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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Christmas in Springtime

It is upon us...Eurovision 2005. And of course Iceland will win, at least we think so and then reality puts us in 16th place.
I have followed the Eurovision songs a little and I really do think that we have a shot. This song "If I had your love" is just so ingeniously composed, that it must catch on. Eventough, Selma thinks the Greek girl is taking it home this year.
I, myself, am rather new to this whole Eurovision contest, ´cause Germany doesn´t really care and until I moved here I had never heard of it. Now, it is just pure fun. Apart from the fantastic singing and dancing, the modern clothing and the latest hair styles, the voting in the end puts the iceing on the cake. That is what it´s all about.
And might I just make a few predictions?
Germany will give Turkey twelve points, no matter how bad the song, ´cause that´s what we do; besides. the Turkish population in Germany is huge.
The Scandinavian countries will give each other points, but not as obviously as Cyprus´s gift to Greece. I am convinced the Baltic States formed a pact as soon as they entered the contest. Apparently this contest has little to do with singing , but more with current political affairs. Ireland will try very hard to do badly again, so they don´t have to hold the bloody contest again. It is hard for small countries to hold a contest of this magnitude. Iceland should seriously consider this!
If Israel is competing once more in a EUROPEAN song contest, I am really gonna buy a new map.
Let the fun begin...I can´t wait. It´s like waiting for Santa.
For more info check out this page.
A little quote:
Why is the Eurovision Song Contest so important to Icelanders?
"If they can´t win at this or at handball, the only thing they´ll be famous for is Bobby Fischer."
That really made me laugh!

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At 21:33, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Well if we won, we would be the European champions in something... and frankly we don't care what it is as long as it has the title "European Champion" before it, which frankly doesn't happen often here and a little song contest seems a "doable" challenge!! I'm rather worried we will win and the expense of hosting the next event will break us financially... then every year from that point on we'll try to lose it instead and win everytime... I honestly think we've been going at it at entirely the wrong way for years... try to create a crap song and the pressure is off and in roll the wins!

At 13:27, Blogger Tryggvi said...

I agree that this song, sad as it is, could actually win the contest. But there is no telling with the politics surrounding this competition every year. I am not at all worried about what will happen if we should win, Icelanders would have enough money to hold the competition because we always have enough if the sense of national vanity comes into play. This year I have decided that I will follow with enthusiasm. I can't wait actually. Neither can Gísli Marteinn, who is already in Kiev with Selma and all the other macnificent european people...

At 22:50, Blogger Minka said...

I am also looking forward to the counting in French. It is always lovely to hear fantastic music, but we also learn to count in several languages. And people say it is a dumb show. Oh...I got my first Icelandic Eurovision-party invite. I am so proud!

At 00:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little bit of cheek? You haven´t changed at all. Did you know that the first Eurovision Contest was ironically held in Swiss?

At 11:05, Blogger Minka said...

Nope, I did not know that. A fellow Eurovision geek?
So several of my predictions came true. Germnay gave Turkey only 10 points this year...which was surprising though. Greece and Cyprus really don´t care what the rest of Europe(and Israel) think about them. The Scandinavian countries were in it together too.
Iceland gave Norway twelve points, likely thinking if Selma can´t make it, at least our brothers should get a chance.
Now why did Greece win and Latvia came so high with this pathetic song? I think it is survivor strategy. Your country will vote for the least likely to win, so your own country has a shot at gaining more points. Except...they forget that everybody will think that way and then the most crappiest songs get to win...otherwise how do you explain Latvia to go so high.


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