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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Stocking Nikolaus!!!

Tonight is the night. St.Nikolaus is about to show me if I have been a nice girl this year. In Germany the cousin of Santa comes and puts something sweet and lovely into your shoe. On the evening of the 5th you brush and polish your shoes and put them into the window. When you awake on the 6th, the first thing you do is check your shoe. Three options are possible:
1. Your shoe (or boot) is filled with a lovely surprise
2. There are pieces of coal in your shoe (if you have been naughty)
3. nothing (indicating you might be to old to expect anything)
Every year I hope for 1 and until now I have been pretty lucky. Once I got coals and it was absolutely devastating seeing my siblings with their surprises. I deserved it though! Fingers crossed...after all he has to make it over the Atlantic to get to me!!!

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At 21:27, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Well I hope it's option 1 for you babe, so I'll wait with eager anticipation to hear what awaited you in the morning when you woke up... if there are no food related items, we can safely assume that St.Nikolaus does not know you at all well! :-)

At 21:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well sweety, I would say that it is more than possible that Nikolaus will visit you tonight. See I met him today and he did in fatct remember you. He also said that you were his favourite and he had heard that you had been especially good this year. So check your window tomorrow morning!

The boyfriend

At 10:06, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

What a good boyfriend you are!! Of course your life would not be worth living if you hadn't had a little word with St.Nikolaus in advance! ;-)

At 13:15, Blogger Minka said...

He was here! He came last night. Why did I fall asleep?
And you know what he brought me...The Friends Game!!! I really wnated this and am slightly puzzled as to how Niklaus could posibly have known...unless he has come once before to Iceland and eavesdropped at the window...or could it be that the boyfriend is some sort of intermediate between us??? Anyways...now I have to get bussy playing the game. Thank you St.Nikolaus...wherever you are right now.


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