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Thursday, March 03, 2005


F 1

Yes ... it is about to start again!
Melbourne Australia is our "first pitstop for this leg of the race!" :)
Every year it seems to me that they shuffle up all the names and re-group them. Having no particular favourite driver, I like to go for the team that has a good chance, yet is not the most likely one to win. This year I have some trouble deciding...McLaren (Raikkönen/Montoya), Toyota (Trulli/R.Schumacher) or BAR (Button/Sato). I think BAR stands a real chance. I like the Raikkönen/Montoya ensemble. And how great must it feel for Ralf to beat his famous brother.
However it goes, I hope last year won´t repeat itself (I gave up watching half way through the season), 'cause repetitiveness gets boring after a while! Any team that beats Ferrari-gets my support.

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At 13:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is interesting. I thought you were a Michael Schumacher kinda girl! See you in Caffee Paris next week ;)

At 13:47, Blogger Bjorn said...

Go Sauber! ;)

At 15:31, Anonymous kjánari said...

Once upon a time I adored Michael Schumacher, but he also made Formula 1 really boring. If you know who is going to win all the time, then it is just twenty drivers driving around in circles, burning a lot of gas for no apparent reason.

At 20:17, Blogger Biene said...

Still I get to know a new side of you. I didn't even know that you knew the names of cars!
Love Mom

At 10:40, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

I'm a Michael Schumacher fan I'm afraid and I love it when Ferarri wipes the floor with the competition... but still it would be nice to see a little more of a challenge for him... he is the best driver in the world though, so isn't it right that he should be ahead all the time? ;-)

At 13:56, Blogger Minka said...

No Lisa! He is old and he should retire and he should give those younger ones a chance! Anyways...he didn´t even finish the first race :) Little wave in celebration! Yeah and Trulli did really well. Renault has really good drivers and a great car...so there is opposition for teh Ferrari team this year.


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