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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A lot of stuff...

has happened and I hardly have time to sit down and post entries on my blog.
1) Work is constantly calling me to take extra shifts.
2) My friend Lisa moved to Iceland (again!) and it is so great to have her back. Welcome home babe!
3) New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Poor Eagles! But it was no surprise.
4) Sabine has birthday today. Happy birthday!!! "Better to be over the hill than under it" I´d say.
5) The financial aspect has been taken care of and we are most definately buying our own flat. I am so excited! We are signing the papers next Monday.
6)Iceland has completed a weird circle of special days. Bollurdagur, Sprengidagur (Shrove Tueday) and Öskudagur. On Bollurdagur we eat buns filled with all sorts of creams and jam. My favourite is a bun with strawberry cream and berry jam, glazed with chocolate. I am proud to announce that I broke my old record by consuming 8 bollur that day. Felt a little sickish in the evening , but it sure was worth it! Sprengidagur: people (not me!) eat some sort of thick soup (made mainly of beans and potatoes) and salted meat. The word "sprengi" indicates that one should eat as much as possible - basically until you burst! And do not even get me started on Öskudagur. It is some sort of Halloween (although we have that, too!) where kids dress up in a variety of costumes - I saw more than 10 Spidermen, several Batmen, the occasional pink princess and an odd looking fellow that resembled a broom, but I couldn´t be sure. Instead of saying "trick or treat!", they start singing -in stores, bakeries, libraries...you name it! Now you have to understand that Icelanders are rather shy creatures, and the voices were barely audiable. However, after finishing a song, they get rewarded with all sorts of stuff...pencils, sweets, cookies, pictures, little toys. I wonder how the store owners feel after the 50th child walks in trying to sing the theme song of the amazing Spiderman II film.
Good times here in Iceland!

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At 21:12, Blogger Biene said...

This is the first sprengidagur that I did not eat saltkjöt og baunir AND the first bolludagur that I have'nt had one Bolla. I think that is because I am finally icelandic, so I don't have to show any more that I support that club (of Icelanders) I AM one of them!!


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