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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bobby Fischer Whale

A little while ago I posted something about Mr. Fischer coming to Iceland. And I felt a sense of pride. Maybe, because I thought that this little country acknowledged the fact that sports should transcend the boundaries of politics.
Now, that he is here and I have learned a little bit more about him ... well, I am not so sure about it anymore. It almost seems ridiculous now.
Iceland, of all countries! In the general sceme of things: who are we anyways?! I still do not know how we got him. But he is here now, talking about making a clock, unshaven, uncut and grumpy. The words that come out of him display ignorance, anger and stupitdity.
Icelandic television was interupted with a live transmission of his arrival. Bobby couldn´t be botheres with making a little comment to the press gathered there. To be honest it reminded me a little of when Free Willy was brought to Iceland by plane. And what a great idea that was, he swam to Norway and died. I wonder where Bobby will be off to in a little while. With an Icelandic passport he can almost go anywhere.
As a foreigner in this country, I am also a little flabberghasted at how easy it was to give an American an Icelandic passport. The rest of us have to live here peacefully for seven years and then apply politely for Icelandic nationality. A small example: Last January a man called Said Hasan was expelled from Iceland. He is a Jordanian man married to an Icelandic woman, Ásthildur something-dóttir. Apparently he filled out a wrong form at the immigration office when trying to apply for a residence permit. No one contacted him about this error. Permit denied, expulsion and he is not to return to the country for three years.
So...it seems to me that it is up to our foreign minister and a few chess players to grant residence. And I do not understand why people are so eager to get him. When he played chess here in 1972 Belgrade, Yugoslavia was his first choice. FIDE (international chess union) agreed to host the match in Iceland and Bobby came along ´under protest´. He arrived late (the game started 9 days behind scedule on the 11th of July) and wanted more money.
Yeah ... he seems like a great catch, that one! It is like winning the Cod War all over again.

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At 09:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I here that Michael Jackson will also be offered an Icelandic passport and that him and Bobby Fischer will live in Keiko´s old residence in the harbour in Vestmannaeyjar. Icelanders are morons, its time we face it.


At 11:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true. And as I have read: he is quite a bit racist as well. Good luck with him!


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