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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Airplane The Amazing Iceland...

yeap, it is on and we couldn´t be more excited. Finally they are showing The Amazing Race 6 here in Iceland. And what makes it so special is that the first place the contestants are heading to is Iceland. Let me tell you people, I was stiff with excitement all day. And it is such a big deal here in Iceland. There was half an hour show of introduction were our Prime Minister and other important people commented on the show coming here and what a great advertisement it is. (Apparently not only for Iceland but also for 66° North - seriously is there and piece of clothing from 66° they have not shown in the first episode?)
This show started showing in America in November, so now we have to be careful not to watch Oprah or Leno and be told who the winners are going to be, before we actually see them win. Just two episodes and I already found the person I hate most: That curly hair freak in the yellow shirt. Away with him, I say!
Found a lovely page that should not spoil the ending: http://www.realitytvworld.com/index/articles/summary.php?i=450

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At 07:53, Blogger Biene said...

And it is not finished yet! We have at least one more Tuesday to look at Iceland through carwindows! Butthe people are far to hectic for my taste. Do they really have to run all the time?

At 10:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only amazing thing about this show is how they always find the most interesting/delightfully smart people. This season is no different. Hmm..I wonder if any of them believe in jesus...

The boyfriend

At 14:14, Blogger Minka said...

Actually, Sabine, yesterday was a double show...we missed the second part. Aparently there were two episodes in a row. Sorry for switching over to inlit/ útlit :)

At 16:46, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Is Innlit Útlit still showing? I wouldn't have thought they'd have anymore homes to raid after so many shows and so few Icelanders... mind you, we are a proud people who like to show off so I guess there are always willing homeowners! Anyway I'm so bummed I missed the Amazing Race... I only ever saw the first series, so if it follows the rules of reality TV, they have doubtless tried to pick more irritating, stupid and controversial people with every new series... did u get to hear any funny pronunciations??

At 21:32, Blogger Biene said...

These are very bad news, really (sniff)!

At 14:00, Blogger Minka said...

Seljalandsfoss and Vatnajökull were very funny pronunciations indeed. Mind you when I came to Iceland I thought the names of the people were hard to pronounce, let alone the names of places. But it is just so funny to hear foreigners try to speak these words. And also...in one seen the older team was asking for directions and the car was almost run over by a group of drunken Icelandics ;) It is nice when a reality show tried to paint a realistic picture ;)

At 19:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The episodes in question are scheduled for re-run on Sunday the 16th at 16:15 and the 2nd episode starts at 17:05.

At 12:14, Blogger Biene said...

Thanks to motherearth! Now life has a tilgang once more!


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