighting and unbelievable Karate kicks (on Peggy´s part-not mine!) she was no more, literally.
I was devestated, but after a couple of minutes I realized that the boyfriend would kill me. So I went to the pet store to buy a white bird just like her, which I did. When I came home I realized it was a mechanical replica of a bird, loads of wire and stuff...
So off I go again to the same pet store, only it has been closed down. A new pet store had the same coloured real bird, but it was so expensive. Nonetheless, I decided to buy it...only my Visa card did not go through...that is when I woke up...at 6.32...went to the cage...forced Peggy to wake up too and entertain me. Now five hours later, she is still dazzling me with her loveliness and only bit me once...real hard on the cheek. I am ok!

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At 13:30, Blogger Tryggvi said...

Æji litlu kjánalingarnir mínir! Hope ur both ok after last night. Note to self: don't like dogs any more. And Peggy, stop biting mommy!

At 21:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what can I say about a dream? Strange that it were two dogs and not two cats. Bird eating cats we know better than we care for. Whish you a nicer dream next night!

At 16:48, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Well dreams are not to be worried about babe... only the good ones come true... at least that's what I tell myself!! Oh and I love the rent a German thing... I'd rent you to clean up my life no problem!!


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