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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The New Year just around the corner: German
I know it is kinda traditional to come up with some New Year´s resolution during the last days of the year. I have done that in the past and I somehow feel that these resolutions are as quickly forgotten as they are decided upon. This year I´d like to remember the things that made me particularly happy and the things that I am thankful for:
1) to learn that though a friend moves away, they do not necessarily leave you behind
2) the sound of your boyfriend´s voice while he reads a chapter of a book to you - while your eyes are too tired to read, but your mind is still wide awake
3) the first snow each year on the branches of trees
4) the way the sun feels on your cheeks
5) the first spring flower
6) a really good book
7) the feeling you have when you discover a FRIENDS episode you have not seen before
8) how amazed you are when someone figures out something you want, without you telling them
9) the realization that friends are the family that you choose for yourself
10) the security you feel when you are sure that you found someone special, your security blanket ... your lobster!

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At 12:02, Blogger Biene said...

Mommy says:
What a nice way toend the old year!

At 16:50, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

ah that's a nice blog entry! And really, you discovered a Friends episode you hadn't seen?... I'm stunned! ;-) The snow on the branches of trees is a big one for me too!

At 19:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh i really like this list :) nice ..
--maría erla--

At 06:38, Blogger Jen said...

Oooh this is fun! I want to try:

1. The sound my little boy makes when he's laughing
2. The smell of bacon lentil vegetable soup cooking
3. Staying up late and watching News Radio with my husband

Well, that's as much as I can think of at 1:30am. And yes, I am up late watching News Radio :)


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