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Monday, April 11, 2005

We have moved in! Posted by Hello

What a strange and energetic week we have behind us. But it is so worth it. Our own apartment, finally!
We would like to thank everybody who had a hand in making it possible that we moved so quickly and organized into our new home. You know who you are!
The weekend we spent welcoming guests and after a while that can be very tiresome. At one time 6 people arrived at the same time. That would be fine; however, they were all in-laws of mine and the pancake dough decided to make a dive for the floor, our bird panicked and I hadn´t cleaned all the mirrows yet.
Anyways, that is done now, so there´ll be peace until christmas!

here are some things I love about our new place:

It is so bright
Cleaning is fun
Everything we need is in a very close vicinity
My bedroom is purple (a light shade; and my boyfriend can´t see it ´cause he is colour blind, he perceives a masculine blue tone! So we each got what we want in one colour-talk about efficency)
My kitchen
The smell of fresh paint
Watching people through my big windows
The people in this building are only a little weird (I have been listening to disputes about electricity stealing and inappropriate laundry-lines occupation!!! The fun of it all!)

Have a nice day everybody!

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At 13:57, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

And a very nice appartment it is too!! You forgot to mention what a great wallpaper-putter-upper you are!! :-)

At 21:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great picture! And you got it all ready in no time! Still, I miss you, hope you get well home from your work tonight without me hearing your door banging shut so I can close my eyes!

At 10:29, Blogger Minka said...

I miss you too mommie. But we live only 10 minutes apart, so I think we will be OK.
Abd yes, I am very good at wallpaper-putting-up situations :)

At 10:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody compensating for anything here? Congratulations on your new apartment!


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