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Sunday, December 26, 2004

My Christmas: Strike Three

On Thursday evening I went to work and Grund always gives every year a present to its employees (usually something very useful like a candle or this years hangers!), all good and well. Except that this year I have been forgotton. No present for me ...it is not so much that I desperately needed those bad smelling hangers, I just felt left out. Strike One!
In the afternoon of the 24th, just as I was about to boil the pork, the electricity in our house went crazy and after a long period of turning itself on and off again ...it left entirely. My boyfriend suggested to take a drive in the car and look at all the christmas decorations in all the houses around us. Yeah! The people that have electricity and actually can display their Christmas lights! To my surprise we managed to get a guy over here that could repair the damage for the time being. The electricity came on again shortly after four and that is the time I had to make the entire christmas food! It ended with me being sweaty all over, throwing on that damn Christmas dress, leaving the make up and just sitting down and silently enjoying the surprisingly good food. Strike two.
This last weekend I also had to work, from 8 to 16, while everybody else slept safe and sound in their beds. That is just life, but on entering my ward I noticed a particular smell and ran immediately to the toilet to re-encounter my christmas dinner, in a slightly different form. Yes, about half of our people are sick and continously throw up and do other bad smelling things. So I spend the last two days mopping up various liquids in different colours and forms!!!
A merry Christmas everyone!!!

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At 08:27, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Oh dear! Strike 3 sounds the worst to me... but these things do come in threes, which means that the inmates at Grund throwing up is likely to be the end of it now! Or lets hope so at least! ;-) But all in all a very "happening" Christmas... it never rains but it pours as they say in Britain!!

At 11:46, Blogger Minka said...

I know! Despite all, I still had a lovely christmas. Very peaceful and quiet, with many beautiful presents!

At 17:52, Blogger Biene said...

Mammy says:
I am proud of you. You are one of the silent heroes wiping up vomit, cleaning asses for people who can´t do it anymore and smiling while doing it. Few know about you, still fewer appreciate it and the pay is shamefully low. All of you working this work should get a peace Nobel price just as well as mother Theresa. You are just not as loud about it as she was.
Your Mommy.


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