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Sunday, November 14, 2004

London...Stuart Little...and a cough from hell!

My boyfriend went to London! You might wonder why I am here in Iceland instead of being with him? I always assumed that the two different genders should travel seperately. I always wanna do the tourist stuff, get the shirt and take a picture. The boyfriend has other interests and one really shouldn´t spend the vacations arguing. But now that he is there and I am here...well, I am not that sure anymore. And what did he do on his first day? He went shopping...so much for gender identity.
To cheer myself up, I went to the store and bought a Playstation game. And I am rather shy to announce that my selection is Stuart Little II. Oh, yeah! By now I have discovered that all games for children of 3 years and above compare to my playstation skills. I have spend hours and hours of fun in the Spyro games, trying to collect all the cristals and eggs and whatnot. Since the theme has been christmas for a while, I´d like to take the opportunity and point out that a new Spyro game has entered the shelves...
For weeks now I have had a cough. It all started one cold Tuesday evening with a slightly more tenor voice. Three weeks later there is still green slime to be found in my throat. Nothing against a decent cough to announce winter has arrived and a reminder to put on warmer clothes. But three weeks is a little over the top!

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At 11:20, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

You know one of my friends once had a continuous cold for like 3 years - sniffles all the time and all that stuff - so I am starting to think that anything over two weeks might be an allergy of some sort... you know I have never ever in my life played a playstation game so you will have to introduce me to this strange world when I come back!! Christmas is coming...

At 11:45, Blogger Kolbrún said...

ah ha. thanks for giving me an idea as to how to spend my lonely evenings... we bought PS2 in Sweden this summer and a game called Spyro which I haven't tried. We used to have a game called Race something - a lot of animals racing - and I loved it... I've sort of mastered Monsters Inc. and well Harry Potter 2 is too boring for me... so I'll try Spyro next :) btw how's your thesis coming...

At 12:30, Blogger Minka said...

Kolba...you definately should try Spyro! IT is so much fun to be a purple dragon collecting treassure. I usually do not like the whole pistol - race car kinda games. Harry Potter was just a dissapointment - far to simple. Spyro takes a long time, there are many worlds to open and discover. Have fun with that. The thesis...let us not speak about it anymore until I mention it! :)

At 12:42, Blogger digital ryce said...

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sorry if this offends you. please don't feel compelled to respond. i'm simply a sociology student trying to complete a project.

At 16:22, Blogger Jen said...

I have a Playstation (the first generation, I haven't even bought the second yet and the third generation is coming out -- or might already be out).

I love the same kind of games, the puzzle games. I really liked the Discworld games, based off of those hilarious books by Terry Pratchett. The games had that same sense of humor found in his books.

The only fighting game I really loved was called "Worms". You literally played a team of four worms (each player has a team). They had stuff like bazookas, land mines, dynamite, one air attack per game, even a "kamakaze" suicide maneuver where the worm puts a bandana on its head and goes flying across the screen wreaking havoc in its path. Each worm takes a turn, selects a weapon, aims, and fires, trying to reduce all the other teams to zero worms (and nobody can move around during shots except the shooter, but there are obstacles and such). The little worms had funny voices and would say something every time they take a shot or got hit. That game is a hoot!

At 23:20, Blogger Minka said...

Oh my god Jen! I have read every book in the Discworld series. I am a fan...and I did not know that there were Discworld games...except Discworld Noir!!! They probably are not on the Icelandic market though. :(

At 23:21, Blogger Minka said...

Oh my god Jen! I have read every book in the Discworld series. I am a fan...and I did not know that there were Discworld games...except Discworld Noir!!! They probably are not on the Icelandic market though. :(


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