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Monday, February 21, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

My friend Lisa introduced me to the children´s books by Roald Dahl and I just loved to read about Charlie and his predicaments and how everything turns out well in the end. Being a huge fan of chocolate myself, I started wondering about Icelandic sweets.
Icelanders have a tendency to think of some brands as their own, because they have become a part of our culture. To set the records straight: Coco Puffs (lovingly known as Kókó Pöffs) is not an Icelandic brand, neither are Buggles (böggles) and most certainly we should give the Polish some credit for their Prince Polo.
However, the proudest moment in the Icelandic sweet-making-business must have been the moment when they dicovered the combination of liquorice and chocolate. I swear to God, it is everywhere and I hate it with a passion. Inventions like these do not surprise me anymore, after all this is the nation that still consumes pickled ram´s testicles and sheep heads. If I were ever to conduct an experiment, it would be how many tons of liquorice the Icelandic people consume every year. And we all know what effect to much liquorice has on our bowel movements!
If you are curious check out this page and enjoy some truly Icelandic sweets.
Now I am going to go and get me some Icelandic Coke and drink it with a liquorice straw!

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At 21:14, Blogger Bjorn said...

You have to admit that raisins, chocolade covered or otherwise, combined with salted peanuts is a brilliant invention, though. ;)

At 23:05, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

I love Prince Polo and Cocoa Puffs too... and I have to say that while we know deep down that Cocoa Puffs aren't our own creation... it is something a lot of us have grown up with... it was like one of my favourite things I looked forward to when I came home on holiday when I was little and so it has sort of become our own in a funny sort of way... and yeah, I feel you on the lakkrís front... your mother has to be regularly consuming the stuff while you are still in the foetus to actually enjoy it, and since lakkrís was nowhere to be found when I was in the womb, I had a lucky escape!! Oj bara!

At 09:00, Blogger Biene said...

Björn, not an icelandic invention, though.
But Monika? Pickeled testicles? The are sour, yes, but put in "mysa", whatever that is in english. One of my favorite dishes.

At 12:59, Blogger Minka said...

Do not get me started on this whole business with the raisins, chocolate and salted peanuts. Why, oh why? Could you combine any more tastes if you tried, (sweet, bitter and salt)? It is on the table in almost any party I go to! But I am shocked that it is not an Icelandic invention! Whom should I blame for this then, Sabine?

At 01:03, Blogger Biene said...

I know this from Germany when I was still in school. Then it was new and called "Studentenfutter".


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