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Sunday, December 12, 2004

There shall be light...

The christmas decorations are plentiful and even at night we are surrounded by light...many different colours brighten up this dark place.
And there is another thing -in connection to light- that Icelanders are very proud of today. Exactly 100 hundred years ago the first lightbulb burned on this island. A guy called Jóhannes Reykdal turned on a machine that powered 16 houses in an area called Hafnafjörður. Bravo!
I just simply can not imagine the dark, long winter time before that period.
Also, in Iceland we have 13 santas coming from the 11th to the 24th of december and leaving a surprise in a shoe. Every day now one of those 13 will come down from the mountain and give us something. Each of them has a certain thing that they do. They are fairly well behaved by now, but they can really scare children, because they are said to steal sausages and candles; look through your window or shut doors loudly. Last night the first one came Stekkjastaur and he broughtme a lovely mug with an angel on it:)
For more information on our Santas look here.

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At 17:50, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

So let me get this straight... you have had a present in your shoe for the German St. Nikolaus Day, and now you are taking advantage of the place in which you live by maximizing on the Icelandic tradition of 13 days of presents in shoes and you no doubt also have a calendar filled with chocolate and one without that you open each morning... well I only have one thing to say to that! It makes me so proud! ;-)

At 16:37, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Thank the Gods ! A new post. I love this post more than any of your other ones simply because I hated your last one . Hey isn't 13 unlucky ? how do you fit giant sex toys and a new bike inside a shoe? That sounds like a friggin' scam!!

At 00:04, Blogger Minka said...

Johnny! The shoe is just some kinda warm-up for the big christmas present. There is usually some small and tiny stuff in the shoes. Like...if you would live in Iceland you shoe would probably be filled with some kinda gel, a can of oil and a guidebook to appropriate manners :)

At 15:20, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Sweet, Gel !!


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