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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Russian hats and colour sensitivity

I went downtown a couple of days ago and couldn´t help but feel that something or someone had warped me straight to Russia. It is the hats that crown the so-in-fashion people these days. You know the really warm, thick and fluffy things that go over your ears. And there I was right in the middle of them all with my Icelandic wool knitted hat! Regardless of how hard one tries...it is difficult to fit in. God knows what fashion trend the downtown people will set next year.
Then I took the bus home. I love riding the bus this time of year and look at all the christmas decorations and lights while I get home. Opposite me sat a girl very warmly dressed. Now ... allow me to take a moment and decscribe her outfit. She was in high RED boots, PINK stockings, a BLUE skirt, a GREEN long jacket and a BLUE scarf. I seriously can not recall if she wore a hat, but I couldn´t even memorize so many colours if I wanted to. After a short while she noticed that I looked at her (by that time I must have given the impression of being a creep trying desperately to figure out the colour of her underwear), she turned into her seat and smiled at me. Original and sweet! Blimey

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At 15:46, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Maybe she was going with the idea that the more colours you wear, the less it becomes obvious that you don't know which colour is in fashion at the time... this way she covers all her bases! :-) But really... I hate when different colours come in and out of fashion... I never tend to go for fashionable clothes but whenever you walk into a shop and a new colour is "in," suddenly everything on the shelves is in that colour and it becomes impossible to buy a green jumper because all the jumpers that are "in" are orange... and lets be honest... very few people can actually pull off orange!

At 20:05, Blogger Biene said...

Mammy says:
I am so sorry I havn't seen this girl! I would have loved her right on the spot!

At 16:14, Blogger Jen said...

I had an image consultation some months ago, wherein the consultant uses a wide variety of color swatches to determine what your best colors are. Then she gives you a booklet with little square cuts of those colors, so you can take it everywhere, and always buy the right colors. I hate the idea of colors being fashionable or not; whatever colors are right for you, those are the colors that are fashionable for _you_. The same goes for the style and cut of the clothes, the fabrics you choose, patterns, even the choice of jewelry. So those who try to keep up with the latest fashions are often hurting themselves by choosing things that look terrible on them. I learned this lesson the hard way myself, but my image consultant set me straight, and now my husband and friends are so jealous of my style that they are thinking of getting a consultation too :)

At 23:22, Blogger Minka said...

I wonder if we have such a consultant in Iceland. I seriously doubt it though. People here can be anything they like to be, wear any colours they want...most however always try out the new fashion. Sometimes it makes me smile :)


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