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Monday, November 01, 2004

Everybody vote for Mr.President

The day is upon us, the election in the USA. Bush or Kerry? I am sure we all have our reasons why we choose one over the other and I am not going to indicate my preferrence. However, I was thinking that I can go out of my home and ask anyone about Bush or Kerry and most people would know what I am talking about and probably state an opinion. Ask Americans about Zapatero, Schroeder or Chirac...they´d probably ask you if it was a new foodbrand or something. That just shows how involved Europe is in American politics and I was just thinking all of us should be given a vote for the person that is going to rule the world for the next four years. I know it sounds slightly outrageous. Yet, most of the time I do feel like I am living on an American colony...especially here in Iceland. I go see a movie, eat a burger and buy my adidas shoes. Fair enough ... we do not have any oil that we can export to them, but still they gain from our exisitence. I say we all vote for the person that has our lives in his hands.

Posted by Minka :: 7:39 pm :: 8 Royal Subjects

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At 21:50, Blogger Biene said...

Mamma says:
Yes, I think you are right. But do you really think, the americans would even give one vote to these stupid europeans who even believe that Darvin got some interesting points? Go on hoping. Or try for presidency?

At 00:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that we are not all Americans? I'll be damned... Maybe I have to retink my ethics code: Unit, Core, God, Country. This is stunning news indeed, I was just thinking about me and Betty Sue driving our Ford '76 pick-up with the shotgun in the back and the trailer dragging behind downtown to register to vote! Guess I´ll reconsider this now. Might go rabbithuntn' with Jim-Bob instead. God bless America and remember not to mess with Texas.

The Boyfriend

At 14:37, Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Lets face it even Americans shouldn't be allowed to pick there own president!
Trust me most of us Yanks don't have fuckin' sense enough to balance our own check books, let alone decide the fate of the free world!! We're all to busy runnin' around with our thumbs up our ass tryin' to figure out witch new smog spewin' S.U.V we are going to throw away our money for, and which room in our stupid fuckin' overpriced , oversized $300,000 house we are going to remodel this week, just like on fuckin' "Trading Spaces". We are for the most part a bunch of stupid friggin' sheep waiting in line for the slaughter. Sedated into a mindless stupor, gorging our fat bloated bodies and minds on addictions to money, and things and youth, sex, beauty and personality. What a bunch of dip-shits!! Can you believe we are actually looked to as a world super power?? I guess at one point we must have done something right, but our days are numbered. Thats why only Vikings like me say Fuck the Vote, it's not an Election just a coronation of the idiot's party who was able to dump the biggest pile of money into there ass-brained campaign. "Free Elections" what a load of horse shit!

At 14:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Monika. If she were not born in Germany, she might well become a al-quida. :o) But unfortunately, she is just too nice to take any serious action. haha. I remember when I made some anti-american comments in front of some americans, (without knowing they were americans, of course), she was very very embarrassed. (see she didn't even make the comments). Sigh.... now even my view has changed. I start to like americans a lot. some of them... at least. (George Bush not included).

Bjartur L.

At 15:25, Blogger Lisa Skvísa said...

I think Kerry would make a nice change... I mean the fact that the American President, whoever he is, occupies all our TV screens every day of the year, I feel it's only right that they should make it obligatory to change a President once every four years by law... no two terms allowed... that way we get a little variety... it's like Survivor... they pick new contestants each time, if there were the same 15 contestants going to various places through the world, would people watch it so religiously? No, because we'd get bored! Well that's my take on it from a purely entertainment perspective... ;-) As for the politics... whoever wins, tomorrow will see him rallying around his "troops" to prepare for damage control to minimise the fall out when all the promises he made turn into dust... that's politics!

At 23:02, Blogger Minka said...

Very interesting comments I got here. I have to say for teh official record that I am utterly amazed by Johnny´s comment. Did not know that Americans could perceive themselves so accurately. :) There are exceptions of course!

At 04:49, Blogger Jen said...

I am one American who definitely wanted Kerry to win. Bush and his administration really scares the ever living hell out of me. The truth is, it isn't Bush who is the danger -- he's an idiotic puppet being used by three of the most dangerous men in the world: Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld. These men and their entourages have managed to create and use laws that violate constitutional rights. They have killed thousands of innocent people in unjustified wars, but they were re-elected by a reactionary right-winged voter base on two oversimplified issues: abortion and homosexuality. I am convinced that the average American is no better than a scared, easily manipulated child, and that is playing right into the hands of a very frightening group of powerful men.

At 00:28, Blogger Doug said...


Maybe if we gave votes with McDonald's cheeseburgers.


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