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Friday, November 26, 2004

The youth of today Aging Woman
I remember when I was a teenager I always heard people say: "Oh, the youth of today" and "When we were young..." and I hated it. I felt that we were not that bad and I did not understand what people were moaning about. Now that I am 27 I listen to myself and I complain about the younger generation.
I always ride the bus to and from work and a week ago or so the bus was filled with the usual crowed and plenty of teenagers getting home from school. Two guys were kinda noisy and all of a sudden two teenage girls were screaming at them to cut it out. I have to admit I was more annoyed by those obnoxious girls than the guys. And they repeated their screaming it more then twice. Having a had enough a woman with a baby on her arm told the girls to stop acting like they are some sort of bus police. I thought that this woman had indeed guts but little was I prepared for the girls´reaction. They said something like: ´What do you bitch want? Why don´t you go home and f*** some more ?´
Seriously! I left the bus to stations early just to get some air and prevent myself from saying something stupid. Was I ever that naughty? I do not think so, I would never have had used such language with a grown up. Are generation after generation really declining in polite manners. I think it is scary to imagine that we are almost scared of the younger generation. And the more scarier thought is that these kids, at some point, will raise their own. Let us just hope it is a phase and they will grow out of it.

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At 10:16, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

Really? Oj bara! No I would never have said anything like that when I was young either (moons ago) but I do remember some kids saying things like that on the bus when I was young (maybe buses bring out the worst in people) and actually here in Switzerland I have even seen young kids running circles round old people outside the shops and jumping up and shouting disgusting words at them! Oh what a wonderful world we live in!

At 00:47, Blogger Biene said...

Mammy says:
You know that I wrote about education in 1780-90.
I quote:"Aber das ist wahr, wir leben in seelisch-verderblichen Zeiten: es ist die letzte böse Zeit."(Jakob Lanz; "der Hofmeister", fuenter Akt, neunte Szene)

At 20:07, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Or we could just hope most of the little shits get run over by a truck, now that would show the rude little pricks wouldn't it ! I'm all for public floggings those two girls would think twice about mouthing off some shit like that after they were locked in some stockades and whipped until they pass out right in the middle of the public square !!

At 00:31, Blogger Jen said...

Did those girls actually say "What do you bitch want?" and "Why don't you go home and f*** some more?" or is that a rough translation? If they said it in English, or if they are trying to mimic American slang, then they don't know shiz about dissin'! If we Americans can do one thing really well, it's got to be cussing someone out with _style_.

At 12:26, Blogger Minka said...

No, they really said it. However not in English. I translated it from Icelandic to English. It could be that the words sound harshe rin English than they do in Icelandic. Regardless, I felt it to be unbelievable rude that young girls would speak to grown ups like that. It just shocked me to my very core.

At 13:46, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

A, ******men Jen, you're ******* right about that ****, you mother ****** ****!
HeHe that ****** **** was *** stompin' fun!! If you don't think so you can suck ****
you dumb*** !


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